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  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Sr. No Name of the Company1 Hical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (M-Hical Magnetics Pvt Ltd. IT Magnetics Division-II)2 Rangsons Electronics Solutions Pvt Ltd.3 Hical Magnetics Pvt Ltd4 Tyco Electronics Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.5 AKCP Software (P) Ltd.,6 American Power Conversion (I) Pvt. Ltd. - I7 American Power Conversion (I) Pvt. Ltd. II8 Cable Tech Devices Private Limited9 Connoiseur Electronics Pvt Ltd.

    10 EKA Designs Pvt. Ltd.,11 Elcoteq Electronics (India) Pvt Ltd12 GE Medical Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.13 Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd., (Compaq Computer India Pvt. Ltd.)14 Kaynes Technology15 Kaypee Electronics & Associates Pvt.Ltd16 Merlinhawk Aerospace Pvt Ltd17 Mistral Software Pvt. Ltd.18 Peninsula Electronics19 Philips Electronics India Pvt Ltd (F-PHILIPS SOFTWARE CENTREPV20 Processor Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.21 Rangsons Electronics Pvt Ltd. - Mysore22 Centum Electronics Limited. (F-Solectron Centrum Electronics Ltd., )23 Tovya Automation Private Limited24 Incap Contract Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd (Transfer of Licence from TVS Ele25 Vertex Comsys Pvt Ltd26 VXL Instruments Ltd.27 WepPeripherals Ltd.,28 Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt LTd(F-Wipro GE Medical Systems Ltd. - I29 Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd(F-Wipro GE Medical Systems Ltd. - III)30 Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd.31 Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.32 Miracle Exports33 SemIndia Systems Pvt. Ltd.34 Park Controls & Communications Ltd.35 CEM SOLUTIONS PVT .LTD36 Implantaire Technologides Inida Pvt. Ltd. (F-Driktech Electronic Solution37 Nihon Communication Solutions Pvt Ltd.38 Bloomenergy India Pvt. Ltd. (FIon America Chennai Private Limited)39 Sil-Kee Electronics P Ltd.,40 Smile Electronics Ltd.41 Centum Industries Private Limited42 Neulite Products Private Limited - Mysore43 Manipal Dot Net Private Limited - Manipal

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    8182 Adpro Softech Pvt. Ltd.,83

    84 ADS Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,85 Adwit Global (Firm)

    868788 Afila Tech India Pvt Ltd

    89 Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.,)9091 Airvana Networks India Pvt. Ltd.,9293 AK Aerotek Software Centre Pvt. Ltd.,9495 Akuate Internet Service Pvt. Ltd.,96 Akuva Infotech Pvt Ltd

    97II (Lucent Unit 3 merged with this unit)


    99 Alien Techno Solutions Private Limited100 Allegis Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,


    102103 Altair Engineering India Pvt.Ltd.,104 Amada Soft India Pvt Ltd105

    106 Amba Research (India) Pvt. Ltd.,107 AMD (I) Engineering Centre Pvt. Ltd.,108109110 Amicorp Management India Pvt Ltd111 Amicus Wireless India Private Limited112 Amiti Software Technologies Pvt Ltd113 Analog Devices India Pvt. Ltd.,114 Analytica India Pvt. Ltd.,115 Ankur Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,116 Antenna Software India Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    117Pvt. Ltd.,)

    118Pvt. Ltd., - II))

    119 AON Specialist Services Pvt. Ltd.,

    120 Aperto Networks India Private Limited121

    122Pvt. Ltd.,)

    123 Applied Materials India Pvt Ltd124125 Apropos Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,126 APT Informati127128 Aquent Solutions India Private Limited129130 Arcot R&D Software Pvt Ltd131 Arctern Consulting Pvt Ltd132 Ariaa Computech Pvt. Ltd.133 Ariba Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,134


    137 Arisglobal Software Pvt. Ltd.ARM Embedded Technologies (P) Ltd ( Artisan Components Software P

    138 Ltd.)139 Armstrong Design Pvt Ltd140 Arowana Consulting Ltd. (F-Macro Software Systems Ltd)141 Arteria Technologies Private Limited142 Aruba Wirless Networks India Pvt Ltd143 ASAP Automation India) Pvt. Ltd (F-AAI India Pvt. Ltd.)144 Ascendum Systems Private Limited ( Answerpal.Com Pvt. Ltd.,)145 Asian CERC Information Technology Limited146 ASM Technologies Limited, Unit - II147 ASM Technologies Ltd., (F-Advanced Synergic Microsystems Pvt Ltd)148 Aspect technology Center (India) pvt Ltd (formerly Concerto Software

    Applications & Development Pvt. Ltd.,)149 Aspire Communications Pvt. Ltd., (Mysore)150 Asscent Infoserve Pvt.Ltd.151 ASV Cyber Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.,152 Atelierone Design Development Services Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    192 Basil Communications Private Limited193 Bateman Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd.,194 BCD Travel India Private Limited195 BEA Systems India Technology Center Private Ltd(F-BEA Systems

    Customer Support &Research Centre Pvt Ltd)196 Bearing Point India Pvt. Ltd.,

    197 Beceem Communications Pvt. Ltd.,198 Bells Softech Ltd.,199 BeQi Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd200 Bharathi Mediscribe Pvt. Ltd.,201 Bigtec Pvt. Ltd.,202 Bilz Toolings Private Limited203 Binary Spectrum Softech Private Limited204 Biobase Databases India Private Limited205 BirlaSoft Ltd., Unit-II206 BizPivot.Com Pvt. Ltd.,207 BKA Software Pvt. Ltd.,208

    Bloom Energy India Private Limited209 Blue Flame Internet Services Private Limited210 Blue Star Infotech Ltd., (F-Bluestart Ltd)211 Boavista Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.212 BPL Telecom Pvt. Ltd.,213 Brady Company India Pvt Ltd214 BrandSystems India Private Limited215 Brickwork India Pvt. Ltd. (F-Brickworks Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., )216 Bridgeline Software Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.,217 Brightsword Technologies Private Limited.( Cognos Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,)218 Bristlecone India Ltd (F-Mahindra Consulting Ltd.,)219 Broadcom India Pvt. Ltd., (F-Armedia Labs Pvt Ltd)220 Broadcom India Research Private Limited221 BS&B Technologies Pvt Ltd.222 BSW Soft Pvt Ltd.223 BTP Infoserve Pvt Ltd224 Business And Decision Software India Private Limited225 Business Objects Software India Private Limited226 Business One Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.227 Business Process Outsourcing (India) Pvt. Ltd.,228 Business Process Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd

    Byond Global Outsourcing Private Limited229 (F-Repcol India Pvt. Ltd.)230 Byte Consulting Pvt. Ltd ( Stratagium Technology Pvt. Ltd.,)231 C Ahead Info Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.232 C2 Silicon Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    233 C9 Networks Global Private Limited234 Cadence Design Systems (India) Pvt Ltd ( SpinCircuit Technologies India

    Pvt. Ltd.,)235 Cades Digitech Pvt. Ltd.,236 CAE Simulation Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (F-CAE Visual Software Pvt. Ltd237 California Digital (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

    238 Cambil Software Pvt LtdCambridge Integrated Services India Pvt Ltd (F-ProcessMind Services Pv

    239 Ltd.,)Cambridge Solutions Ltd. (F-Scandent Solutions Corporation Ltd (F-

    240 Scandent Network Pvt. Ltd.,))241 CAMO Software India Pvt.Ltd. ( BIT Tech e-Commerce Pvt. Ltd.,)242 Canarys Automations Pvt. Ltd (F-Canarys Automations Ltd.,)243 Capco IT Services India Pvt Ltd244 CapGemini ConsultingIndiaPvt.Ltd.,245 Capital One Services Private Limited246 Captronic Systems Private Limited247 Caravel Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.,248 Careernet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,249 Cashman Construction Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

    Caterpillar commercial Pvt Ltd- Logistics Division Logistics Services Indi250 Pvt. Ltd.,)251 Caterpillar India Private Limited252 CBay Systems (I) Pvt Ltd253 CCE Software Pvt. Ltd.,254 C-COR Solutions Private Limited (formerly Alopa Networks Pvt. Ltd.,)255 C-Cubed Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,256 CDC Global Services (India) Pvt Ltd(F-Trans Horizon Consulting Private

    Limited)257 CDC Software India Pvt. Ltd. (F-Pivotal Bangalore Software Developme

    Pvt. Ltd.,)258 Cegedim Software India Private Limited (F-Dendrite Software India Pvt

    Ltd)259 Cellworks Research India Private Limited260 Celstream Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,261 CEM Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

    Cenduit (India) Services Pvt.Ltd.(F-IVR India Services Company Private262 Limited)263 Centillium India Pvt. Ltd.,264 Centre for Consultancy and Research Pvt. Ltd.,265 Cepha Imaging Pvt. Ltd.,266 Cerner Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,267 Cerulean Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.,268 ceTe Software Pvt. Ltd. (F-Cochran Software Pvt. Ltd., (Mysore))

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    269 CG-CoreEl Programmable Solutions Pvt Ltd Unit-II270 CG-CoreEl Programmable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,271 CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,272 Chelsio Communications Private Limited273 Chemtex Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,274 Chimera Technologies Private Limited

    275 Chipwerks Private Limited276 Cibersites India Pvt Ltd (formerly-- Knowledge Systems Pvt. Ltd.,)277 Cibersites India Pvt Ltd Unit-II278 Circle Source Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,279 CISC Technology Pvt Ltd280 Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

    283 Citagus Software Pvt.. Ltd.,284 Citec Information India Pvt Ltd285 Citrix R&D India Private Limited ( NetScaler Pvt. Ltd.,)286 CKS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,287 CL Infotech Pvt. Ltd., (F CADLand Infotech Pvt Ltd)288 ClearWater Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.,289 CLI3L e-Services Ltd290 Cnetric Enterprises Solutions Pvt Ltd291 Code Theatre Infotech Private Limited292 Cognizant Technology Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd Unit-II293 Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd.,294 Coldwatt India (P) Ltd (formerly GTI Power Systems India Pvt Ltd)295 Collabera Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (F-GCI Solutions Private Limited (

    Planetasia.Com Ltd., - Internet Application Services))296 Collabis Consulting Private Limited297 COLT Technology Services India Private Limited

    Comat Technologies (P) Ltd -Mysore (F-Comat Infoscribe Pvt. Ltd.,-298 Mysore)299 Comat Technologies (P) Ltd., - Bangalore300 Comat Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Unit-IV (Mysore)301 ComCreation Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,302 Commerce Velocity (India) Pvt. Ltd.,303 Compass Business Process Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.304 Compassites Software Solutions Private Limited305 Computer Factory India Pvt. Ltd.,306 Condor Communicati307

    Paxonet Communications I Pvt Ltd)-(F-CoreEl labs Pvt Ltd)))308 Consero Solutions India Ltd309 ConsultParagon Computer Professionals Pvt Ltd310 Continuous Computing (I) Pvt. Ltd.

