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Introductory Project

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Introductory ProjectBecci-Jayne EdwardsThe BeatThe Beat is a monthly newsletter from the Liverpool Students Union. It is distributed over the internet as well as in-hand to students at Liverpool John Moores University. The covers main centre of visual interest is a picture of four students with their arms around each other, smiling; this relates with student officers welcome you written in the splash, also the fact theyre holding each other is showing the students union is a friendly social organisation. There are also two other smaller images bottom left which add to this, the top one shows the work side of university whereas the others are showing the fun, social aspect. The masthead is in a Sans Serif font which gives it a casual, fun and youthful feel. The cover lines are in the bottom right corner, bordering the main image; the typeface resembles handwritten text and is on a background of graph paper, this reminds the audience of school and education.

King Eds newsletterThis magazine from kind Edwards College is published annually and reviews the academic year, they are available online and I imagine are handed out to their students each year. The main image fills the entire page as a background, it features two students smiling (seemingly laughing), which tells potential students its fun to enrol here, or reminds current students they should be happy being there. The masthead is large; running the full width of the page, in green and pink, both bright and youthful. The typeface again is sans serif giving it that informal casual aesthetic which would appeal to students. The cover lines are small, simplistic and neat which contrasts to the colour coordination which is quite eccentric and vivid. The colours catch the eye and show the fun side of their college; then the neat text features imply sophistication and intellect.

Ellowes hall newsletterThis, as you can see, is our newsletter, it is available online and in the school. The students and parents read it to see whats going on in their school, also parents interested in sending their child to Ellowes may read the newsletter online to see what its students do and what achievements they get. The cover is fairly simple and sophisticated, the masthead and banner below it stand out in particular, the each colour of the banner represents the house; for example green is Enville etc. The shape, and separation of colours resembles a rainbow. Also the colour theme of blue is like that of school uniform.

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