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  • APICS Board of Directors

    January 2014

    January Meeting Update

  • 2 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    APICS Mission

    APICS builds and validates knowledge in supply chain and operations management.

    We enable our community of members, affiliates, and customers to lead in the global marketplace.

  • 3 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    AgendaThe 2014 January Board of Directors Meeting Installation of the 2014 APICS Board of Directors Financial Report Strategic Plan International Strategy Membership Committee Appointments

  • 4 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Installation of the 2014 APICS Board

    2014 APICS Board of Directors Chair: Jason E. Wheeler, CPIM, CSCP, Roche Diagnostics Chair-Elect: Alan G. Dunn, CPIM, GDI Consulting & Training Treasurer: William E. Bickert, NAVSUP Global Logistics Support Bintong Chen, PhD, Lerner College for Business and Economics, University of Delaware Sonia Daviaud, Decision Value Erica Dickson, CPIM, CSCP, Intel Vadim G. Kapustin, Walmart Gerald L. Kilty, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, Quality Management Solutions Bhaskar Majee, CSCP, Philips Steven Melnyk, Ph.D, Broad College of Business, Michigan State University Dana C. Riess, CPIM, CPA, CFM, CMA, AbbVie Colin M. Seftel, CFPIM, CSCP, PSQ

    Ex-Officio Members President of APICS Foundation Board: Karl Klaesius, CPIM Student/Young Professional Director: Arun Raman, CPIM, Caterpillar Inc.


  • 6 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Financial ReportNovember 2013 Revenues for YTD November 2013 were $20.895 million. Operating expenses were $20.667 million. Net income from operations for YTD November was $227 thousand. This resulted in a favorable variance of $319 thousand when measured

    against the YTD November 2013 budget. The investment portfolio recorded an unrealized gain of $663 thousand

    through YTD November. This, combined with the net income from operations, produced an

    increase in net assets of $890 thousand for YTD November 2013.

  • 7 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    2013 Preliminary Results$000s Omitted Preliminary




    Change %

    Revenue 23,600 25,758 (2,158) (8%)

    Operating Expenses

    22,850 24,725 1,875 8%

    Net OperatingIncome

    750 1,033 (283) (27%)

    Unrealized Gain/(loss)

    725 0 725 n/a

    Change in Net Assets

    1,475 1,033 442 43%

    Unbudgeted Items Impact on Net Operating Income Increase / (Decrease)

    Compensation Adjustments

    (400) 0 (400) n/a

    Strategy Consulting (375) 0 (375) n/a

    Accounting Change (275) 0 (275) n/a

  • 8 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    2013 Preliminary Revenue Results and Impact on 2014 Budget

    $000s Omitted

    LBE Jul-13(used for

    FY14 Budget)

    Preliminary 2013


    Change %

    Certification 7,758 7,400 (358) (5%)

    Courseware 6,919 6,900 (19) (0.3%)

    Membership 4,867 4,800 (67) (1%)

    Conferences, Exhibits and Sponsorship

    2,071 2,000 (71) (3%)

    Online/Onsite 1,687 1,460 (227) (13%)

    Publicationsand Other

    851 1,040 189 22%

    Total 24,152 23,600 (552) (2%)

  • 9 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Balance Sheet Highlights

    $000s Omitted Dec-12 Dec-13Preliminary



    Change %

    Current Assets 5,011 5,850 839 17%

    Total Assets 14,906 18,850 3,944 26%

    Current Liabilities 5,139 6,500 1,361 26%

    Total Liabilities 6,225 7,800 1,575 25%

    Net Assets 8,682 11,050 2,368 27%

    Total Liabilities and Net Assets

    14,906 18,850 3,944 26%


  • 11 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Strategic Priorities Approved by 2013 BoardPriority Recommendation Action

    North American Model Implement a flexible chapter operating model

    Staff will update the Board on development of specific strategy recommendations at each meeting, proposing a new membership model in April.

    Allow instructors to affiliate directly with APICS

    Develop a robust online instruction delivery model

    Corporate Enhance corporate value proposition Staff will present an implementation plan to the Board in July.

