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  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight, and Judith McNaught inspired me to write this long ago.

    Authors note:

    So I decide to rewrite my frst ever anfc !ecause, honestly has many mista"es. #eep in mind that

    I was only $% years old&

    'ope you guys appreciate the little twea"s I did&

    (. Isle )sme

    *'ouston+ -ella as"ed.

    *Just a stop along the way, I grinned. She seemed worried

    a!out where our honeymoon would ta"e place.

    She had made it clear that she wanted me to enoy our

    honeymoon as much as she did, which meant that I could !e

    out and a!out during the daylight.

    /art o me had !een terrifed o her re0uest yet another was

    thrilled. As much as I wanted to convince her to rethin" her

    choices, I "new that my carnal need or her had !een !urning

    slowly these past couple months and I too was yearning to

    eel her the way a hus!and does with his wie.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    -ella seemed to sleep peaceully rom Seattle to 'ouston. I

    had always ama1ed !y how angelic she loo"ed when she


    2ur 3ight seem to drag on a little to slow or my taste !ut

    when it was time to get ready or landing I was unsure i I

    should wa"e -ella or simply carry her.

    #nowing -ella I would em!arrass her !y simply carrying her

    sleeping orm out o a plane with may wondering eyes.

    -ut I did have another motivation to wa"e her up, I wanted

    her to !e surprised.

    *4io de Janeiro+ She as"ed dum!ound.

    *Another stop along the way, I reassured her, da11ling her

    with her avorite smile.

    5hen we fnally !oarded onto our ne6t plane, -ella seemed

    to drit !ac" to sleep.

    This 3ight unli"e the other would !e twice as long.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I ound mysel !ouncing my "nee, it was a nervous ha!it I

    had seen -ella do oten.

    I was nervous and unsure.

    My thoughts a um!le o words, phrases, and images, all

    though not all mine.

    Sure the step we were a!out to ta"e was not only a ris" !ut it

    was new e6perience and I was still not sure how I would


    My !iggest ear was not that my !eloved7s !lood would tempt

    me, !ut that I might get lost in the sea o emotions and

    eelings that I would orget that she was still !rea"a!le and

    sot and very much alive.

    My mind drited to the very serious tal" I had with my ather,

    he had reassured me that I was compete and that I could do

    this, and yet here I was dou!ting mysel and his trust.

    -ut I could ust shrugged this o8, this was -ella, the love o

    my e6istence, that we were tal"ing a!out.

    I also cringed, thin"ing a!out )mmett7s vulgar advice !ut

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    smiled !ac" when he opened up his mind to let me eel how

    he elt giving himsel completely to the women he loved. I

    !elieve Jasper must have had something to do, !ecause !oth

    did the same and it did help.

    It made me cherish the thought that may!e i everything

    went well, I too could e6perience such !eautiul and raw


    I ound mysel startled when the captain announced that we

    were ready to land.

    'ad time truly passed that ast+

    I gently "issed -ella7s eyelids and she moaned sotly and

    stretched, she slowly opened her eyes and ocus on me.

    She gited me with a !rilliant smile and seemed to !ecome

    aware o what was going on.

    9nloading everything had ta"en time and once we had

    everything we needed I located a ta6i and sotly gave him

    directions as he scurried to help with our !ags.

    The ta6i driver seemed shoc"ed at my clean /ortuguese

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    accent and 0uic"ly hurried to his seat and drove us to our


    As we slowed down near the doc", -ella loo"ed up at me in

    wonder and I smiled and opened the ta6i door and held it

    open or her as the ta6i driver unloaded our !ags.

    I than"ed him and gave paid him, leaving a generous tip.

    As I turned !ac" to my -ella, I noticed that she had a

    conused loo" on her ace and I sotly intertwined my fngers

    with her and silently guided her to our ne6t vehicle o


    -ella only raised one eye!row as I started to load our !ags

    unto a slee" and very new loo"ing yacht and leaped onto the


    I gestured or her to gra! my shoulder and as she did I

    gra!!ed her waist and lited her unto the !oat.