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    311 ContinuServe Softech India Pvt. Ltd.,312 Control Component India Private Limited313 Control Infotech Ltd.,314 Control Systems Design And Development (I) Pvt. Ltd.315 Convergys India Services Pvt. Ltd.,316 Coral Digital Technologies Private Limited

    317 Core Business Software Pvt Ltd (Mysore)318 Coreobjects India Pvt. Ltd.,319 Corio India Infotech Services Pvt Ltd320 Corpus Software Private Limited( Convergent Software Ltd.,)321 Cortera Software Pvt. Ltd.(F-eCredit.Com (India) Pvt. Ltd.,)322 Cortina Network Systems (P) Ltd (Azanda Network Devices Pvt. Ltd.,)323 Cosmic Circuits Private Limited324 Cosmic Strands ePublishing Pvt.Ltd.325 Cosmonet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,326 Covansys India Pvt. Ltd., (F- Complete Business solution I Pvt Ltd )327 Covansys India Pvt. Ltd., Unit-III328 CR2 Software Pvt. Ltd.,329 Cranes Software International Ltd (Merged Systat Software Asia Pacific

    Ltd.,)330 CRC Software India Pvt. Ltd.,331 Creative Genius Software India Pvt. Ltd.,332 Crimsonlogic India (P) Ltd ( formerly SNS Software Labs Pvt. Ltd.,)333 CRMIT Solutions Private Limited(F-Infact Infotech India Pvt Ltd)334 Cross Domain Solutions Pvt Ltd335 Cross Tab Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.,336 CSE Systems & Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd., (F-ST Electronics I Pvt Ltd )337338 CSR India Pvt Ltd (formerly UbiNetics India Pvt. Ltd.,)339 Curam Software International Pvt Limited340 Customer First Services Pvt. Ltd.,341 CyberWerx Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,342 Cymfony Net Pvt. Ltd.,343 Cypress Semiconductor Technology India Pvt. Ltd., - II344

    Pvt Ltd- Taken over by Cypress-03/12/99)345 Data Collection Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd.346 Datacard Software India Pvt. Ltd.,347 Datacons Pvt. Ltd.,348 Datafarm Pvt Ltd349 Datascribe Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,350 Datasol Software Lab Private Limited351 DB Operations International Pvt Ltd352 Dearborn Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    353 Deccan GIS Software Solutions Private Limited354 Delixus Software India Pvt Ltd

    355 India Pvt. Ltd.,))356 Delmia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,(Deneb Hi-Tech India (P) Ltd)357 Delphi Automative Systems Ltd.,

    358 Denali Design Systems Private Limited359 Deutsche Network Services Pvt. Ltd.360 Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.,361 Dgipro Design Automation & Marketing Pvt. Ltd.,362 DGipro Systems Pvt. Ltd.,363 Dhruva Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,364 Dibcom Softech Services Private Limited365 DigiCaptions India Pvt. Ltd.,366 Digimaker India Pvt. Ltd.,367 Digimetrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

    Digital Chocolate IT And Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd(F-Small Device368 Mobile Technologies Private Limited)369 Digital Harbor Pvt Ltd.370 Digital Juice Animations Pvt. Ltd.,371 Digitech Information Technologies Private Limited372 Diksha Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,373 Dimensions Cybertech(India)Pvt.Ltd374 Divitas Networks (India) Pvt. Ltd.,375 Diya Systems (Mangalore) Pvt Ltd(Mangalore)376 Dover India Pvt Ltd377 Doxport Software Pvt Ltd (F-Zygox Software Pvt.Ltd378 DSP Technology India Private Limited379 DTS Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.,380 Ducont India Pvt Ltd(F-Ducont.Com (India) Pvt. Ltd.,)381 Dunti Technologies Pvt Ltd382 Dvico Technologies India Private Limited383 E I Design Private Limited384 E2 Solutions India Pvt.Ltd.,385 e4e Application Services Pvt Ltd (F-iCelerate Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,)386 e4e Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd(F-iSeva Systems Pvt. Ltd.,)387 Easiprocess Private Limited388 e-Associates India Private Limited389 East Point Infotech Pvt. Ltd.390 ECMI Software Private Ltd.,391 ECT Software Pvt. Ltd.,392 E-Dictate IT solutions Pvt Ltd393 Edison Semiconductor Pvt.Ltd.394 Edkal Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    395 EDRC Technologies India Private Limited396 Eduguru Learning Pvt.. Ltd.,397 Edutech Dimensions Pvt. Ltd.,398 Effone Technologies Private Ltd.399 e-Infochips Bangalore Limited400 Eka Designs Pvt. Ltd.,

    401 Eka Software Solutions Private Limited402 Ekomate Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,403 Electronics for Imaging (I) Pvt. Ltd.,(EFI)404 Elind Security Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,405 EMC Data Storage Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,406 Emcon Technologies India Private Limited

    om407 Emids Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,408 Emmes Services ltd409410 En Pointe Technologies India Private Limited411

    Services Pvt. Ltd.,)412 Endeavour Software Technologies Pvt Ltd413 Enlighten Software Services Pvt Ltd414 Enteg Technologies Private Limited415 Enventure Technologies416 Envio Networks India Pvt Ltd417 Envision Financial Systems (I) Pvt Ltd418 Envision Network Technology Pvt Ltd419420 Epiq Technologies International Pvt. Ltd.,421 Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.,422 ESA Software and Automation India Pvt.. Ltd.,423 ESI Software India Pvt. Ltd.,424 eSkye Software Private Limited425426 Etisalat Software Solutions Private Limited427 eValueShops.Com Pvt. Ltd.,428429 Evershine Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,430431 Evolving Systems Networks (I) Pvt. Ltd.,432 Excel Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd


  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist












  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist










  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist





    HCL Technologies Ltd - CMS - Unit III [Merged with DSL Unit3 and will530 funct in the name of HCL-CMS Unit 3] (Deutsche software Ltd - Unit III

    (DSL Software Ltd., - ))HCL Technologies Ltd - Unit III.,[ Merger -M/s Shipara Technologies Ltd

    531 will be functioning under the name of M/s. HCL Technologies Ltd - UnitIII ] -Shipara Technologies Ltd

    532 HCL Technologies Ltd- Unit-IIHCL Technologies Ltd-CMS - Unit II [Merged with DSL unit2 and will

    533 funct in the name of HCL-CMS Unit 2] (Deutsche Software Ltd., - II)534 Headstrong Services India Pvt. Ltd. (F-Techspan India Ltd.,)535 HealthAsyst Pvt. Ltd.,536 HeartlandBangalore Transcription & Services Pvt. Ltd., ( Before merger

    Heartland Information and Consultancy services Pvt. Lty)537 Helios & Matheson IT (Bangalore) Ltd.(F-SystemLogic Solutions Ltd., (F

    System :Logic Pvt Ltd )(29-Dec-95)(29-Jan-96)538 Hewlett Packard Global soft ltd (F-Digital GlobalSoft Ltd., - Unit I (F-

    Digital Equipment India Ltd)539 Hewlett Packard India Ltd., - II (Dazel Div.,) (merged with HPISO)540 Hewlett Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd541 Hewlett Packard India Software Operation Ltd

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    542 Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Limited., - II ( Digital Equipment I ltd., - II)543 Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Limited., - III ( Digital Equipment I Ltd, - III544 Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Limited., - IV ( Digital GlobalSoft Ltd., - IV)545 Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Limited., - V ( Digital GlobalSoft Ltd., - V)546 Hi-Tech Telecom Ltd.,547 Honeywell Technology solutions Lab Pvt Ltd (F-Honeywell India Softwa

    Operation Pvt. Ltd.,)548 Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd-unit II549 Horner Engineering India Pvt Ltd550 HSBC Electronics Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd.,551 HSBSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,552 HTMT Global Solutions Ltd(F-Hinduja TMT Ltd., (F-AL Information

    Technology Ltd )553 HU Software India Pvt. Ltd.,554 Huawei Technologies India Pvt.Ltd.,- II555 Human Base India Inc.,556 I cad engineering Pvt Ltd (formarly iCAD Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,)557 I.T. Object Software Ltd.

    i2 Technologies India (P) Ltd- Unit II. [Merged with i2 tech and funct in t558 name of i2 tech unit 2] (F- Think system Pvt Ltd)559 IBA Health India Pvt. Ltd. (Medicom Solutions (P) Ltd. (OCS Internation

    Pvt. Ltd.))560 IBA Health Services India Pvtl Ltd (Medicom Consultancy Services(P)Lt



  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    582583584585586587 Impe

    588 Pvt. Ltd.)589590591592593


    613 Ltd.,614615616617618619620621622

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist







  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist





    699 Karuturi Networks Ltd.,700 Katamaran Technologies Private Limited701 Katwa BPO Services Private Limited702 Katwa Infotech Ltd.,703 Kaveri Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,704 Kawasaki Microelectronics.Inc-India Branch

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    705 KBACE Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,706 Keane International (India) Pvt Ltd (F-Caritor (India) Pvt. Ltd. Unit-II)707 Keane International (India) Pvt LTd (F-Caritor India Private Limited, Uni