    Update: chapter field sales staff interviews for pilot in Southeast District underway. B-to-B marketing capability onboard.

    *Deploy chapter field sales support

    *Increase Corporate Service capabilities

    *Develop B-to-B marketing capability

    Use non-chapter channel partners in low coverage areas

    International *Increase APICS international partner network

    Staff presented specific China and Brazil strategies at the January Board meeting and will continue to update the Board each meeting.

    Update: Translate Principles status tracked as a part of the Product Plan Goals.

    Target China and Brazil for growth

    *Translate Principles

    * Recommendations made that were already approved as a part of the 2014 budget

  • 12 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Strategic Priorities Deferred by 2013 BoardPriority Recommendation Action

    Millennials Develop online content experience to create long-term membership value

    Staff is developing more robust background information to support recommendations in this area, including a new membership model which will be presented to the Board in April.

    Enhance new member experience so it generates excitement for belonging

    Enable chapters to provide more compelling member experiences

    Workforce Development Develop faculty evangelists Recommendations in this area will be reviewed and further developed by the Foundation Academic Committee. Specific recommendations will be presented to the Board in July.

    Establish Principles as a foundational, for-credit course

    Improve membership services and content for students


  • 14 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    North America

    Central & SouthAmerica

    Europe, Middle East &North Africa

    APAC, India & Australasia

    Sub-Saharan Africa

    PrioritizationEstablished Critical Strategic Growth Opportunistic

  • 15 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    North America



    Student Chapters



    CountriesChannel Partners Premier

    Channel Partners



    Partnership StructureCESA APAC Sub-Saharan


    Joint Members

  • 16 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Platform for Growth

    1. Complete full evaluation of in-progress operating models to increase penetration and increase awareness Financial model and tax implications Marketing strategy Product strategy

    2. Develop lead sharing model and coordination between Chinese/Brazilian partners and Corporate Services to target APICS Corporate clients operating in China/Brazil and Chinese/Brazilian companies operating in the U.S.

    3. Add Geographically Strategic Channel Partners China 3 Brazil - 4

  • 17 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    China: Forward Momentum1. Newly appointed Chinese Regional Director2. Strong long-term partner (ASCMS)3. Second annual APICS Asia-Pacific conference (2014)4. First membership/NPNGO partner added5. Top-tier university in process as first Chinese academic partner6. 2013 joint APICS/Chinese Government conference held in Beijing7. Operating model development in progress8. APICS trademark registration

  • 18 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Brazil: Forward Momentum1. Long-term relationship with Brazilian Premier Channel Partner (ABAI -

    Associao para Educao em Administrao Empresarial)2. Early sucesses from new, entrepreneurial Channnel Partner with links to

    large Brazilian enterprises (Trans4Mar)3. Co-development of enterprise-wide training solution with Gerdau, using

    APICS Principles4. Principles translation in progress with completed modules already in use

    in the classroom5. Strong pipeline of potential partners6. S&OP Seminar - 2014


  • 20 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Student Membership

    Consideration: Eliminate Student Membership Dues

    As a part of the 2013 strategic planning process, the APICS board affirmed its commitment to improve access to APICS membership benefits to students across the globe who are considering careers in supply chain and operations management.

    There is an imperative to build awareness and loyalty to APICS as an organization so that we can be a partner throughout their careers.

  • 21 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Student Membership

    The current $25 dues amount creates the following issues:

    $25, while a nominal amount in US currency, is a more substantial fee for students in a number of emerging economies, such as India. These students are not likely to even consider becoming student members due to price.

    Most faculty members are not willing to mandate that students become APICS members because of the fee associated. This means that members-only information benefits (e.g. Folios, APICS Dictionary, Career Packs, Practitioner Research Reports, etc.) cannot be used in the classroom due to copyright restrictions.

  • 22 APICS Confidential and Proprietary

    Student Membership

    Student membership in APICS has fluctuated between 4,000 (1995) and about 2,400 during the recession.

    While APICS now has more than 3,000 student members, we have not been able to significantly improve our penetration.

    Eliminating student dues will immed