    She sat the closest plush seat to the wheel o the yacht as I

    prepared our ride. As I glanced !ac" to her, I gasped too low

    or her to hear me, I was once again astonished !y her

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV



    'er s"in glowed sotly with the moonlight ma"ing her s"in

    loo" soter, I ache to run the !ac" o my fnger against her


    I 0uic"ly snapped out o the trance she casted on me, to

    noticed that her eyes were scanning all around.

    I "new -ella was a curious person and hated surprises, she

    was nervous and I could only guess she was pro!a!ly trying

    to fgure out where e6actly

    where we headed.

    I fnished ogling her and urned the yacht on and was once

    again reminded my love or speed.

    or a raction o a second I closed my eyes and I "new that

    my lie was perect.

    $. -ella was my wie and I her hus!and.

    ;. Tonight was going to !e either the !est night o my

    e6istence or the worst.


  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV



    I had oten envisioned -ella as my wie, !ut never had I truly

    allowed mysel to antastic a!out her, my morels !eing the

    frst thing and the second was to maintain my control.

    =et here I was on our way to the place where we would

    consummate our marriage and I was con3icted with mysel.

    -ella7s voice !ro"e me rom my thoughts.

    *Are we going much arther+ 5hich roughly translated to,

    are we getting o8 this !oat or+

    I tried to laugh !ut my nervous stopped my chuc"le in my


    *A!out another hal hour, till we get there. I glanced toward

    her and grinned, she was holding on the seat too tightly.

    This time I loo"ed ahead and chuc"led too low or her human

    ears to hear. I remem!ered she didn>t li"e the speed.

    My thoughts umped to our uture, o her uture as a vampire

    and I hoped that would change, that she would love the

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    speed once she !ecome one o us.

    A dim glow in the distance cheered me up.

    *-ella loo" there, I said and pointing, not "nowing i she

    could see what I saw.

    As we went aster I saw the palm trees, the roc"s and the

    sand, !ut what I captured my attention was the moon.

    And fnally I saw what had glowed was the large house, it was

    illuminated !y the moon.

    *5here are we+ She said her tone surprised.

    *This is Isle )sme, I said smiling toward her.

    I drove the !oat to the doc" smoothly and cutting the engine


    *Isle )sme+ She repeated.

    *A git rom ?arlisle and )sme, they o8ered to let us !orrow


    The !ree1e 3ew across my ace and I was once again

    reminded why I had ta"en up )sme7s o8er to use it or our


  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I too" our things to the doc" and came !ac" to my wie, my

    -ella. She held her dainty hand out or me to help her@

    instead I cradled her in my arms, close to me.

    *Aren>t you supposed to wait or the threshold+ She


    I grinned.

    *I>m nothing i not thorough. I said as I wal"ed toward the


    I heard -ella>s heart !eginning to move ast, I loo"ed at her

    and wondered what scared her.

    5as she dou!ting hersel+

    I was !eginning to lose my mind.

    I placed our !ags down, opened the door, and waited or her

    to ace me.

    I decided that i she wanted to !ac" out o our deal, it was

    o"ay. )ven though I was !urning to have her in my arms in

    that ashion, I would respect her wishes.

    Then she loo"ed at me, her eyes were deep with desire and

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    ust the !arest hint o nervous.

    I wal"ed through the house showing her through the house,

    turning the lights ater lights.

    I I were human my heart would !e !eating against my chest

    ut li"e -ella7s !ecause !oth she and I "new the last room was

    the !edroom.

    I slowed down as we reached tit and turned on the last light.

    It was !ig and roomy, the room had a !ed placed at the

    center with mos0uito netting.

    As i we had needed the vision !eore us, the tension in the

    room was too thic" and I needed a moment to gain control

    and clear my head.

    *I>ll go get our things. I said 0uic"ly and wal"ed at a

    human>s pace, thin"ing a!out what was or wasn7t a!out to


    I gra!!ed the !ags and chec"ed the temperature.

    I was a little warm, !ut that was a precaution.

    As I returned to the !edroom, I saw -ella near the !ed.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I slowly wal"ed to her and touched the !ac" o her nec" with

    one o my cool fngers.