    III)Keane International (India) Pvt Ltd(F-Caritor (India) Private Limited) (F-


    Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.,)709 Kennametal Shared Services Private Limited710 K d S t I di P t Ltd

    713 Khodayss Systems Ltd.,714 Kinetix Solutions Private Ltd715 Kirloskar Computer Services Limited, Unit - II716 Kirusa Software Private Limited717 KMG Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,718 Knowledge Point Online Services Pvt. Ltd.,719 Kodiak Networks India Pvt. Ltd.720

    Pvt. Ltd.,)721 KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.,722 Ktwo Technology Solutions Private Limited723 Kuliza Technologies Private Limited724 Kyocera Wireless India Pvt Ltd725

    L&T-Valdel Engineering Ltd726

    Ltd (formerly John Brown Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,)727 L10n Infopreneur Private Limited728729 Lake Systems Pvt. Ltd.,730 Larsen & Toubro Limited, EMSYS, Unit -II731 Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd., - (Mysore)732 Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd., - Bangalore733 Larsen & Toubro Ltd.,(EmSyS)-(Mysore)734 Law Firm of Naren Thappeta735 Lenvica Software Technologies Pvt Ltd736 LG CNS Global Pvt. Ltd.,737738 Lifesize Communication India Pvt. Ltd739 Lifetree Convergence Ltd.,740 Liqwid Krystal India Pvt. Ltd.,741 Lisle Technology Partners India (P) Ltd.,742 Logica Private Limited - II(F-LogicaCMG Pvt Ltd Unit-II)743

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    744Logitate Software Solutions Private Limited

    745 Logix Microsystems Ltd.,746 Logix works Software Services Pvt Ltd747 Lotus GeoSolutions Pvt. Ltd.,


    Velio Communication India Pvt Ltd)750 M.K. Bannerjee Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,751 M2 Group Engineering Pvt Ltd752 Maanya Software Technology Pvt Ltd753 Mach Teledata Systems Pvt Ltd754 Macmillan Ad Studio India Limited755 Madison Research Pvt. Ltd.,756 Magma Design Automation India Pvt. Ltd.757 Magnasoft Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.,758 Magnus Advertising and Marketing (I) Private Limited759 Magnus eDesign Systems Private Limited760 Mainstay Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.,761762763 Manhattan Associates (I) Development Centre Pvt. Ltd.,764 Mani Systems Pvt. Ltd.,(Mysore)765 Manipal Digital Systems Private Limited766 Manipal Dot Net Pvt. Ltd.-(Mangalore)

    767 Of Manipal Press Ltd.,) -768 Manthan Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,769 Marfic Software Solutions Pvt Ltd770 Markelytics Solutions India Pvt Ltd771 Marketics Technologies India Pvt Limited772 Marlabs Software Private Limited Unit-II (Mysore)773 Marlabs Software Pvt. Ltd.,774 Marvell India Pvt Ltd775 Mascon Global Ltd.,776 MasterCom Techservices Private Limited777 Matrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,778 Mavenir Systems Private Limited779 Maxim India Integrated Circuit Design Pvt. Ltd.,

    780 India Pvt. Ltd.,)781 McCreade Software (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.,782 McML Systems Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    783 Mcube Investment Software Pvt Ltd784 Mediasurface Software Development Private Limited785 Mediscribe India Pvt. Ltd.,786 Mentorware India Pvt. Ltd.,787 Mercantila Software Services Private Limited788

    (F- DaimlerChrysler Research Centre India Pvt. Ltd.,)

    789 Autoproducts Ltd))790 Meritus Analytics India Pvt Ltd791 Meru Networks India Pvt Ltd792 mFormation Technologies Pvt Ltd793 MIAC Analytical Services Private Limited794 Micro Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd.,

    795 (India) Pvt. Ltd.,796 Microland Ltd., Software & IT Services797 Microsense Software Pvt. Ltd.,798 Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd799 Midwest Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,800 Mindteck (India) Ltd., (F-Hinditron Informatics Ltd)801 Mindtree Ltd (F-MindTree Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)802

    Pvt.Ltd.(F-Purple Vision Technologies Pvt.Ltd.)803 Mirafra Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,804 Mistral Solutions Pvt Ltd(F-Mistral Software Pvt. Ltd.)

    Misys Software Solutions (India) Private Limited805

    Ltd.,))806 ML Outsourcing Services Private Limited807 MNOP Software Systems Private Ltd808809 Mobile Aspects India Pvt Ltd

    810 Mobily Infotech India Private Limited811 Modelytics India Pvt. Ltd.,812 Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd813 Montalvo Computer Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,814 Mopat Business Solutions Pvt Ltd815

    Services Pvt. Ltd.)816 Motive Communication India Pvt. Ltd.,


  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Motorola India (P) Ltd - Global Software Group - Unit 1

    818Motorola India (P) Ltd - Global Software Group - Unit II


    Motorola India (P) Ltd - Global Software Group - Unit 1

    820 name of Motorola]Winphoria Networks (India) Pvt. Ltd821 Motorola India Pvt. Ltd., - Paging Div.,

    822Kshema Technologies Ltd., - I)

    823824 Mphasis BFL Ltd., (F-BFL Software Ltd)825 Mphasis Limited, Unit - IV826 Mphinite Technologies Private Limited827 Mresult Services Pvt. Ltd.,828 MSource (India) Pvt. Ltd.,(Bangalore)829 MSource (India) Pvt. Ltd.,(Mangalore)830 Mukunda e-Services Pvt. Ltd.,831 MultiTech Software Systems India Pvt. Ltd.,832 MuSigma Business Solutions Private Limited833 MYIT Group India Pvt Ltd834 Mysoft International Private Limited835 N.S. Infotech Pvt. Ltd., (Hubli)836 Naavinya CAD Soft Private Limited837 Nalapad Infotech Private Limited838 Nandaki Management Systems Pvt Ltd839 Narus Networks Private Limited840 National Marketing Services Pvt Ltd841 Natsem India Designs Pvt. Ltd.,842 Natural Search Internet Solutions Private Limited843 Navitas Consulting Pvt Ltd844 NCMR Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,845

    of NDS Ltd UK))846 Neem Westfort IT Solutions Pvt Ltd847 N I f

    850 Neilsoft Ltd Unit-II (Hubli)851 Neobytes Software Solutions Private Limited852 NeoIT.Com Pvt. Ltd.,853 NeonShark.com Private Limited

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    854855 Net Logic Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.,856 Net Positive Business Analytics Private Limited857 NetContinuum Pvt. Ltd.,858 NetDevices India Pvt. Ltd.859 NetGalactic Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

    860861 Network Appliance Systems India Pvt Ltd862 Network General Software Indai (P) Ltd (formerly

    StarBurstTechnologyHoldingsIndiaPvt.Ltd.,)863 Network Solutions Ltd.,

    864 Pvt. Ltd.,)865 New Creation Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,866 Newgen Imaging Systems (P) Ltd.,867 NewScale Software Pvt. Ltd.,868 Nexgen Technology Services Private Limited869 Nexshore Technologies Private Limited(Mysore)870 NextEdge Software Solutions Pvt Ltd871 Nexthop Technologies Private Limited872 NextLinx India Pvt. Ltd.,873 Nichi-In Software Soluti874 NIIT Technologies Ltd. (F-NIIT Ltd.,)875 Niju Scribe Pvt. Ltd.,876 Nikan Teletrak Pvt. Ltd.,877 Nikkel India Exports Corporation878 Ninestar Information Technologies Limited879 Nipi Software Private Limited-Mysore880 Nirvana Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,881

    Openera Communications Pvt. Ltd.,))882 Nokia India Pvt. Ltd.,883884 Northern Operating Services Private Limited885886 NOUS Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.,887 Novell Software Development (I) Pvt. Ltd.,888 Novellus Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,889 NT5 Software Solutions (India) Private Ltd.,890 Nusym Technology India Private Limited891 NuWare Systems Pvt. Ltd.,892 NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Ltd893


  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    894895 Oakdene (I) Software Services Pvt Ltd896 OATSystems Software (India) Pvt Ltd.,897 Obelix Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,898 ObjectOrb Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,899 Objectwin Technology India Private Limited

    900 Obsidian Software Pvt Ltd901 Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,902 Odessa Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,903 Offshore Analytics India (Private) Limited904 Offshore Coding Data India Pvt. Ltd.

    905Pvt.Ltd. ( Manipal Infocom India Pvt. Ltd.,))

    906 Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,907 Omnicell Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd908909910 Open Silicon Research Pvt Ltd911 Openstream Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,912 Optimal Solutions Integration Software Pvt Ltd

    913 iBackOffice.Com Pvt. Ltd.,)914 Optis Information Services India Pvt Ltd915 Oracle India Pvt Ltd.,Unit-III

    916 Limited)917

    (PeopleSoft ISC))918 Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., - II919

    920I Pvt Ltd)

    921 Orca Radio Systems India Private Limited

    922 Orchesys IT Services Private Limited

    923 Osprosys Software Private Limited924 OTTO Hofstetter India Pvt. Ltd.,925 Outsmart360 Outsourcing Private Limited

    926 P3 India Consulting Private Limited927 PA Consulting Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    928929 PAIREE Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,930 Pantani India Software Private Limited931 Paprikaas Interactive Services Private Limited932 Parakh Technologies (India) Pvt.Ltd933 Parc Technology Research Lab Pvt. Ltd.,

    934 Patni Computer SystemsLtd.,Unit-II935 Peak XV Networks Pvt. Ltd.,936 PenArbor Infotech Pvt Ltd937 Pepperl & Fuchs India Pvt. Ltd.,938 Perot Systems TSI (India) Ltd.Unit - II939940

    Ltd)941 Persistent Systems Pvt.. Ltd.,942 PharmaNet Clinical Services Pvt Ltd943 Pharmarc Analytic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,944945 PI Corporation Private Limited946 Pinakin Software Pvt. Ltd.,


