Introduction of Kawasaki Heavy .Introduction of Kawasaki Heavy Industries ... Kawasaki is Japan’s

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  • Introduction of Kawasaki Heavy Industries

    Moscow Representative Office

    General Manager

    Toshihisa Doi

  • Brief history

    1878 : Shozo Kawasaki, the founder opens Kawasaki Tsukiji Shipyard

    1906 : Begins fabrication of locomotives, freight and passenger cars and bridge girders

    1969 : Starts production of motorcycle

    1981 : Delivers the first LNG carrier built in Japan

    1991 : Finishes excavation work on the Dover Channel Tunnel (eight months ahead of schedule)

    1996 : Finishes construction work on the Akashi KaikyoBridge (the longest suspension bridge in the world)

    2007 : Opens Moscow representative office

  • Rolling stock

    Kawasakis products


    Construction machine


    Gas turbine

    Shield machine

    Industrial robot

    Various plants

  • Rolling stock

    Kawasaki is Japans largest manufacturer of rolling stock. Since it began operations in the industry in 1906, the Company has produced a succession of vehicles that have left their mark on railway history, including the first steam locomotive made by a private company in Japan and the first Japanese aluminum rolling stock.

    Series 3000 commuter train (for JR)

    Series E2 Shinkansen for JR

    Series 500 Shinkansen for JR

    Singapore subway car

    Series 700 Shinkansen for JR

    New York City subway car

    700T train for Taiwan High Speed Rail

  • Rolling stock

    To get into the Russian Railway market, we need to research further about

    Suitable material under extremely low ambient temperature -40 -50

    Operation and maintenance condition on Russian Rail

  • Rolling stock

    Russia is a very attractive market.

    High speed trainsMoscow St.Petersburg (659km)Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod (406km)Moscow Smolensk - Krasnoye (463km)

    Necessary vehicles (2008-2015 : 2016-2030)Locomotive (11,675 : 11,722)Freight car (485,500 : 510,500)Passenger car (15,157 : 14,401)Diesel Multiple Unit (8,746 : 15,704)

    (Source : Strategy for the Development of rail transport in Russia until 2030)

  • Demonstrating world-class performance and distinctive appearance, these Kawasaki-brand products are recognized and valued throughout the world.


    Caution : Not all models are available in Russia

    Jet Ski STX-15F


    VN900 Classic

    ZZR 1400

  • Its world-renowned product ranges include high-performance LNG and LPG carriers, container ships, bulk carriers and VLCCs, as well as submarines.

    LPG carrier



    Bulk carrier

    LNG carrier


  • Construction machine

    For the construction industry, Kawasaki offers optimum products to meet a range of needs, such as wheel loaders, tunnel machines, rollers, snowplows and purpose specific loaders.

    Snow dozer

    Load haul dump

    Log loader

    Wheel loader

  • Shield machine

    Kawasaki has demonstrated proven tunneling technology expertise both domestically and internationally. The tunnel boring machines used to excavate the Eurotunnel and the 14.14 m diameter shield machines used in the Tokyo Bay Aqualine construction are just two well-known examples.

    Earth pressure-balanced shield machine using the Draw a Shield

    for Recycle (DSR) system

    Detachable three-section shield machine

    Tunnel boring machine used to excavate the Eurotunnel

    Super-large diameter Shield machine

  • A pioneer in industrial gas turbine manufacturing in Japan, Kawasaki has a broad lineup of proprietary gas turbine generators. The 20 MW-class L20A, which it provides with cogeneration systems up to 50 MW, is an example of Kawasakis recent innovations.

    MGP625 mobile set

    Kawasaki GPS Series gas turbine systems

    Gas turbine

    Gas turbine cogeneration system

    50 MW-class combined cycle power plant equipped with the L20A gas turbine

  • Various plants

    In the 1960s, Kawasaki contributed to build Japans industrial foundations in various fields like steel, cement, chemicals, power generations. We expand our activities globally by using our technology and know-how environmental protection and recycling fields.

    Cement plant in Iraq (2 million ton / year)Stoker-type municipal refuse

    incineration plant

    Thermal power plant using a coal-fired Benson boiler

    Fixed-bed gasification and gas engine power generation system

    using woody biomass

  • Final remark

    The Kawasaki Heavy Industries group comprises about 100 companies in Japan and around the world.

    Kawasaki group covers a broad range of business fields. It expands to the land, sea, air and space with deploying cutting-edge technologies to create new value.

    We are sure that Kawasaki can contribute in many fields of business.

  • Contact

    Moscow Representative office115184, Moscow, Bolshoy Ovchinnikocsky

    per. 16

    Office 605

    Tel : 495-933-19-53 (General manager)

    495-933-19-54 (Assistant)

    Fax : 495-933-19-55

    URL :


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