    *It>s a little hot in here. I said.

    *I thought that would !e !est.

    *Through, She murmured, loo"ing around.

    I chuc"led and I sounded a little nervous.

    *I tried to thin" o everything that would ma"e this easier.

    I said. -ella

    swallowed loudly rom in ront o me.

    5as she rethin"ing or ust nervous I as"ed mysel again.

    I told mysel I wouldn>t !ac" out, !ut i she told me *no or

    stopped me, I would !e o"ay.

    *I was wondering i I started to say, *I i may!e you

    would li"e to ta"e a midnight swim with me+

    2neBstep at a time I told mysel, as I too" a deep !reath.

    *The water will !e warm. This is the "ind o !each you

    approve o.

    *Sounds nice 'er voice !ro"e saying this.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    *I>m sure you would li"e a human minute or two it was a

    long ourney She

    nodded@ I touched my lips to her throat@ !elow her ear. *Con>t

    ta"e too long Mrs. ?ullen, I repeated my lips at her nec".

    I strode past her to the doors that led rom where we were.

    I too" my shirt o8 and dropped it down to the 3oor, and "ept

    wal"ing in to the !each.

    I "new -ella was nervous, this was perectly normal or her to

    eel this way a!out the frst time she would !e with someone.

    I ound a palm tree and decided to leave the rest o my

    clothes on the tree.

    And as I wal"ed into the water and I wondered how -ella

    would loo", would her chee"s 3ush as I lay my ga1e upon


    I Then wondered what she would thin" o me, not !eing a!le

    to read her mind always hurt even more each time.

    I swam near the ocean 3oor, chec"ing to see i she made it to

    the !each.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I was in waist deep water, when I heard her heart. I was

    acing my !ac" to the

    house, so she wouldn>t eel intimidated, !ecause I wouldn>t

    want to em!arrass


    I placed my hands on top o the water !y the time she was

    near me.

    *-eautiul I heard her say o the moon.

    *It>s alright, I said as I turned toward her. 'er s"in was

    glowing again under the moonlight. I could see her arms

    covering her !reasts and wanted to reassure her, that there

    was no need, !ecause she was perect.

    My !ody instinctually "new she was near to me.

    I held my hand to her, so we could intertwine our fngers li"e


    Then she halBsmiled, then raised her other hand and placed

    it over my silent heart and I shuddered !y her warm touch.

    My !reath came rougher now.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    *I promised we would try, I whispered tensely.

    *I i I hurt you, you must tell me at once.

    She nodded, "eeping her eyes on me as she too" a step

    through the waves and pressed her head on my chest.

    *Con>t !e araid, she murmured, *5e !elong together.

    Never in my lie had I elt this, it was right, it was perect.

    *orever, I agreed and pulled us gently into deeper water.

    My !ody released it7s tension and I reali1ed I wasn>t worried

    or scared o hurting her.

    I was ready, she was ready.

    I reali1ed that we were ust waiting or me to ma"e the ne6t


    Slowly I leaned down and gently crushed my cold lips to her

    warm ones.

    This "iss elt, !eyond words.

    5e !oth moved closer, until there was no space !etween us.

    I elt her heart!eat@ it was ma"ing the most !eautiul sound


  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I elt my world shit and I "new that we would !e o"ay, that

    everything would turn out alright.

    My !ody started to react to our pro6imity and my need to eel

    every inch o -ella7s s"in was overpowering my thoughts.

    I had to say her name.*-ella, I whispered into the salty air.

    *)dward she moaned.

    My lips let hers and went down her

    nec", to the hollow o her throat and under her ear.

    My hands where around her arms and hers were around my


    I "new she wanted more rom me.

    I gra!!ed her waist and she wrapped her legs around my


    *-ella are you ready+ I as"ed her, loo"ing into her deep

    !rown eyes.

    *=es was her answer.

    That was it too", my !ody !u11ed with the need to

    ac0uaintance itsel to her !ody.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I started to swim !ac" to the shore, once my eet elt the

    moist sand I ran at lighting speed.

    The dim lights in the room made the atmosphere romantic.