    948 PIXEL Infotek Pvt. Ltd.,949 Plexion Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.,950 PMC-Sierra India Pvt Ltd951 Point Cross.Com Pvt. Ltd.,

    952 Pontus Knowledge Solutions Private Limited953 Position2 Marketing Private Limited954 Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,955 Prism Networks Pvt. Ltd.,956 ProactiveNet Software Pvt. Ltd.,957 Processor Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,958 Prodat IT Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd959 Professional Access Software Development Pvt Ltd960 Proland Software Pvt. Ltd.,961 Proof Systems India Private Limited962 Proteans Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,963 Protonweb BPO Pvt Ltd964 PSI Data Systems Ltd.,

    965 pulscore) Alliance Semiconductor (India) Pvt. Ltd.,966 Q-Call Infotech Pvt Ltd

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    967 QDOS Flexcircuits (India) Pvt. Ltd.,968 QSO Technologies India Private Limited969 QTCSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,970971

    Limited ( Spike Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,)

    972973974 Quantech Global Services Ltd.975 Quantum BSO & Tech Pvt. Ltd.976 QuantumThink Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,977 Quasar Innovations Pvt. Ltd.,978 Quest Informatics Pvt. Ltd.,979 QuickCut India Pvt. Ltd.,980 QuickLogic Software India Pvt. Ltd.,981 Quinnox Consultancy Services Limited, Unit - II982983 Quintegra Solutions Ltd.,984985 Quintiles Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd

    986 Services Pvt Ltd.)987988 Raasi Callnet Pvt. Ltd.,

    Ranal Engineering Services Private Limited ( Extended Enterprise992 Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,)993994995996997998

    Ltd)999 React Media Pvt Ltd

    10001001 Read-Ink Technologies Pvt Ltd1002 Real Soft (INTL) Private Limited1003 Rebaca Technologies Pvt Ltd1004

    Technologies (I) Pvt.Ltd1005

    1006 Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.,)

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    1007 RelQ Software Pvt. Ltd.,10081009 Reuters India Pvt Ltd1010 Revere Group India Pvt. Ltd.,10111012 RiteScribe Med Info Pvt. Ltd.,(Hubli)

    1013 RMi Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.1014 Roamware India Private Limited1015

    India Ltd., - II)1016 Robosoft Technologies _ (Mangalore)1017 Rrap Software Pvt. Ltd.,1018 RSA Security India Pvt Ltd1019 S R Nova Pvt. Ltd.,1020 S.M.S.Software Private Limited1021 S7 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.10221023 Sabre Travel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,1024


    Ltd.,)1026 Saggezza India Pvt. Ltd.,1027 SakeeSoft Pvt Ltd1028 Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.,


    1030 Sanah Infoway Private Limited10311032 Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt Ltd1033 Sanovi Technologies Pvt Ltd10341035

    in Data Processing Pvt. Ltd.)1036 SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd. Unit-II1037

    Pvt Ltd )1038 Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd- Unit II1039 Saraayu Softech Pvt. Ltd.,1040

    1041 with this unit and networks closed)1042 Sasken Network Engineering Limited

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    10431044 Satyam Computer Services - Unit III1045 Satyam Computer Services Ltd., - I1046 Satyam Computer Services Ltd., - II10471048 SBG Software Pvt. Ltd.,

    1049 SCA Technolgies Inida Pvt. Ltd.,10501051 Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd.10521053 SDD Global Soloutions Pvt.Ltd.,

    1054 Ltd)1055 Seaton India IT Pvt Ltd1056 Secadd Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,105710581059 Sepit Soft Tech Pvt. Ltd.106010611062 Sheorey Digital Systems Limited

    10631064 Shore Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,1065 Sicon Semiconductors Private Limited1066 Sidus Infotech Pvt Ltd1067 Sidvin Core - Tech (India) Pvt Ltd

    106810691070 Siemens Information Systems Ltd.,107110721073

    Communication Software Ltd)10741075 Sigma Infosolutions Private Limited1076 Signal Networks Pvt Ltd1077 Silicomp India Pvt. Ltd.1078 Siloka IT SolutionsPvt.Ltd.,

    1079 Ltd)1080 Simplex Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,1081

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    1082 Sirf Techonology India Pvt. Ltd.,10831084 Skelta Software Pvt Ltd108510861087

    1088 SOA IT Solutiions Pvt Ltd.,10891090 Sobis Software (India) Pvt. Ltd.,

    1091 Asia Pvt. Ltd.,)

    1092 Ltd)109310941095 Softland Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,1096 Software Connections1097

    Paradigms Infotech Ltd -I)1098

    1099 Soliton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,1100 Sonata Software Ltd, Unit-II1101 Sonata Software Ltd.,1102

    Ltd )11031104 Sonoa Networks (India) Pvt. Ltd.,1105 Sonus Networks India Private Limited1106 Sony India Pvt. Ltd.,11071108110911101111



    1114 Span Outsourcing (India) Pvt. Ltd.,Specialized Process Innovation Pvt. Ltd., (Mysore)(Taken Over with

    1115 Software Paradigms Infotech Ltd-II

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    1116 Spectra Linear India Private Limited1117 Spectrum Global Fund Administration Pvt. Ltd.,1118 Speech 2 Text Medical Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd1119 Spheris India (P) Ltd (formerly HealthScribe India Ltd.,)1120 SPI Software Technologies Pvt Ltd1121 Spike Source Software Pvt. Ltd.,

    1122 Spirent Communication India Pvt. Ltd.,1123

    Spudnik Systems Private Limited1124 SQA Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

    11281129 ST Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd.,1130 Stafford Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,1131 STAG Software Pvt. Ltd.,1132 Star Touch India Pvt Ltd1133 Starent Networks India Pvt Ltd11341135 Stellaris Technologies Pvt. Lt.d (Mysore)11361137 Stivant India Private Limited113811391140 Strategic Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd.1141 Stratify Software India Pvt. Ltd.,11421143 Stylus Systems Pvt.Ltd.11441145 Subex Technologies Ltd.,1146 Suha Software Services - (Mysore)1147 Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd.,1148 Sun Technology Integrators Pvt. Ltd.,1149

    1150 Sungard Solutions India Private Limited, Unit-II

    1151 SunQuest InformatiSystems (India) Private Limited)

    1152 Suntech Data Systems Pvt Ltd1153 Supervalu Services India Private Limited1154 SupportSoft India Pvt Ltd1155 Swiss Re Shared Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,1156 Sykes Enterprises (I) Pvt. Ltd.,1157 Sylantro Software India Pvt Ltd

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    1158 Symbian Software India Private Limited1159 Symbion Pathology India Private Limited

    1160 Symbol Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,11611162

    Software (I) Pvt. Ltd.,)1163 Synchronized Communications Private Limited1164 Synergia Consultants Pvt Ltd1165 Synergy Business Solutions India Private Limited1166 Synergy Images Pvt.Ltd.,1167 Synfora (India) Engineering Center Pvt Ltd1168 Synopsys (India) Pvt. Ltd.,1169 Synova Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,1170 Synplicity Software India Pvt. Ltd.,1171 Syntax Soft-Tech India Pvt Ltd1172 Sys Information Healthcare India Private Limited1173

    1174 System Consultant Information India (P) Ltd11751176 Talash Technologies (Mangalore)1177 Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd.,1178 Tantra Infosulutions Private Limited1179 Tarams Software Technologies Pvt Ltd.,1180 Tarang Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

    1181 Target Technology Services India Pvt. Ltd.,)


    Phoenix Global Interactions (Div. Of TCS B11831184 Tata Consultancy Services Limited-Unit VI11851186


    1188Unit VII ] Tata Infotech Ltd.,


  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Solutions Ltd (formerly Phoenix Global Soluti1190 Tata Elxsi Ltd, Unit-II1191 Tata Elxsi Ltd.,1192 Tavant Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,1193 Tavari Software Pvt Ltd1194

    1195 TCE Consulting Engineers Ltd.,1196

    (F- Oasys Technologies Pvt Ltd))1197


    (India) Pvt. Ltd., Unit-II)1199 Tech Mahindra Limited1200 TechJini Services Private Limited1201 Technoforte Software Pvt. Ltd.,1202 Technovations Software Pvt. Ltd.,(Mysore)12031204 Tejas Networks India Pvt. Ltd.,1205 Tek Matrix Pvt Ltd1206 Tektronix Engineering Development (India) Ltd.,1207 Telelogic India Pvt Ltd1208 Teleradiology Solutions Pvt Ltd1209 Telibrahma Convergent C1210 Teranetics Semiconductor India Private Limited1211 Terradune Sciences Pvt. Ltd.,

    1212 Services ( TESCO ))1213 Tescra Software Private Limited1214 Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd.,1215 Testree Solution Pvt. Ltd.,1216 Texas Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd.,12171218 Think Ahead Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.,1219 Think3 Designs India Pvt. Ltd.,1220 Thinkin Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,1221 Third Millenium Test Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,1222 Tholons knowledge management Pvt ltd1223 Thomas White india pvt ltd

    1224 Ltd., F- Worldscope Disclosure I Pvt Ltd)

    1225 Business Information I Pvt Ltd)

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    1226 Thorem (India) Pvt. Ltd.,1227 Thorogood Associates India Pvt Ltd1228 Thoughtworks Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,1229 Thunga Software Pvt. Ltd.,1230 Tiarion Software Pvt. Ltd.1231 Tisa Software Consultants Private Limited

    1232 TLI Software Pvt Ltd1233 Tomax India Software Pvt Ltd1234 Torry Harris Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

    1235 Pvt. Ltd.,)1236 Transera Communications Priavate Limited1237 Transparent Technologies Pvt. Ltd., (Hubli)1238 Transworld I. T. Solutions1239 Transworld ICT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,1240

