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  • Programma van deze avond 18.30 19.00 uur Informele inloop 19.00 19.15 uur Intro Henk van Kooten 19.15 20.30 uur Blok 1 Jens Haugen 20.30 21.00 uur Pauze 21.00 22.30 uur Blok 2 Jens Haugen 22.30 23.00 uur Informeel einde Maximaal aantal deelnemers: 50 Wijze van inschrijven Wilt u zich inschrijven voor deze interessante lezing, mail dan de volgende gegevens naar Naam Bedrijfsnaam Telefoonnummer Emailadres Aantal deelnemers Kosten Per deelnemer: 49,50 euro excl. BTW | 58,90 incl. BTW Een tweede persoon ontvangt 50% korting!(tegelijk inschrijven) Studenten: 49,50 euro incl. BTW Inschrijving wordt per mail bevestigd en is formeel nadat de factuur is voldaan.

    Jens is een fotograaf die zich spectaculair ontwikkeld. Toen ik vorg jaar mijn boek over jureren schreef (the book of judges) vroeg ik de Noorse Bond (NFF) om informatie over hun sys-teem. Daarbij had ik fotomateriaal nodig. Van de fotowedstrijd in Noorwegen viel op dat 1 persoon bijna alles had gewonnen..... Jens Haugen. Ik was diep onder de indruk van zijn creatieve en inventieve wijze van werken. De conceptuele vor-men uitgewerkt op een ronduit geniale wijze. Iets wat je moet zien om te geloven. Enkele weken geleden had ik het genoegen om Jens te ontmoeten tijdens een bezoek van de Noorse Color Art groep aan mijn studio. Jens was hierbij aanwezig. En dat klikte meteen. Hij is pas 6 jaar fotograaf en wordt elk jaar beter. Hij is een zeer gevoelige lieve man. En heeft een passie die niet te stoppen is. Zijn werk spreekt voor zich. Ik denk dat we nog veel van hem gaan horen.

    Henk van Kooten

    Waar gaat Jens het over hebben? Hij zal het tot stand komen van zijn fotos, het proces, uitleggen van A tot Z:- Planning- Licht (met voorbeelden)- Uitvoering- Postproductie

    AVONDLEZING JENS HAUGEN Conceptuele fotografie | maandag 16 januari 2012

  • Here I had my first child at the age of 21, and everything was so different from the glamour back in London. My heart was broken because I gave up music, and I went into a depression. After a year I saw an ad in the paper. A local photo-store needed some extra help. I went for the interview and got the job, although I did not have any experience as a photographer. After a short while I found out I could use my skills as a songwriter and producer to make great pictures! I found out that highlights were the equivalent to treble and shadows the equivalent to bass. Last but not least, I found out that 3D in pictures was the same as reverb in my music. My first camera was back then the Olympus E-10. When E-20 came on the market, I traded in my E-10. Later the same year I was con-tacted by Olympus Norway, and they wanted to sign me up for a sponsor deal. I was thrilled and really got back my creative energy. I then got the Olympus E-1 and I still have my contract with Olympus. October 2005 I started my own business and have now 3 employees. Becoming an advertising photographer was a natural choice since I loved fashion, and technical photography. So it is my passion for the perfect image that made me an advertis-ing photographer. And it`s without question, the best way to make a living. I love the pictures where I can combine my pas-sion for lighting, and making the final result in photoshop. The larger the budget, the greater the fun.

    The more time I can spend making a picture, the more stunning result. Making surreal pictures, where everything is perfection, I feel the most joy! One customer once said to me: I have met many perfectionists, but you are a psychopath. I felt that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me... hehe.. Usually all my shoots are divided in three. 1: Pre shoot preparing (finding models, loca-tions, organizing props and so on) 2: The actual shoot. 3: Photoshop These three factors will vary depending on the task. Sometimes I use most of my time in Photoshop, and sometimes I spend most of my time on the shoot. But the pre shoot preparing can also take a lot of time, all depending on the task given from the agency. To become successful in the advertising industry you need to be professional, talented, hard-working, one step ahead, and loyal. I have many small goals. First of all I want to be in the industry for a long time. Develop dif-ferent techniques to make even better images every day. Learn from my mistakes (yes I do make mistakes) to become an even better pho-tographer. Do more art photos when the time is right. But my dedication is to reach even more people with my pictures. Im hoping to find an international representative who can make my pictures more known. So to wrap it up: International success is my main target. Jens Haugen

    Photo CV Jens Edgar Haugen 2004 : - Daguerre prize for the best photographer in my region. - Silver and Bronze medal in the contest: best photographer in Norway. - Sponsored by Olympus. - Starting a production firm called: Reklamare. 2005: - My first separate exhibition at Kistefos museum in Norway. - Holding workshops in digital photography round in Norway. - Starting the firm: Jens Haugen Photography. 2006: - International spread in E-Magazine. - Sponsored by Epson Norway. 2007: - 3rd place in the contest : best photographer of the year in Norway. - Official Miss Norway photographer with live show on TV. 2008: - Spreads in national magazines in Norway. - Campaigns in Scandinavia. - Holding lectures in the congress of Norwegian Photographers. - First campaign with rights worldwide for VW. 2009 - 2nd place in the contest : best photographer of the year - Working for Hasselblad Worldwide 2010 - Photographer of the year in Norway 2011 - Photographer of the year for 2nd time in a row - Exhibition Memento Mori - Exhibition Equus et Natura

    Biography I thought my mission in life was to become a producer in the music industry. I worked really hard and ended up in London trying to sign up with some of the major music labels. I made music for large tv-shows in Norway and everything seemed to go my way. I was 20 years old and I felt the pressure on my shoulders. Then after much hard work, and circumstances in my life, I hit the wall and de-cided to move back to my hometown Hamar in Norway.