    -ella was still in my arms with her legs hugging my waist, her

    arms around my nec", her !ody up against my own.

    I placed my "nee on the plush !ed and she slowly detangled

    hersel rom me and as her !ody settled itsel on top o the

    !ed, I closed my eyes.

    I too" a deep !reath and opened my eyes.

    The vision !eore me was o eternal !eauty.

    I stared at -ella7s eyes, which twin"led with longing and

    desire, all trace o nervous had let.

    She smiled and I continued my ourney and my eyes dipped

    to her slender throat, ollowing rom there to her collar!one.

    My lips wanted to trace the dip !etween !oth !ones and my

    mouth water or a di8erent reason now.

    My eyes descended to her !reasts.

    The images that I had !rie3y allowed mysel to imagine paled

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    to the reality that was -ella.

    'er !reast were pin" li"e Sabatia angularis,in other words

    li"e pin" roses.

    I lic"ed my lips and i I were human I would have !lushed at

    the notion.

    My eyes 0uic"ly ollowed !elow to her !elly!utton, smooth

    and sot.

    I too" in a deep !reath, steading mysel to loo" at what was


    She had her legs straight and touching, all I could see was

    the smallest patch o curly hair that adorned her pelvic !one.

    My eyes trailed down her legs to her toes and I could not

    !elieve my luc".

    She was more then words could descri!e.

    A defnition o a goddess.

    Impatiently she sat up.

    I 3inched re3e6ively as she !rushed her lips over my s"in and

    my hand san" slowly into the hair at her nape,

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I lited her orward.

    This time when she raised her ga1e to mine, I !ent my head.

    My mouth captured hers almost too roughly, my tongue

    parting her lips tentatively, this "iss was one flled with

    desperate want and need.

    My hand trailed to her nec", then to her shoulder as my lips

    ollowed !ehind at her nec".

    She was ma"ing small noises and I had suppress my own.

    Slowly my hand crept to her round !reasts and I heard her

    groan as I !arely touched her.

    My fngers traced her areola !ut not yet touching her nipple.

    *)dward, please... She whimpered.

    And that7s when I lost some o the careul restraint I had.

    My fngers still sotly pinched and twisted her nipple.

    'er !ac" arched o the !ed and instinctually she opened her

    legs to me.

    My eyes met hers and she !egged with her eyes or me to

    eel, to see, to touch every inch o her.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    My fnger continued to do its ministration on her nipple as my

    ga1e ell to her core.

    Nothing prepared me or the east in ront o me.

    She was li"e a ripe /iyata, her core was perect.

    'er curls stopped right a!ove her clit, which was so

    engrossed that it !egged to !e touched.

    She was wet, glistening in the light.

    My fngers threaten to touch her there, as i they had a mind

    o their own.

    It was too much, I elt mysel trying to loose all control and

    east on her, !ut I could.

    I wouldn7t.

    I leaned away and pulled my fnger rom her erect nipple and

    too" a couple o !reaths.

    *)dward, I need you -ella called.

    I need too.

    I want too much.

    I need to !reath.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV



    And that7s all it too".

    My mouth latched itsel to her other nipple and my fnger

    trailed down to her core.

    She cried out in surprise and I moaned at the eel o her


    My fngers toyed up and down her slit and I "new the instant I

    went up and !rushed her clit, she7d lose it.

    And she did.

    *)C5A4C, 2hhh

    I growled into her !reast, one o her hand tangled in my hair,

    the other running down my !ac".

    I slowly circled her clit, going aster ater every complete


    *=es, ohhh please, aster she moaned and the my fnger

    slide inside her and her muscles clamped down and she was


    'er !ody arched o8 the !ed and slumped down.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    She was a vision.

    My only thoughts were how was I going to survive !eing

    inside her when she came.

    Then I was hovering on top o her, in !etween her legs, and

    "issed her.

    She was ready, she wanted me, and I desired her more then


    Just then I elt her hand grasp me and I threw my head !ac"

    and groaned.

    *Doo" at me I told her and she did.

    Together we grasped my manhood and we aligned mysel at

    her opening and slowly, as slowly as I could with this fre

    within me, I entered her.