    12411242 Trellisys.Net Pvt Ltd1243 Trianz Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,1244 Tricon Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,1245 Trigent Software Ltd.,1246 Trigent Software Ltd., Unit-II1247 Trilogy e-Business Software India Pvt. Ltd.,1248 Triumph India Software Services Private Limited12491250 TriVium India Software Pvt. Ltd.,1251 TRX Technologies India Private Limited1252 Tryarc India Software Operations Pvt Ltd1253 TurningPoint Software Solutions Pvt Ltd12541255 Udison Infoware Pvt Ltd1256 UL India Pvt Ltd.12571258 Unified Electro Tech Limited1259 Unilog Content Solutions Private Limited, Unit - II1260 Unilog Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

    1264 Unitus Webservices Pvt. Ltd.1265 UserSpace India Pvt. Ltd.,

    USi Internetworking Solutions Private Limited (F- Appshop Solutions1266 (India) Pvt. Ltd.,)

    UXL Information Technologies Private Limited ( Yashaa Infotech Pvt.1267 Ltd.,)

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    1268 V.V.S Software & Solutions Pvt Ltd (Mysore)1269 V2Soft Pvt. Ltd.,1270 Vaakya Technologies Pvt Ltd (F-Young Soft Pvt. Ltd.,)1271 Valdel Engineers and Constructors Pvt. Ltd.,Unit-II1272 Valdel Xtent Global Services Pvt. Ltd.,1273 ValleySpeak Softwares (Pvt.) Ltd., (Mysore)

    1274 Valliappa Transcriptions1275 Valtech (I) Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.1276 Valtech India Systems PVt Ltd -Unit - II( formarly -Majoris Systems Pvt

    Ltd.,Unit-II)Vanguard Info-solutions (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltf (formerly Netvision Cybertech

    1277 (P) Ltd)

    1278 Vanu India Private Limited1279 VarIS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,1280 Vee Imaging Solutions Private Limited1281 Vee Technologies (P Ltd1282 Veetech Infoline (P) Ltd (formerly Vee Technologies (P) Ltd )1283 Vega Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.1284 Vehma Engineering Solutions India Private Limited1285 Velankani Information Systems Ltd.,1286 Velankani Software Pvt. Ltd.1287 Veloz Software Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.,1288 Vendio Technologies India Private Limited (F-Andale Information

    Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)1289 Vennar Soft Systems Pvt. Ltd.,

    Verari Systems (P) Ltd (formerly MPI Software Technology India Pvt.1290 Ltd.,)1291 Verifone India Technology Pvt. Ltd.,12921293 Verismo Networks Pvt. Ltd.,1294 Verseon India Private Limited1295 Vetri Soft Pvt. Ltd.,1296 Veveo (India) Pvt. Ltd., (foremerlyVevo.tv (India) Pvt. Ltd.,)1297 Vignani Technologies Private Limited1298 Vinjey Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.,1299 Virgin Animation Private Limited1300 Visesh Infotecnics Ltd (F-Visesh Infosystems Ltd.,)1301 Visionary Software Systems India Pvt Ltd

    VisionXtreme Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(F-uView Software Technologies1302 India Pvt. Ltd., ( Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments (India) Pvt.

    Ltd.,)1303 Vistara Informatics Pvt. Ltd.,1304 VitalSpring Technologies Operation Centre Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    1305 VITel Systems Pvt Ltd (Mysore)1306 Viteos Capital Market Services Ltd (F-VITEOS Technologies Ltd.,)1307 Vividlogic India Pvt Ltd1308 vMoksha Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,1309 Vmware Software India Private Limited1310 Volen Software Services Pvt. Ltd.,

    1311 Volvo India Pvt Ltd - STP Division1312 Vserve 247 Solutions Private Limited1313 VXI Technology Private Limited1314 Vyshnavi Information Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd1315 Vyuha Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.1316 Webb Technology Centre Pvt. Ltd.,1317 Webcetera Software Solutions Pvt Ltd1318 WebMethods Development Center (India) Pvt. Lt.d,1319 WebSpectrum Software Pvt. Ltd.,1320 Webyog Software Pvt. Ltd.,1321 Willow TV Pvt. Ltd. (F-CXW Software Services (P) Ltd)1322 Winfoware Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,1323 Winstratan Software Solutions (P) Ltd ( formerly Wizstrategy Software

    Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)1324 Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt Ltd(F-Wipro GE Medical Systems Ltd., - I)1325 Wipro Ltd., (Infotech Group) (MG Road) (F-Wipro1326 Wipro Ltd., (Systems Div.,) (Lavelle Road)(F-Wipro systems Ltd)1327 Wipro Ltd.,Unit-IV (Hobli)1328 Wipro Ltd.,(Mysore) (Interop Solutions Div.,)1329 WiQuest Semiconductors India Private Limited

    t.com1330 WisdomLeaf IT Technologies Pvt Ltd1331 Wisor Telecom India Pvt. Ltd.,1332 Witness Systems Software India Pvt. Ltd.,1333 WPA World Class Service India Private Limited1334 WS Atkins (India) Pvt Ltd1335 Wuerth Elektronik India Pvt. Ltd.1336 Wyse Technology Software Development (I) Pvt. Ltd.1337 Xalted Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.,1338 Xcaliber Virtual Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,1339 Xchange21 India Pvt. Ltd.,1340 Xora Software Systems Pvt Ltd

    Xsysys Technologies (P) Ltd (formerly DeDuCo Software Systems India1341 Pvt. Ltd., F-Templeton automation Service Pvt Ltd)1342 Xyka Software Private Limited1343 Yahoo Software Development India Pvt Ltd1344 Yahvi Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,1345 Yetticate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    1346 YL Eservices Pvt Ltd1347 Yodlee.Com Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,1348 Yokogawa IA Technologies India Private Limited1349 Zenith Software Limited - Unit II1350 Zenith Software Ltd.,1351 Zentech Offshore Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

    1352 Zeta Cyber Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,(Mangalore)1353 Zeta Infotech Ltd., - Unit II(Mangalore)1354 ZeusCorp Legal Process Private Limited1355 Zillion Research India Private Limited1356 ZiLOG India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,1357 ZTE India R&D Center Pvt Ltd1358 Zyme Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    CEO/Director Name Designation CEO/Director Email IDShashikiran Mallur MD [email protected] Ravishankar NS VP - Engineering [email protected] Mallur MD [email protected] CEO [email protected] Poddar Director [email protected] Ahmad CEO [email protected] Ahmad CEO [email protected]

    N Ravindra Director [email protected] Harish Kumar Director [email protected]

    Kaapo Liede GM [email protected] Srinivasan CEO [email protected] Shankar Director - Psg Operations [email protected] Kannan CEO [email protected]

    Mr. Anees Ahmed President & CEO [email protected] Veeraraghavan President [email protected] LTD)VK Harindran CEO [email protected] G Ranga CEO [email protected]

    CT Arul CEO [email protected] Raghu / Director [email protected];Mr H Jagannatha Rai Director Col. CA Aiappa VPRam Narayan Agarwal MD & CEO [email protected] Raja CEOV Raja CEO

    Mr. Ravinder Gujral Director [email protected] Nilesh S Vadhar [email protected] BV Naidu MD [email protected] PJB Noble Director [email protected]

    s Pvt. Ltd.,)

    Mr.P V Prasad GM [email protected] K N Jagadeesh Kumar Director [email protected] Narasimha B Bhat Director [email protected]

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr K S Desikan CFO [email protected]

    Apparao Mallvarappu CEO [email protected] Rajendra Manikonda Director Mr Sameer Hans CEO/Director

    Mr. Ravikumar R CFOMr. Prasad Joshi COO

    3i Infotech Ltd (F-ICICI Infotech Ltd) (F-ICICI Investors Services Ltd)(F-Mr Shivanand R Shettigar Mr Manoj S Director&Operations Manag man

    Aagami Software Tech., (Softwar Mr V K Harindran Partner Mr M R Shivu CEO

    Aalpha Information Systems India Mr. K.T. Pawar ChairmanMr Chingan Rajeevan Director

    Aayuja Technologies India Privat Mr. Nagendra Raju Director FinanceABB global services ltd (formerly Mr Prakash Nayak Center Director

    (ATPA-Engineering Center) Mr Madahav Vemuri HeadAble Design Engineering Service Mr. Jagadish K. Hiremath CEO

    Mr.Ramesh Ramamurthy Director Mr J M Sundaresan MD

    Achronix Semiconductor India Pr Mr. Ravi S Sunkavalli GMACI Worldwide Solutions Private Limited(F-Visual Web Solutions Pvt.

    Mr H S Lokesh CEOMr Ravikumar.D Managing Director

    ActiveCubes Solutions India Pvt Mr. Rajesh Varrier Director Mr K B Anand COO-Global Operations

    Acusis Software India Pvt. Ltd., - Mr K B AnandAd2pro Media Solutions Private Mr. Gopalakrishnan V HOOAdamya Computing Technologies Mr Yatheendranath TJ CEO

    Mr M R RanjanMr Sundi Sundaresh Director

    ADC (India) Communications & Mr Raj Rajkumar MDMr Janardhan Reddy Authorised Signatory

    Adea International Private Limite Mr Shouvik Bhattacharyya CEOAdea Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (M- Mr Shouvik Bhattacharyya CEOAditi Technologies Pvt. Ltd., (F- Mr S Rethinasamy VP-Finance&AdminAditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited Unit II (F-Transworks Information

    Mr. Sharad Junghare COOAditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited(F-Transworks Information Servic Mr Kailas Agarwal Sr VP Finance

    Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd(F-Adobe Software India Pvt Ltd(F

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Macromedia Research and Devel Mr Naresh Chand Gupta MDSheela Gayatri CEO

    Adroitec-CSG-Bangalore (A Divi Mr P C Sudheer General Manager Limited). ( HOPE-CSG-Bangalore (A Div. of Hope Technologies Ltd.,))

    Mr Rajesh Bidappa GM

    Aelix Communication Systems P Mr Manoj N Sharma Manager A/s& FacilitiesAffiliated Computer Services of I Mr Raghavendra Rao M N Country Finance Controller

    Aftek Ltd (F-Elven Micro Circuits Pvt. Ltd. (F-AMCC TechnologyMr Sunil M Desai Authorised Signatory

