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A journal from over the Fall 2011 semster answering questions


  • !Introduction

    To Fashion Business Fashion Journal Beth Aschliman

  • Table of Contents Entry 1..1 Entry 2..2 Entry 3..3 Entry 4..4 Entry 5..5 Entry 6..6 Entry 7..7 Entry 8..8 Entry 9..9 Entry 10.10 Entry 11.11 Entry 12.12 Entry 13.13 Entry 14.14 !

  • Entry #1 W-October 2011 Sunday Riley, a skincare maker of products, decided that she wanted a more botanical-

    infused makeup. She decided to use aloe and orchids to add to her cosmetics. Makeup

    artist Diane Kendal decided to collaborate with Riley to make a line. The makeup is

    supposed to detoxify with green tea and hydrating cucumber. I think that this line will do

    well because the makeup is real, not synthetic.


  • Entry #2 Magazine Article-Business Week

    The article is about driverless vehicles and how it may become the new road rage.

    BMW has already started making prototypes for driverless cars. They use GPS to keep

    the cars on track. The cars will be able to tell when to go faster or slower and if there is

    danger ahead. The real challenge is determining a safe distance from other cars and being

    able to communicate with the other cars. For example if a car wants to change lanes, the

    other cars will have to know how much space to give. Other car companies such as

    Volkswagen and GM are looking into this as well. Driverless cars will make the roads

    safer and not waste as much gas. However, the driverless cars are far from being mass

    produced, but they are getting there.

  • Entry #3 Vogue-November 16, 2011

    An alternative to fedoras and chunky winter hats, Lisa Cestaros updated twenties

    style hats are a good selection. The hat is called The Rows floppy fox topper. Bright

    colors mixed with neutrals and furs make the hats look sophisticated while also being

    warm. The hats offered are Italian made with the twenties style of being short and also

    headbands. I think these types of hats will be a big trend because they are stylish and



  • Entry #4 Fashion Observation-Current Season

    In the current season Ive noticed that a lot of women are wearing Navajo prints, leather boots like hiking boots and faux fur jackets. Many clothing stores are starting to offer this South west print and I think that women are adding the boots to make it look like they are living in the dessert/mountains. As for the faux fur jackets, in my opinion, I think women want to and feel glamorous like women did in the 1950s. Women back then had fur coats for every occasion, so now we want to feel like we are going somewhere when we wear that type of coat.

  • Entry #5 Five Trends-Target

    1. Brocade- Lamp Shades, Dinnerware, Blankets 2. Missoni- Clothing, Dinnerware, Bed ware 3. Tweed- Coats, Napkins, Sheet 4. Polka Dots- Bed sheets, Shirts, Glass ware 5. Turquoise- Purses, clothes, Dinnerware

  • Entry #7 Fabric swatches-Trends and colors Fabric 1.

    Lambs Wool 60% wool 40% acrylic Europe

    Fabric 2.

    Pink Tweed 100% wool Europe

    Fabric 3.

    Thick green tweed 85% Merino 15% Angora Knit Europe

  • Entry #9-Pictures of Window Displays The first window display from Louis Vuitton, I really liked the humor of this window. The idea is very clever because no one has really done something like this before. I fell as though people have to look for the shoes in the eggs as well. The second window is from Macys. I love the lighting of from this flat window. Even though it is very minimal in items, it gives a statement. The body language of the mannequin, along with the lighting make a bold statement. It states that that if you buy Karl Lagerfield for Macys clothing you will be bold.

  • Entry #10 New TV Show-New Girl

    The new television show starring Zooey Deschanel, New Girl, will make new fashion

    trends. Deschanel is a spokesperson for Cotton and all of her clothes are very wearable.

    Her style is very feminine, a little romantic and from what I read a little indie as well. She

    dresses up for herself and not other people. In the show, she uses some of her own

    clothing for her character. Almost every scene in an episode I want that outfit or piece of

    clothing. She wears age-appropriate and older types of clothing, but it suits her well. It is

    refreshing to know that there is an actress out there that wears nice looking outfits that we

    (the viewers) can recreate ourselves.

  • Entry #11 Designer Collection-Vera Wang Fall 2011 RTW

    Vera Wang RTW Fall 2011 I believe that Barneys New York would sell Vera Wangs clothing I love how dark the pieces are, but they work together. So many different

    types of fabric being used. Even though this look may seem a little gothic, I think it works. Its the more stylish grunge type look.

  • Entry #12 Responsibilities-Fashion Designer, Buyer, Product Development Manager

    The fashion designers are needed to shape the consumers world. The designer needs

    to create garments, accessories, etc. that reflect the consumers attitudes while giving it

    an artistic feel as well. The designer has to make sure the garment will or all the money

    that was invested in the line will be lost.

    The buyers are responsible for purchasing all or some of the inventory for the store

    depending on the size. They need to have an understanding of the tastes of their clients.

    Since they order everything at least six months in advance, they need to accurately

    forecast the trends. The buyer needs to be able to keep a budget of all of the expenses.

    The product development manager is responsible for making sure that the companys

    merchandise does not become outdated or unmarketable. They coordinate with their team

    to create new products based on the consumers wants and what will work. If possible,

    try a test run with the merchandise to see how consumers will react. They need to create

    ad campaigns for the merchandise.

  • Entry #13 DONTs Dont put too much jewelry on. It looks too heavy and ornamented. Just chose one bold piece. Dont redo the little black dress. It does not need an innovation. Instead, take the lbd and jazz it up with little touches like capped lace sleeves or delicate detailing on the hem. Dont make holiday spirit in literal fashion. Dont make your self look like an animal. Choose fabrics, colors, designs, etc. to help express how you feel/your personality. Dont let texture create body flaws that you do not have. Choose something like large sequin so that they lie flat on your body

  • Entry #14 Career Opportunities-Best 3

    Some of the career opportunities that I would love to do in the fashion world are

    visual merchandising, stylist and dresser/wardrobe.

    I would like to do visual merchandising because I love the window displays as well as

    the layout of the store. Windows can be so creative and since they are the first thing that a

    customer sees, it can be really interesting. The visual merchandiser has to lure the

    customer into the store so the displays have to be perfect.

    As a stylist, I would love to be a personal shopper at either J. Crew or Nordstrom. I

    love picking out clothing and creating outfits. I usually style my friends and sisters, so I

    do not see how it would it different in the working world. Even though some peoples

    tastes may be different than mine, it would be an eye opening experience.

    As a dresser/wardrobe persons, I would love to help with costumes. I love the looks

    from old movies or vintage clothing. My ultimate job would be to work on Mad Men as a

    wardrobe and help style the characters. I love the clothing/accessories that are on that

    show. Trying out different styles for a character does have influence on how the character

    should act, so wardrobe is essential. Being behind the scenes is so much better and

    actually more exciting. ! !