    She cried out.

    *-ella+& Are you o"ay+& I as"ed panic"ed.

    *=es... ust please, wait.

    And I did, her heat was too much, my !ody wanted to push in

    as deep as I could !ut I "new I had to wait.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    *2"ay. She said and I slide in until I elt her !arrier.

    *-ella+ I as"ed.

    *Now. She said through clenched teeth.

    And I pushed switly all the way.

    I tighten my hold on her hips and I "issed the lone tear that


    5e stayed still or I don7t "now how long, then she pushed

    her hips against me.

    I slide out, only leaving the tip o my manhood in her and

    slide !ac" in.

    *2hhh *-ella

    5e !oth moaned in unison.

    I "ept plunging deep and steadily increasing the tempo o my

    thrusts, giving and giving and giving until -ella was wild

    !eneath me.

    Moaning and growling my name.

    'er fngernails !iting into my !ac" and hips clutching me to

    her, while the passion raging inside her was !ecoming a

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    holocaust, still going on and on, until it e6ploited in long soulB

    destroying !urst o e6travagant pleasure.

    I drove into her once more and "issed her.

    My !ody suddenly released warm li0uid rom my manhood.

    This made -ella clasp me tighter and moan with the eeling

    o that e60uisite sensation. I never elt this it was a physical

    relie and my mind couldn>t register all the sensations I elt.

    It elt li"e my !ody was a volcano that needed to erupt.

    It had !een surreal.

    My !ody was as"ing, no, !egging or more, !ut -ella ust

    curled up on top o me, with our !odies still oined.

    I started to hum her lulla!y as she slowly ell to sleep.

    Dater that same night I noticed that !ruises started to

    !lossom across her !ody. And the eathers they were


    I gasped in horror at the act that I could have !itten -ella.

    I slowly slide out o her and we moaned at the loss.

    I was a monster who hurt her.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I "new she was sleeping, !ut would she hate me, !ecause o

    what I did to her+ I "ept my eyes on her perect !ody turning

    purple in some places.

    I did this to her, I turned her into mil"y purple patches.

    I hated mysel more then ever, I wanted to cry and ust

    torture mysel the same way I must have tortured her.

    My night had gone rom the !est to the impossi!ly worst.

    -ella fnally wo"e around $E or $$ am, !ut didn>t open her


    May!e she was preparing to ustiy all the hurt I caused,

    !ecause she truly had to "now, she elt it and "ept 0uiet.

    I had to "now how much she hated me.

    I gently touched my fnger to her s"in going up and down her


    I heard her giggle.

    *5hat>s so unny+ I murmured, still touching her !ac".

    She !lushed and then her stomach growled.

    Freat I orgot she needed to eat.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    =et another mista"e.

    *=ou can>t escape !eing human or very long. She giggled

    once more. I was shoc"ed that she could !e giggling ater

    whatI had done to her.

    I ust "ept staring at the canopy a!ove us.

    I could eel her getting on her el!ows to see my ace.

    *)dward, she said trying to catch her !reath.

    *5hat is it+ 5hatGs wrong+

    *=ou have to as"+ I said in a hard tone.

    She "ept silence, pro!a!ly thin"ing o what to say.

    'er she loo"ed worried, and unsure o what to say.

    *5hat are you thin"ing+ I as"ed, not a!le to continue in


    *=ouGre upset. I don7t understand. Cid I+ She didn7t fnish.

    'ow could she not "now+

    I closed my eyes.

    *'ow !adly are you hurt, -ella+ The truthB don7t downplay it.

    I said a !it angry.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    *'urt+ she said an octave higher as i she was surprised and

    I raised my eye!row.

    5as she really playing this game, trying to !e sel3ess+

    She started to stretch out and her ace !ecame angry.

    *5hy would you ump to that conclusion+ I7ve never !een

    !etter than I am now. She said and I closed my eyes.

    *Stop that. I said.

    *Stop what+ She said.

    *Stop acting li"e I7m not a monster or having agreed to this.

    *)dward& she whispered, seeming upset now.

    *Con7t ever say that.