    Airbus Engineering Centre India Mr. Eugen Welte HOODr.Shantigram Jagannath Director

    Ajax.Com Pvt. Ltd., (F-Ajax Petr Mr Ajay Kumar Gopal Director Mr Ajit Kothaneth MD

    Akamai Technologies I pvt ltd (fo Mr.Sanjay Kumar Singh Managing Director Mr Pankaj Chhaparwal MDMr Vijaysimha S K Director

    Alcatel Lucent Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd(F-Lucent Technologies India Ltd., -M rK K S ri nivasan Director

    Alcatel Lucent Technologies (I) P Chithra R Kasturi IPRC-VP

    Mr. Sai Kumar N CEOMr P G Kharche Execitive Director

    Alliance IT Consulting India Pvt Ltd ( Fusion technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd(formerly Fusion Cybertech Pvt.Ltd)- M/s fusion has transferred their license to Alliance and now in the name of M/s AllianceAllied Worldwide Business Soluti Mr Vijaykumar G G M Finance

    Mr Pavan Kumar C V MDMr Arul Selvan Director

    Amazon Development Centre (In Mr Mukesh Prasad Singh Director Development Centre Bangalore Pvt. Ltd.,)

    Mr Paul J Alapat MDMr Raghuram Tupari GM

    American Power Conversion (Ind Mr Javed Ahmed Director Amerigo Structural Engineers Pri Mr. K Srinivasa Rao Director

    Mr Kiran Kumar Director Mr. Elango Rajasekaran HOO

    Dr Reddy Penumaili MDMr S Vikaram Director Mr B V Suresh Kumar Mr Reji Baby Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    ANZ Operations & Technology P Mr Manfred Bertram MD

    AOL Online India Pvt.Ltd.(America Online India Pvt Ltd (F-AmericaOnline Member services India Pvt Mr Suresh Kumar Director -finance

    Mr Nick Williams Walker CEOMaria Lourdes Oreo Ramos Director

    Apex Advanced Geospatial Pvt Ltd (Apex Avasarala GeoSpatial Pvt. Ltd.,(F-Visual Engineering Serivce India Pvt Ltd)Apex-decisions.com Private Limi Vidya Kant Kala MD

    Mr Dwarakanath RamaswamyDirector Appoint Software Solutions Priva Mr. Venkatesh Muthanna HOO

    Mr Nalin Gupta Director cs Pvt. Ltd.,Aptuit Informatics India Pvt. Ltd. (Merged-InfoPro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,)

    Mr. Jayaraj DirectorArada Systems Pvt. Ltd. (F-Zazu Mr Apoorva M Bhatt MD

    Mr Rajendra Goplkrishna MDMr Bijal Mehta Country HeadMr K Chandarasekharan MDMr K Jaya Kumar MD

    Aricent Communications Pvt. Ltd Mr Subraya Bhagwat Authorised SignatoryAricent Technologies (Holdings) Ltd. - I(M-Flextronics Software Systems

    Mr Subraya Bhagwat Sr Manager Finance

    Mr Ajaysimha A Director t.

    Mr Anil Kumar Gupta MD

    Prince Thampi Director Mr. Parag Jain CEO & CTOMr Alok Khotari Director Mr S P S Chauhan Director-Business DevelopmspscMr Viral C Vora Director Mr. Sanjay Padode MDMr. Rabindra Srikantan HOO

    Mr Saravankumar Ramadoss Director

    Dr Mahesh K Rao CEOMr Ravi Sankar MDMr V Subramanian Aiyer MD

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr J Munirathnam MDDr B Ravichandra Chief Financial Officer Mr. Steven Gully HOOMr Mark Follett/Mr Deepak SDirector Mr Venugopala Chalamala CEO-

    Saify Burhani Director

    MrRa vi Varadarajan FellowMr Prasad SRK Guntapalli Director Mr Prashanth Kundap Director Mr. Upal Kumar Nandi COOMr Neelakantan Natarajan CEOMr Viraf M Sutaria CEOMr Bhushan Byaragni Director Mr Prasad Rao K Business Manager Mr douglas Mathew Brokett Director Mr Anil kumar Maurya Director Dr Villoo Morawalla Patell Founder&MDMr K S Ramachandran Director Mr Chandrashekar Mudigoud VPMr Anil Joseph CHO

    Mr Chirag Buch Director Mr. Pramod Bisht CEOMr D K Mathur MDMr Gopinath Reddy Director

    Mr V Raghavendra Mohan MD

    Mr. B. Mohan Sharma / Mr N GM - India Operations/ DireMr Sridhar R Kolar Director Mr V Sundarajan CFOMr V Sundarajan CFO

    Mr Jagadish R CEOMr. Vivek Kulkarni DirectorMr P J Singh Director Mr. Heiko Zeutschner / Mr. Micheal Zeutschner Mr Ramesh Adiga Director Dr C Subramnian CEOMr Srinivasan Raghavan MDMr S Ragothaman MDMr Akash Choudhari Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr N S Venkatesha Udupa Director Mr Dinesh Kumar Karle MDMr. Brett Rance Sr. Manager MrPrabha karSr inivasan Finance Controll er

    Mr Rajesh Gupta MD

    Mr Rajat Gupta MDMr Adarsh Jalan MDMr M P Jaganathan MD

    Dr Mahesh K Rao CEOMr S Venkatasubramanian Director

    Dr Frank Schacherer CEOMr K S Ananthanarayanan CFOMr Nazeem Anjum Director Mr Anand Shekhar Director Mr. Pavana Kumar HOO/VC-TechnicalPothapragadaMr. Ashwin Iddya Chief StrategistMr Hemant Kamat VP&CFO

    Mr Prasenjit Datta MDMr Peter Svahn MDMr Vivek Kulkarni CEOMr.Vikram Mudgal Executive VP&GMMr J Bhakthavatsal Reddy Director Mr Gautam Bhattacharya Director Mr Daniel Marotta Director Mr Jeffrey Tingley Director Dr Joseph M Izzo/Mr V N SivDirector/GM

    Mr Tushar B Patil MDGarnet Jansen Manager Mr Srivibhavan Balaram Vp,IDC Leader Mr. B P Balasubramanyam Associate DirectorMr Kishore Mirchandani President & CEOMr Kishore Mirchandani CEO

    Mr Antony Rivas Country HeadMr. Ravi Gopalakrishnan CEOMr. Sandeep Sekhar CEOMr Vinay C Hegde Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr. Srinivas Kola HOOMr Prasanna Shroff Sales Group Director

    Mr Dataram Mishra CEOMr Prasad Choragudi MD

    .Mr Nimish Soni MD

    Mr Dilip Keshu Whole time Director Mr G Sreenath Director Mr Raman Subbarao M R MDMr Predag Dizdarevic Director Mr C Rama Rao VP&Head BloreMr. Atma S Iyer HOO

    Mr. Vinod Thomas Mathews MDMr K Shahnawaz Khan CEOMr Rishi Das Director Mr. Veer Pratap Naik R HOO

    aMr Gregery L Janssen MDMr S Rengarajan Director

    Mr. Dinesh Kumar/Mr RamacDirector/Authorised SignatoMr Ashis Dutta Director

    Mr Mathew Manoj Joseph CEOMr Uday Pandya SBU-Head

    Mr Nagaraja Prakasam

    Mr Akshay Kapadia MD

    Mrs. Shireen Vali Director Brijesh Wahi Managing Director Mr. Ioan Biris Director

    Mr. Raghunath Kaveehwaram HOOMr Mohan C S Director Mr Piyush Singh MDMr.Hymanand Angara Director Mr Rama Nadimpalli GMMr Binoy Mohan Director Mr Ganesh K Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr. N. Ramesh Babu MDMr. N. Ramesh Babu MDMr Himadri Gupta VP-FinanceMr. Kianoosh Naghshineh CEOMr G K Khanna Director Padma Duriswamy MD

    Chethan Somashekaraiah Director Mr. H.K. Katti MDMr. H.K. Katti MDMr Sanchit Jain COOMr. N. Ramakrishnan Director Mr. S.Devarajan Director

    Mr Vijay Kumar MDMr Rakesh Singh GM Asia OperationsMr.Aditya Dev Sood Director & CEO

    Mr H M Shashidhara Director-OperationsMr Sutanu Mukherjee Authorised SignatoryMr Manohar Durai CEO

    Mr Kalyan Mohan VPMr Kalyan Mohan VP Banagalore OperationsMr V Thiagarajan MDMr Jawahar Bekay CEO

    Mr Pradeep Vasudev VPMr.Anshuman Kankan MD

    Mr S Ravi Rangan MD&CEOMr S Ravi Rangan MD&CEOMr S Ravi Rangan MD&CEOMr Y Ramesh Reddy/Mr D R Director Mr Seetha Muthukumar CEOMr. Devesh Nayel CEOMr Naveen Lakkur CEOMr C Dhananjay Director

    on and Software Technology Pvt MrNile sh Parikh Director Conexant Systems Pvt. Ltd. (F-C Mr Venugopal N Director

    Mr Kiran Jagannath Director

    Mr Nitesh Varshney VP&MD

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr Ramesh Tutuvekere CeoMr Marcel Schmid Country Manager Mr. Rajesh Rathi MDMr. K Sairaman Director Mr Amit Kumar Center Director Mr. V S Renganathan Director

    Mr Girish Venkat CEO

    Mr S Mani MDMr Jim Swift Director Mr Sudhakar.P Director of SW EngineeringMr Ganapathy Subramaniam CEO

    Mr Raveesha Chief Operations Officer Mr K Subramaniam/Mr VinodPreMr K Subramaniam/Mr VinodPre

    Mr Ronan Murray Director

    Joshua Wurzburger Director Mr Rajendra Todalbagi Director Mr Suresh Kumar Kantholy Deputy GM-Centre HeadMr. N. Vinod Reddy MDMr L S Ram/Mr B L Bhanu Execitive Director/Head Fin

