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Introduction of. JAPAN. Welcome!. Location . National flag. National Flower. What is the national flower in Japan?. ① ② ③. Cherry blossom. Lily. Tulip. National Flower. In front of  Kasumigaoka High School. I can’t fly…. But!! I can run100 meter in 11 seconds!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction ofJAPANWelcome!Location

National flag

National FlowerWhat is the national flower in Japan?

TulipCherry blossomLily

National Flower

Kasumigaoka High School

Japanese national bird

I cant fly.But!! I can run100 meter in 11 seconds!!! Isnt it terrific?

Japanese famous song

Japan'sgoodnessWhat is the average life expectancy of Japan?

man: 88.4 woman: 95.3man: 78.4 woman: 85.3man: 68.4 woman: 75.3

Japanese food


Thank you!!