    I didn7t open my eyes.

    I didn7t want to see disappointment written in her eatures.

    *Doo" at yoursel -ella. Then tell me I7m not a monster.

    I guess she saw her !ody, !ecause she gasped then as"ed

    *5hy am I covered in eathers+ I e6haled impatiently

    *I !it a pillow or two. That7s not what I7m tal"ing a!out.

    *=ou !it a pillow+ 5hy+

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    *Doo" -ella& I said almost growling and too" her hand, I

    gently stretched it out.

    *Doo" at that. #now she must have clearly seen what I was

    tal"ing a!out.

    I "new she was going to hate me.

    'er eyes let her arm and went all over her damaged !ody.

    I pulled my hand and almost not touching her showed her

    that my fngers, my palm were the shapes, the mar"s on her

    delicate s"in.

    *2h, was all she said.

    *IGm so sorry -ella, I whispered

    *I "new !etter than this. I should not haveB

    I made a sound rom the !ac" o my throat.

    *I7m more sorry than I can tell you.

    I threw my arm over my ace and !ecame still.

    I couldn7t !elieve I had done this to her.

    To the love o my e6istence.

    To my -ella.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    To my 5I)&

    Stupid, stupid, stupid&&&

    All !ecause o desire.

    Jaco! had !een right I would hurt her and I had done so.

    I was going cra1y with guilt.

    *)dward. I didn7t move.


    *I7m not sorry, )dward. I7m I can7t even tell you. I7m so

    happy. That doesn7t cover it. Con7t !e angry. Con7t. I7m really


    *Co not say the word fne. I growled unintentionally.

    *I you value my sanity, do not say that you are fne.

    *-ut I am, She whispered.

    *-ella, I almost moaned.


    *No. =ou don7t, )dward. I removed my arm@ my golden eyes

    watched her warily.

    *Con7t ruin this, she told me.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    *I. Am. 'appy.

    *I7ve already ruined this, I whispered.

    *?ut it out, she snapped.

    I grind my teeth together.

    *9gh& She groaned.

    *5hy can7t you ust read my mind already+ It7s so

    inconvenient to !e a mental mute&

    That got my attention.

    My eyes widened a little !it, distracted in spite o mysel.

    *That7s a new one. =ou love that I can7t read your mind.

    *Not today. I stared at her.

    *5hy+ She threw her hands up and her palms hit my chest

    ma"ing a smac" sound.

    *-ecause all this angst would !e completely unnecessary i

    you could see how I eel right now& 2r fve minutes ago,

    anyway. I was perectly happy. Totally and completely !lissed

    out. NowHwell, I7m sort o pissed, actually.

    *=ou should !e angry at me.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    *5ell, I am. Coes that ma"e you eel !etter+ She sighed.

    *No. I donGt thin" anything could ma"e me eel !etter now.

    *That, She snapped. *That right there is why IGm angry. =ou

    are "illing my !u11, )dward.

    I rolled my eyes and shoo" my head.

    *5e "new this was going to !e tric"y. I thought that was

    assumed. And thenHwell, it was a lot easier than I thought it

    would !e. And this is really nothing.

    She !rushed her fngers along her arm.

    I winced.

    *I thin" or a frst time, not "nowing what to e6pect, we did

    ama1ing. 5ith a little practiceH

    5hat the hell& She thought !eorehand that she might get

    hurt and she didn>t tell me, I thought.

    *Assumed+ Cid you e6pect this, -ella+ 5ere you anticipating

    that I would hurt you+ 5ere you thin"ing it would !e worse+

    Co you consider the e6periment a success !ecause you can

    wal" away rom it+ No !ro"en !onesHthat e0uals a victory+

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    ?alm down.

    *I didn7t "now what to e6pectH!ut I defnitely did not e6pect

    how how ust wonderul and perect it was. 'er voice

    dropped to a whisper, her eyes slipped rom my ace down to

    my hands.

    *I mean, I don7t "now how it was or you, !ut it was li"e that

    or me.

    I pulled her chin !ac" up.

    *Is that what you7re worried a!out+ I said through my teeth.