    Mr Tan Mok Koon MDCSM Software Pvt. Ltd., (F-Com Mr G S S Srikanth CEO

    Mr John Mudie GMMr Anil Singaraju Director

    Shwetal Mehta Directaor &Country Manage smeMr T Sabapathy CEOMr Govardhan Ramachandra MD

    Cypress Semiconductors Technol Mr Govardhan Ramachandra MD

    Mr A Lakshminarasimhan MDMr. Srinivasa R Rao MDMs.Chandrasekar CEOMr Veeresh N Sondur Vice PresidentMr P Panduranga Rao MDMr.Satish Reddy Director Mr Arindam Banerrji MDMr. Srinivasa Prasad MD

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr. Hema Srinivas DirectorMr Nazeer Ahmed CEO

    Dell International Services India Private Limited. (Formerly Dell Computer Romi MalhotraMr. Kamal Kumar MDMr Sandip Sarkar Director

    Mr Raju Bala Showry Pudota MDHari Chaitanya CEOMr Ravinder Gujral Director Mr Ramachandra S Director Mr Ramachandra President&CEOMr K Rajesh Rao MD&CEOMr. Amit Gupta Country Manager Mr Harish Padukone Director AdminMr Robert Kristiansen CEOSeema Naik CEO

    Mr. Diksha nt Dave COOMr Ashish Agarwal Director Mr Rajendra Todalbagi President-India OperationsMr. Adam Ben Sadoudi ManagerMr Sanjay Singhania Director

    Mr Prasad Rao Director Mrs R Indira MDMr Paresh Vora General Manager

    ,)Mr. Mehul Mehta DirectorMr Srinivas Manne Head-OperationsMr Theodorenonis Director

    Mr. Tae Sub Youn HOOMr Asha Pandey Director Mr Shantha Ram Director OperationsMr Satish Kabadi Head India OperationsMr Vaibhav Tewari Director Mr Yogesh Agrawal MDMr R K Kashinath Director Mr.S.V. Promod CEO

    Mr. Dany M Kokkalemada HOO/Director

    Mr C Narasimhaprasad Director Mr Venugopala Menon Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr. Satish P Chandra HOO

    Mr K Ramakrishna Reddy MDMr. K S Omprakash GMMr Phanibhushan Y Sharma Director

    Mr. Manav Garg DirectorMr Tom Thomas CEO&MDMr V R Marathe Manager Finance

    Mr Sarvanan Aramugam VP& MDMr. Mahmood Ashraf HOO

    Mr Saurabh Sinha CEOArchana Sarda Director

    Emulex Communications Pvt. Ltd Shanti Subbaraman Head India Operations

    Mr. Gul Iqbal Executive DirectorEncora Technologies Pvt Ltd(F- Mr Nitin S Panchmal CEO

    Mr.Rahul Aggarwal Director Mr Solomon Francis Xavier Director Mr. Rajagopalan Babu HOOMr Anil Sivadas PresidentMr. A.G.Muralikrishnan Director Mr Manmohan Jaiswal MDMr R Murlidharan CEO&MD

    Epigon Media Technologies Pvt Mr V Satyanarayana Reddy Director

    Mr Pankaj DandhariaMe O F Cherian MDMr Nagesh B L MDMr Dayananda Papegowda Director

    eTelequest India Ltd (Formerly A Mr Ashvani Srivastava PresidentMr. Feroz Nazeer Ahamad CEOMr K L Narayanan Director

    Everest Management Software Pv Mr Oliver E Pais Director Mr Khusru Basha Director

    EVLG IP Profesional and Consult Mr Kanika Radhakrishnan MDMr Ram Asare Dwivedi CEO

    (Mysore) Mr D Sudhanava MD

    Expert Outsource Pvt LtdExtranet Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,EYGBS (INDIA) Private Limited Mr Nitin Dhavale Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    EZ Mediscribe Pvt. Ltd.,(Mysore) Dr M V Venu CEOFaceTime Communications India Pvt Ltd ( ValiCert Software DevelopmentPvt. Ltd.,) Mr Sridhar Vutukuri Country HeadFaculties India Infotech Pvt Ltd Mr D Manohar Fair Isaac India Software Pvt Ltd. Yuguntar Saikia Head India OperationsFCG Software Services (India) Pi Mr Subramaniam Ramachand MD

    Feedback Business Consulting Se Mr. V Ravichandar CMDFEM Software Pvt. Ltd., Mr Juergen Arnold Director Fiberlink Software Pvt. Ltd., Mr Joseph PappanoFichtner Consulting Engineers In Mr. N Rajendra HOOFidelity Business Services India ( Mr Surinder Singh CEOSystems Company India Pvt Ltd)Fidelity Information Services Indi Mr. Sudhakar Chaudhri Director Finalytics Transaction Solutions Mr. Sudarshana K S HOOFinancial Objects Software (India Mr Jubly Joseph Head of Finance and Operati jublFinch Software India Pvt. Ltd., Mr Cyril Mottet Director Fiorano Software Technologies P Mr Atul Saini Director&CEOFireTide Networks Pvt. Ltd., Mr Jeffrey Page Director First Advantage Offshore Service Mr Tarun Jauhari Director (F-ZapApp India Pvt. Ltd.,)First Indian Corporation (P) Ltd - Mr. Anoop Hegde Director

    First Indian Corporation Private L Mr Anoop Hegde Director First Indian Corporation Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Anoop Hegde Director First Source Solutions Ltd - II (F- Mr Ananda Mukerji CEOIndia Pvt. Ltd.,))First Source Solutions Ltd. - I (F- Mr Ananda Mukerji CEOFirst Source Solutions Ltd.-III (F-ICICI Onesource Limited - III (CustomerAsset India Pvt. Ltd.,)) Mr Ananda Mukerji CEOFirstapex Software Technologies Mr Sanjeev Joshi Director Flatworld Solutions Private Limit Mr Jacab William PresidentFlexi Resources (Mangalore )Flextronics Design CEI Pvt Ltd (F-Avnisoft Systems (P) Ltd - Unit-2.)(Formerly Federal Technologies Mr Krishna Mohan S Director-Product TechnologikrishFlextronics Design Ltd -Unit-II(O Mr Ranjanath Iyengar MD(ODM Division) Unit-II)Flextronics Technologies India P Mr Sandeep Dhingra Finance Controller Flovate Software Technologies In Mr.Paul Nixon Director Flowserve India Controls Private Mr. Lakshmanan Varadharaje HOOFlowserve India Controls Pvt. Ltd Mr V Asokan Director Sales&OperationsFocus Clinic Care Private Limite Mr Narayan Baheti Alternate Director Focus Infosys (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mr Jayesh L M Nagda CEOFocus Softek Private Limited Mr Narayan Baheti Alternate Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Focus Telecall Private Limited Mr Narayan Baheti Alternate Director Forbes Edumetry Ltd Mr. Ravi Shankar Director Fore Transcriptions Pvt. Ltd., Mr Rehan M Shaikh CEOForesee Information Systems Pvt. Mr Sridhar Sarma G V CEOFortuna Innovative Solutions Pvt Mr V Suneel Managing Director

    Mr K S Mohan

    Fortune Infotech Ltd., ramanathen/Mr K Director/MDSubramaniamMr K S Mohan

    Fortune Infotech Private Limited, ramanathen/Mr K Director/MDSubramaniam

    Foundation Systems Staffing Pvt Mr Sai Kiron Director Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt. Ltd. (F-Freescale Software India PrivateLimited( PrairieComm Technolog Mr Piyush Dixit GMFriendly Advanced Software Tec Mr.Prasad Tagat Managing Director Front Avenue Infosolutions Pvt L Mr Anand Fernandes Director

    Fulcrum Administration Service Mrs. Vaishali Kasture COOG5 Solution Private Limited Mr. Leonard Xavier Lewis CEOGainspan Systems India Private L Mr. Pankaj Vyas Vice President

    Galax E-Solutions India Pvt Ltd Mr Sheahan Varghese Director GDS International (P) Ltd Mr Ben Mathew Kelly Director GE India Exports Pvt. Ltd ( GE P Mr Vish M Narendra CEOGE Medical Systems (India) Priva Mr Rakesh Bharadwaj CIOGE Medical Systems India Pvt. LtMr Uday Malashetti Director Genesis Microchip India (P) Ltd ( Mr Raghurama Hread Finance,)Genesys International Corporatio Mr Col J Jacob Director-Remote SensingGenisys Integrating Systems (Indi Mr P V K N Lingaraj Urs Director Genisys Integrating Systems (Indi Mr P V K N Lingarj Urs Director Genpact India (F-GE Capital Inter Mr K S Kumar VPGeometric Limited (F-Geometric Software Solutions Company Ltd.)Gignext Solutions India Private L Mr Shantha Ram Director OperationsGizmosoft Pvt Ltd (F-CastBridge Mr Pratik Nahata CEOGL Communications (India) Pvt. Mr Vijay Dehspande Director Global Automation India Pvt. Ltd. Mr.S Gopalan Director Appr in 94 onlyGlobal e-Business Operations Pvt Mr Sanjay Singh PresidentGlobal e-Business Operations Pvt. Mr Sanjay Singh PresidentGlobal e-Business Operations Pvt. Mr Sanjay Singh PresidentGlobal Edge Software Ltd., Mr.MP Kumar MD&ChairmanGlobals ITES Private Limited Mr. Suhas Gopinath CEO & PresidentGlow Networks Pvt. Ltd., Mr Muralidhara B S Director Glow Touch Technologies (F-GT Mrs R Indira MD

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Gnostice Information Technologies Pvt LtdGokul Scribe Pvt Ltd(Hubli) Mr Nitin Landge ChairmanGoldman Sachs India Securities P Mr. Ravi Krishnan Director Goldman Sachs Services (P) Ltd ( Mr Thomos DowlingGoodrich Aerospace Services Pvt. Mr Chris Anil Rao CEOGoogle India Pvt Ltd (F-Google Mr Asheesh Awasthy Head-Finance&Accounts

