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Introduce myself( 自我介绍 ) Family name Telephone : QQ :

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Slide 2 Introduce myself( ) Family name Telephone QQ Slide 3 A b C d e F g h I j K l M N o P q R S T u V W X Y z a B c D E f GHi J k LmnOpQrst U vw x y Z Slide 4 About English Do you like English? Do you think it difficult? why? Learning English is a big challenge( or a piece of cake? In fact, learning English is interesting. Slide 5 Model Slide 6 Show Slide 7 Pk Slide 8 Buy Slide 9 Vip Slide 10 English Study ---- some advice for every student Slide 11 How can we do better? Prepare your lessons well before every class. Review what youve learned in time. Read more and read different materials. Write as often as possible. Talk more either in class or out of class. Turn to your teachers for advice and help. Slide 12 Remember Practice makes perfect( Attitude is everything Try your best Just do it You can learn English well Believe in yourself Slide 13 The rules to obey in class Join in the class Do hands up when you know sth or have some good point speak English speak it loudly & clearly. Listen to others Ask for help if difficult Not eating or drinking Never miss or forget homework (oral, written)