    *That I didn7t enoy mysel+ 'er eyes stayed down.

    *I "now it7s not the same. =ou7re not human. I ust was trying

    to e6plain that, or a human, well, I can7t imagine that lie

    gets any !etter than that.

    5ay to go& Now she thin"s that I didn7t enoy, fnd a release,

    that may!e I7m not se6ually attracted to her.

    *It seems that I have more to apologi1e or. I rowned.

    *I didn7t dream that you would construe the way I eel a!out

    what I did to you to mean that last night wasn7t well, the

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    !est night o my e6istence. -ut I don7t want to thin" o it that

    way, not when you were . . .

    'er lips curved up a little at the edges.

    *4eally+ The !est ever+ She as"ed in a small voice.

    I too" her ace !etween my hands, still trying to stop seeing

    all the imagines o her !ruised !ody.

    *I spo"e to ?arlisle ater you and I made our !argain, hoping

    he could help me. 2 course he warned me that this would !e

    very dangerous or you.

    I remem!ered his words o wisom.

    *'e had aith in me, thoughHaith I didn7t deserve.

    She started to protest, and I put two fngers over her lips

    !eore she could comment.

    *I also as"ed him what I should e6pect. I didn7t "now what it

    would !e or me what with my !eing a vampire. I smiled


    *?arlisle told me it was a very powerul thing, li"e nothing

    else. 'e told me physical love was something I should not

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    treat lightly. 5ith our rarely changing temperaments, strong

    emotions can alter us in permanent ways. -ut he said I did

    not need to worry a!out that partHyou had already altered

    me so completely. This time my smile was more genuine.

    *I spo"e to my !rothers, too. They told me it was a very great

    pleasure. Second only to drin"ing human !lood. -ut I7ve

    tasted your !lood, and there could !e no !lood more potent

    than that. I don7t thin" they were wrong, really. Just that it

    was di8erent or us. Something more.

    *It was more. It was everything.

    *That doesn7t change the act that it was wrong. )ven i it

    were possi!le that you really did eel that way.

    *5hat does that mean+ Co you thin" I7m ma"ing this up+


    *To ease my guilt. I can7t ignore the evidence, -ella. 2r your

    history o trying to let me o8 the hoo" when I ma"e


    She gra!!ed my chin and leaned orward so that our aces

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    were inches apart. *=ou listen to me, )dward ?ullen. I am not

    pretending anything or your sa"e, o"ay+ I didn7t even "now

    there was a reason to ma"e you eel !etter until you started

    !eing all misera!le. I7ve never !een so happy in all my lieHI

    wasn7t this happy when you decided that you loved me more

    than you wanted to "ill me, or the frst morning I wo"e up and

    you were there waiting or me. Not when I heard your voice

    in the !allet studioHI 3inched at the old memory o her

    close call with a hunting vampire, !ut she didn7t pauseH*or

    when you said, I do and I reali1ed that, somehow, I get to

    "eep you orever. Those are the happiest memories I have,

    and this is !etter than any o it. So ust deal with it. I

    touched the rown line !etween her eye!rows.

    *IGm ma"ing you unhappy now. I don7t want to do that.

    *Then donGt you !e unhappy. That7s the only thing that7s

    wrong here.

    My eyes tightened, and then I too" a deep !reath and


  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    *=ou7re right. The past is past and I can7t do anything to

    change it. There7s no sense in letting my mood sour this time

    or you. I7ll do whatever I can to ma"e you happy now.

    She e6amined me and I gave her a smile.

    *5hatever ma"es me happy+ 'er stomach growled at the

    same time that she as"ed.

    *=ou7re hungry, I said 0uic"ly.

    *So, why e6actly did you decide to ruin )sme7s pillows+ She

    as"ed, sitting up and sha"ing more down rom her hair.

    I had already put on some loose "ha"i pants and was

    standing !y the door, rumpling my hair.

    *I don7t "now i I decided to do anything last night, I


    *5e7re ust luc"y it was the pillows and not you. I inhaled

    deeply and then shoo" my head, to sha"ing o8 the dar"


    A very authenticBloo"ing smile spread across my ace or at

    least I tried.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    She got o8 the !ed and I growled.

