July 1994 to August 1995

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  • July 1994 to August 1995: Constancon Currencies as Software Manager: Responsibilities

    Maintaining the in-house systems being used by Constancon Currencies. These systems were developed using Informix 4GL on an Informix SE V 5.0 database, on a SCO UNIX platform.

    Managing IT Staff.

    Project Manage the Development of Treasury Management Systems to Client Specifications.

    I managed the development of a system for Transworld Asset Management (or TAM) in Tel Aviv, Israel. o As project manager, I was responsible for the full life cycle of the project. o The system was developed using Informix 4gl, Informix SE V 5.0 and Informix Hyperscript Tools (GUI). o The dealing system catered for the following Front, Middle and Back Office functionality: o Spots, Short Date Spots, Outright Forwards, Currency Options, Government Bond Futures, Options on Government

    Bond Futures, Short Date Financial Futures, Options on Short Date Financial Futures, Commodities, Options on Commodities.

    o All maintenance modules and reporting. o The Front Office modules were developed using Hyperscript on a Windows platform, and the Middle and Back Office

    were developed using Informix 4gl on a SCO UNIX platform.

    Project managed the development of a smaller system, similar to the above one, for IMEX International, a subsidiary of the Tiger Oats Group in South Africa.