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Introducing Asterisk with it's features


Information Technology

ASTERISK Open Source Telephony

Asterisk is the worlds most popular and powerful open source telephony p l a t f o rm .

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reducing the cost of ownership and delivering a noticeable return on investment that no proprietary solution can match.

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Open source Asterisk works for SMBs, Corporate Enterprises,

Government and Contact Centers, offering robustness, advanced features and absolute flexibility and scalability.

Asterisk is the product of ten years of work by a community of thousands from around the globe. The community is made up of users, developers and advocates who have contributed their time and efforts to

Asterisk Consulting provides solutions to improve organisational efficiency by implementing managed information and communication systems. We offer expert support and advice, throughout Middle East and Gulf region. The Asterisk Telephone System has been fully implemented by Asterisk Consulting in a number of state and private organisations, offering superb functionalities, with no licensing costs. We have a full team of in-house accredited dCAP (Digium Certified Asterisk Professional) and SIP Master engineers!

Get the most from your Asterisk solution

make Asterisk what it is today. Asterisk is an Open Source PBX that provides the same functionality as high-end business telephone systems. It is the most flexible and scalable telephone system on the market, providing a broad array of features that are not yet available in even the most advanced proprietary systems. The software is free and runs on inexpensive Linux servers, which also makes it the cheapest telephone system on the market today!

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Unified CommunicationsAsterisk offers an Open Source, cross-platform Instant Messaging client optimized for businesses and organizations. It features built-in support for group chat, telephony integration, and strong security. It also offers a great end-user experience with features


like presence, group chat and tabbed conversations. It is written in Java and can be used standalone or as an add-on or plugin to

Voicemail to email MS Outlook integration Auto Attendant Call recording Name dialing Call reporting Music/Message on hold Automatic Route Selection Remote Extensions Call Distribution Flexibility and scalability

certain Web browsers. Combined with the Openfire server, Spark IM is the easiest and best alternative to using unsecure public Instant Messaging networks. Openfire supports the following features:

Web-based administration panel Plugin interface Customizable LDAP connectivity User-friendly web interface and guided installation Database connectivity to store messages and contacts


Asterisk or proprietary?The main scope of any organisation choosing to migrate from their

OTHER SERVICESAsterisk Consultancy Asterisk System Design Project Management Procurement and deployment Expert Advice

No Licensing costs Significant call savings Improved SLA levels Enhanced productivity Open Source platform Supports the use of existing servers to comply with EU recycling guidelines

existing system to a full Asterisk solution rests within the comfort and reassurance of obtaining full reliable coverage throughout its site. This would ensure an excellent Return on Investment when considering the following short and long term benefits:

Excellent system integrity System architecture scalability Extensive features and call-centre functionalities Future-proof technology with reduced upgrades and nolicensing costs Further scope can be found within the advantages of streamlining an existing phone system into a single IP-based reliable and costeffective telephony solution, which would offer extensive scalability and could be further expanded to unlimited coverage.

Join the Asterisk Open S o u rc e C o m m u n i t y

Strata information Technology Co.+966 2 6068755 Jeddah - KSA

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Asterisk Start Service it is service on deployment of VoIP Gateway at customer's site. VoIP Gateway provides connection of customers existing PBX infrastructure to VoIP service providers. Asterisk also allows employees to make secure calls from their mobile devices to an internal telephone network or can be used as a complete VoIP PBX. Installation of Asterisk server as Voip gateway gives a number of advantages:

No need to allocate a separate physical server for implementation. No drivers or hardware compatibility problems. Virtual machines is easy to backup. Fast migration to another server.


More efficient usage of customers telephone system. Set up of connection to VoIP service providers. Remote connection to corporate telephone network. Training in-house IT staff introduction on Asterisk and its virtualization.

Expected Results

Virtual server with CentOS 5.6 and Asterisk H.323 or SIP trunk to the customers PBX. Publishing Asterisk to Internet. Configuring SIP trunk to VoIP provider. Configuring routing of incoming and outgoing calls. Set up user accounts with the possibility to establish connection from various devices. Configuring backup of virtual machine. Configuration Asterisk in-house and total remotely technical support.

Hardware Requirements Customer infrastructure requirements:

Virtual machine based on MS Hyper-V or VMware ESX: CPU 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM 40GB disk. Direct IP address on the second network interface of VM or ability to publish VM via MS TMG, ISA or other firewall. A telephone station with H.323 or SIP support (MS OCS/Lync Server, Avaya ACM, Definity, IPO, CISCO CM / CM Express), and also possibility to use Asterisk as a standalone PBX. Administrator account for customer's telephone station.

Software Requirements

Management Console MS Hyper-V or VMware ESX. Client device with OS Win, Android 2.1 and above or iOS.



SIP Signaling and RTP Media MS Lynks/OCS Server Media Gateway

Big in features, small in price!IP/PBX VoIP packaged solutions

Customers shopping for PBX systems may be horrified to see the price tags for a small telephone system with voicemail. Now there is an alternative, an inexpensive, full-featured PBX phone system that runs on a custom server sitting in your office. Set up can be done through any Web browser in a matter of minutes and no phone training is required. Some highlights: Unlimited extensions, unlimited voicemail Powerful AutoAttendant with Scheduler Telcommuters keep their extension Multiple offices ready Easy to manage via Web browser Compatible with analog and IP phones Works with regular phone network or VoIP




Real Estate

IP/PBX solutions for any industry or profession!





Telephone Service Provider


Main Office

Asterisk-based telephony solutions offer a rich and flexible feature set. Asterisk offers both classical PBX functionality and advanced features, and interoperates with traditional standards-based telephony systems and Voice over IP systems. Asterisk offers the features one would expect of a large proprietary PBX system such as Voicemail, Conference Bridging, Call Queuing, and Call Detail Records.

KEY FEATURESAuto Attendant Unlimited Extensions Voicemail Voicemail to Email ACD Operator Panel MP3 Music-on-Hold Voice Mail Wireless Scheduler Paging/Intercom Name Directory Call Forward Home Office DID Remote Office Web Control Panel Do Not Disturb E911 Call Monitoring Call Parking Call Queuing Call Waiting Asterisk is fully capable of functioning as an iPBX. Distinctive Ring The only requirements are: an Asterisk unit (PC);LAN (Local Area Network) Call Detail Records and IP telephone sets or IP gateways for connecting analog phones. Interactive Directory Listing Call Forward on No Answer Asterisk can work with several IP telephony protocols, such as Call Forward Variable SIP, MGCP, H323, SCCP (Ciscos proprietary protocol). Since it works with analog and digital telephony protocols as well as several IP protocols, Asterisk can also be used AVAILABLE PHONES as a gateway between different protocols.


Streaming Media Access Supervised Transfer Talk Detection Text-to-Speech Three-way Calling Time and Date Transcoding Trunking VoIP Gateways Overhead Paging Protocol Conversion Remote Call Pickup Remote Office Support Roaming Extensions Route by Caller ID Call Recording Call Retrieval Call Routing (DID & ANI) Call Transfer IVR Call Forward on Busy Voicemail Groups Web Voicemail Interface Predictive Dialer

Flash Operator Panel is a real-time web interface to Asterisk. You can see what all of your extensions, trunks, and conferences are doing. GXP2000 multi line P2000W wireless

GXV3000 videophoneCopyright 2006 RF Communications Inc. Asterisk and the Asterisk logo are trademarks of Digium Inc.

9133i multi line

AsteriskAsterisk-based telephony solutions offer a rich and flexible feature set. Asterisk o