    'er !ody loo"ed deormed, it had a splatter o mar"s, rom

    my hands, fngers and palms.

    I turned away and my hands !alled up.

    *Co I loo" that hideous+ She as"ed, wor"ing to "eep her

    tone light.

    My !reath caught, !ut I didn7t turn.

    I was horrifed. 'ow the hell did you agree to this+

    I "new something would go wrong& ,I thought.

    She let me standing there to go into the !athroom.

    ?alm down.

    -reath in, -reath out.

    $E, , K, L, , (, %B

    She groaned.


    I was at her side at light speed, *-ella+ I as"ed.

    *IGll never get this all out o my hair& She pointed to her

    head, where it loo"ed li"e a chic"en was nesting. I e6haled.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I started pic"ing at the eathers.

    *=ou would !e worried a!out your hair, I mum!led, !ut I

    went to stand !ehind her, pulling out the eathers much more


    *'ow did you "eep rom laughing at this+ I loo" ridiculous.

    'a& =ou seriously thin" I would laugh when your !ody was

    imprinted with my fngers+

    And what was unnier was that I caused them.

    =294 '9S-ANC&

    5ho swore to protect you+

    I should have let that mutt "ill me when he had a chance.

    I>m sorry love.

    *This isn7t going to wor", She sighed ater a minute.

    *It7s all dried in. I7m going to have to try to wash it out. She

    turned around, wrapping her warm arms around my waist.

    So !eautiul.

    Must have more&&


  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    -ut she>s my wie and I am her hus!and.


    *Co you want to help me+

    =)S&&&&& The greedy monster within me yelled.

    *I7d !etter fnd some ood or you, I said in a 0uiet voice, and

    I gently unwound her arms.

    She sighed as I disappeared, moving too ast.

    I had to "eep her !usy so she wouldn7t as" me i we could

    ma"e love again.

    I prepared her late !rea"ast and made plans or the day.

    She came out o the !athroom wearing a white cotton dress

    that concealed the worst o the violet !lotches.

    She padded o8 !areoot to where she pro!a!ly smelled the

    eggs and !acon and cheddar cheese.

    I stood in ront o the stove sliding her ood on a light !lue

    plate that was on the counter.

    *'ere, I said.

    I turned with a smile on my ace and set the plate on a small

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    tiled ta!le.

    I sat down across rom her.

    *I7m not eeding you oten enough. I said.

    She swallowed and then said, *I was asleep. This is really

    good, !y the way. Impressive or someone who doesn7t eat.

    *ood Networ", I said, 3ashing my avorite croo"ed smile.

    *5here did the eggs come rom+

    *I as"ed the cleaning crew to stoc" the "itchen. A frst, or

    this place. IGll have to as" them to deal with the eathers.

    I trailed o8, his ga1e f6ed on a space a!ove her head.

    She didn7t respond.

    She ate everything I made or her.

    /oint $ or the hus!and&

    *Than" you, She told me.

    She leaned across the ta!le to "iss me.

    I "issed her !ac" automatically, and then sti8ened and

    leaned away, the urge to ma"e her mine on the counter was

    too strong.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    She is hurt !ecause o me, I reminded mysel.

    She gritted her teeth.

    She didn7t li"e that I pulled I away.

    *=ou aren7t going to touch me again while we7re here, are

    you+She accused me.

    I hesitated, then halBsmiled and raised his hand to stro"e her


    See I can touch you, not in the way, you would li"e me to

    touch you.

    My fngers lingered sotly on my s"in, and she couldn7t help

    leaning my ace into my palm.

    *=ou "now that7s not what I meant. I sighed and dropped my


    *I "now. And you7re right. I paused, liting my chin slightly as

    i to !race mysel against her.

    And then I spo"e again with frm conviction.

    *I will not ma"e love with you until you7ve !een changed.

    I will never hurt you again.

  • 8/11/2019 Isle Esme Rewrite Edward's POV


    I guess our honeymoon was over.

    I there are any mista"es, let me "now and I7ll f6 it.