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The graphic elements that are contained in the packaging FMCG refil pouch can be developed into an interesting graphic used on the cover for seat motors, with countless possibilities of design patterns that can be generated. Not only limited on motorbike seat cover but can also be applied to the bag, organizer, trash bin and so on. The role of graphic designer is to make modules from design on the packaging as a graphic element and arrange them so that will becomes an interesting composition.

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  • Motorcycle is an affordable vehicle for the Indonesian. The

    total number of motorcycle in Indonesia capital, Jakarta, and

    its satellite cities (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) on

    weekdays is more than 8,2 millions. According to a report,in the last 4 years, the population of motorcycle in Jakartarose 300%. Most bikers, as the motorcycle rider calledthemselves, are commuters, working for companies inJakarta from 8 am to 5 pm.



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    In Jakarta, most of motorcycle parking areas are in open air.

    This condition makes the vehicles susceptible for being heated

    by the sun and wet by the rain. It is uncomfortable for the bikers

    to ride their motorcycle when their seat are hot or wet.

  • In early studies, the motorcycle cover

    material used the parachute fabrics with rubber

    sewn on the edge. It will cover and fit the seat perfectly.

    However, although it served the requirement of anti-wet

    from the rain, the material will not protect the seat from

    the heat of the sun.

    To overcome the problem, some parking lots offer

    the bikers card boards from waste paper or new

    materials to protect the seat from the heat. It is

    unfortunate that the material being used is made from

    non-waterproof material, so it would be useless when

    it rains.

    Knowing the vast number of active motorcycle being

    used everyday, the seat protector should be made

    from material which environmentally responsible.

    An anti-wet and anti-heat motorcycle

    seat covers which is using

    an environmentally responsible materials

    are mandatory.

    solution approached

    preliminary studies

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  • further studies

    It is the pouches for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer

    Goods) like liquid soap, shampoo, liquid cloth

    softener, liquid dishwasher soap, etc. refills which

    were chosen. This kind of plastic is known as plastic

    No. 7. It is appropriate for the function of protecting

    the seats because it is waterproof and heat resistant.

    To get people interested in and willing to use Jokijok,

    there are some patterns are offered. These also would

    be an exciting challenges for the graphic designers

    to create compositions by using the

    They would create vibrant

    visual environment as useful seats cover.

    packaging graphicsas visual elements.

    Some communities have been attempts to cultivate

    the packaging waste, namely by making recycled bag

    or wallet by using plastic waste materials like XSProject

    of Ann Wizer, a visual artist and environmental activist.

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    Knowing that there are many liquid refill containers

    in use (and thrown away), and hard to be recycled,

    so by using this kind of material

    which has high level of difficulty for recycling process

    and also contain hazardous materials if it comes in

    contact with food or beverage.

    of plastic waste in Jakarta, especially plastic No. 7

    will help reduce the burden

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    sample of product module asdesign element

    composition + raw material


    sewn with rubberon the edge

    There are a large number of motorcycles in Jakarta,

    so there are many raw materials needed to fulfill the

    demand of producing the Jokijok. By this, Jokijok

    will serve the purpose of protecting the motorcycle seats from

    the heat and wet, while cleaning up the environmentfrom the hard to recycle material.

  • The role of graphic designer here is to

    and arrange them so that will becomes an interesting

    composition to be applied on jokijok motorcycle seat


    This activity can be developed by the graphic design

    lecturers in an academic assignmnent (in a studio

    class activities) as a material that can be arranged

    into a composition. This could help students to

    improve their sensitivity of the design principles which

    involves elements of form and color.

    make modulesfrom design on the packaging as a graphic element

    graphic designers role

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    Here are some examples of square modules. It can

    be arranged vertically, horizontally, rotated or shifted.

    Varian of pattern can be numerous possibilities.

  • FMCG producers could encourage their workers

    to use their own products while doing good for

    the environment. The employees can give back

    the empty container to their 'Koperasi Karyawan'

    - a typical shop for employees wellfare - which

    is to be used as raw material for the motorcycle

    seat cover they would buy for cheaper price then.

    There will be a continuous activity that

    helps preserve the environment.

    The next step then is to create a cooperation

    model. The process could become a tangible

    form of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)



    (Small Medium Enterprises) or foundation that

    accommodates drop-out children to become

    craftsmens. The production of Jokijok will open

    more room for employment. Resulting work can

    generate economic value and will

    companies who produces these FMCGcan also have a partner such as fostering SME

    help to sustain their lives.


    A project which is designedto give benefit not onlyfor the user, but also for thecommunity who produce itand the environment.

    further development

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    Iwul Gumulya

    Better Jakarta Project, 2011DKV BINUS University with DoGoodIndonesia #1