    Grasko Solutions Private Limited Mrs. Aruna Sundar HOOGriha Software Technologies Pvt. Mr D S Madhuresha CEOGroupe SCE India Pvt. Ltd. (F-SCE-Creocean India Pvt Ltd)Grow-Z Software Solutions Pvt LtdGT Nexus Software Pvt Ltd Mr. Sudheer KS Director Gumbi Software Private Limited Mr.Harsha K Mahabala MDGXP Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,GXS India Technology Centre Pv Maya Vidhya Director HalSys IT Solutions Private Limit Mr Halaharvi Rajasekhar Director Haritha Infoserve LtdHBI Software Pvt LtdHCL Comnet Systems & Services Mr G K Ashokan CEOHCL EAI Services Private Limite Mr Bhaskar Naidu Enaganti MDHCL Technologies LtdHCL Technologies Ltd - CMS - Unit I [Merged with DSL-unit1 and willfunct as HCL-CMS- unit1] (F-DS Mr Ramakrishna V CEO

    Mr Ramakrishna V CEO [email protected]

    Mr Ramakrishna V CEO [email protected]

    Mr Umesh Bajaj CEO [email protected] Sandeep Sarin General Manager [email protected]


    Mr Shankar Director [email protected] V S Subramanyam Director [email protected]

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Dr.Krishna Mikkilineni MD [email protected]

    Dr.Krishna Mikkilineni MD [email protected]

    Mona Donahoe Centre Manager NilMr. Thomos Varghese CEO [email protected] Partha D Sarkar CEO&President [email protected]

    Mr George Huang Ji COO [email protected]

    Mr J P Shivakumara Swamy [email protected]

    eMr Surku Sinnadurai MD [email protected] S Govind Commercial Director & GM [email protected]

    Mr. S Govind Commercial Director & GM [email protected]

    IBS (India) Pvt. Ltd., (Hubli)IBS Software Services Private Li Mr. Ramesh BabuiCad Engineering Private Limited, Unit -IIIdeal Invent Technologies Pvt Ltd

    IdeaSpace Solutions Ltd.,Ideasurge Solutions Pvt Ltd

    Ide-Pro Engineering Asia Pvt. Ltd.,IDS Software Solutions (India) Private Limited

    I-Flex Solutions Ltd. Unit-IIII-Flex Solutions Ltd., - II

    I-flex Solutions Ltd., (F-Citicorp Information Technology IndustriesIG Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd (F-HedgeStreet Software Services Pvt. LIgate Global Solutions Ltd - Unit II (M/s quintant merged with this uiGATE Global Solutions Ltd.( Mascot Systems Ltd.,)Ignis Technologies Solutions Pvt Mr G C DasIGS Imaging Services (I) Private Mr.K P PonnapaIGS Imaging Services (India) Pvt. K P PonnappaIGS Imaging Services India Pvt. Mr. K.P KonappaIGS Imaging Services India Pvt. Ltd.-III (M-TRRS Imagings Ltd-

    II)(Mysore) K P Ponnappa

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    IHS Parts Management Pvt LtdIkanos Communication India Private LimitediLANTUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mr Binod SinghI-Link Software Pvt. Ltd.,(F-Taj Mr. KC Sukumar Imaje Software Development Centre Pvt. Ltd.,

    lsys India Pvt. Ltd ., MrSam eerShariff

    Implantaire Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd (F-Driktech Electronic SolMr. Yogesh Dubey

    Inatech Infosolutions Pvt LtdIncture Technologies Private Limi Mr. Sachin Verma

    Indegene LifeSystems Pvt. Ltd., Mr Manish GuptaIndependent Technology Systems (India) Private LimitedIndex Lithography India Pvt. Ltd.(F-Ball Semiconductor India Pvt Ltd)Indo Fuji Information Technologi Dr K G Suresh

    Indorion Networks Pvt. Ltd., Mr Sonny InjatyIndo-Sakura Software Private Limited

    Indscape Softech Pvt. Ltd., Dr nisha SinghIndus Infoways Pvt. Ltd.,Induscorp (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mr R Ashok Indusface Consulting Pvt Ltd

    Indygo Software Systems Private Mr. Srinivas YermalInfact Technologies India Private LimitedInfineon Technologies India Pvt. Mr.Albort Stritter

    Infinera India Pvt Ltd Mr Utkarsh RaiInfinite Computer Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.,Infobase India Development Centre Pvt. Ltd., Unit - II (Mysore)

    Infokey Solutions Ltd.,Infomart (India) Pvt. Ltd., Anjali D Agarwal

    Infoplant Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Dr. G.V. RanjanInfoprint India Pvt. Ltd., Mr justus Walther Inform Architects Pvt Ltd Nithya Srinivasan

    Informatica Business Solutions P Mr.Suresh SInformatics-International Project Div., (STP Unit of Informatics (Ind

    Mr K S Subba RaoInfoscript Services Pvt. Ltd.,

    Infosys BPO Ltd.-I (F-Progeon Ltd.,)Infosys BPO Ltd.-II (F-Progeon Limited Unit-II)Infosys Technologies Ltd., - (Mangalore) - IInfosys Technologies Ltd., - (Mangalore)-II (VII)Infosys Technologies Ltd., - (Mys Mr Shaji MathewInfosys Technologies Ltd., - Unit I

    Infosys Technologies Ltd., - VInfosys Technologies Ltd., - VI

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Infotech Enterprises Ltd.,Infotech Global (India) Ltd., (F-In Mr Ashish Kapoor Ingenient Technologies India Private LimitedIngersoll-Rand International (Indi Mr B Jayaram

    InKnowTech Pvt. Ltd., Mr Sanjay V P

    Inkrea Consulting Private Limited ThummalapalliInnovate Minds Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,Inquest Technologies Software Private LimitedInsilica Semiconductors India (P) Ltd (Formerly ChipHut Semicond

    India Pvt. Ltd.,)Insyte Information Labs Pvt Ltd Mr. Lalit Ahuja

    Inszoom Software India Private LimitedIntacct Software Pvt. Ltd., Mr Aaron Harris

    Integra Micro Software Services Pvt. Ltd. (F-Integra Dataware Pvt.Integra Micro Systems Pvt Ltd., Unit-IIIntegra Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd.,Integral India Software Development Centre Pvt LtdIntel Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Mr Frank Jones

    IntelliGroup Asia Pvt. Ltd.,IntelliNet Technologies India Pvt. Mr V ShankaramIntellitech India Pvt. Ltd., (CJ Cla Mr C J Clark

    Interra Systems India Pvt LtdIntersil Analog Services Pvt. Ltd.,Intertec Communications Ltd.,( F- Interc Communications Pvt Ltd )

    Intertec Softwares Pvt. Ltd., Mr Naresh KothariInterwoven Software Services Ind DrBN ar

    Ltd)-(F-Insights India Pvt Ltd)Intraspatial Softech Pvt. Ltd.,

    Intuit Technology Services Private LimitedInvenger Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

    Invensis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.IonIdea Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,IonIdea Interactive Pvt. Ltd., (F-Communico Graphique I Pvt Ltd)

    IP Soft India Pvt. Ltd.,IP Unity Communications Pvt LtdiPass India Pvt.Ltd.(F-GoRemote Mr Kranthi Ravi

    Software India Pvt. Ltd.,))IPVALUE Intellectual Property Services India Pvt Ltd

    IQura Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mr Anand Saraf iRobot (India) Pvt. Ltd., (Mysore)

    iRunway India Private Limited Mr. Animesh KumarIrus Software Applications Pvt Ltd.Isense India Software Laboratorie Mr Rahul Sah

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    ISL Software India Private LimitedITC Infotech India Limited Mr Rakesh BatraIteamic Pvt. Ltd.iTech Workshop Pvt. Ltd.,

    Itorama consulting I Pvt Ltd (F-Itorama IT Solutions P Ltd.,)Itronics Infosolutions Pvt Ltd

    ITTI Ltd., - IIIttiam Semiconductor Pvt LtdIttiam Systems Pvt. Ltd.,Ivivity India Pvt LtdJ K Technosoft Limited Mr. S. RameshJ235 Software India Pvt. Ltd.,J2Logix India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Ismail Shariff Jadoo Works Pvt. Ltd., Mr Pawan Kumar

    Jamcraker Software Technologies Mr Manish JainJansys Technologies Private LimitedJanya Converged Solutions Limit Mr. Uday Reddy

    Jataayu Software Pvt. Ltd.,Javi Systems India Private LimitedJaya Infotech Services Pvt. Ltd.,

    JBA Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,Jetavi Engineering Pvt Ltd Mr Venkat Raman

    Jin Information Systems (P) Ltd., Mr John P VarkeyJivanta Interactive Technology (I Mr Alok SoodJP Morgan Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,July Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

    Juniper Networks India Pvt LtdK2 Network Private Limited

    Kaizen 4Front Technologies Priva Mr. B K SrivathsaKalakshetra Creations (Partnership Firm)Kalki Communication Technologies Private LimitedKALS Information Systems Ltd., Mr K SrinivasanKanrad Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. Mr Arounane PKaparthy Infotech (P) Ltd.,(Mysore)

    Karna Softek India Pvt. Ltd.

    Karnataka Microelectronic Desig Shetti

    Mr K S Ramakrishna MD [email protected] K Ashok Kumar Alva Director [email protected] Ravi Katwa Director [email protected] H katwa Director [email protected] Satish Natarajan Chairman [email protected] Atsushi Takagi GM [email protected]

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr Amit Ajmani Director [email protected] Srikanth Rao President [email protected] Srikanth Rao HOO [email protected]

    TMr Srikanth Rao President [email protected]

    Mr Susheel Navanalae CEO [email protected] SL S Si i l Ch i i [email protected] d

    Mr Giridhar KhodayMr Deepak BhatMr P S Malik Mr. Ajay Thapar Mr Shiv TrikhaMr Dave ArnoldDr Giridhar K Boray

    KPIT Cummins Infosystems (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd. (F-CG-Smith Sof Mr Anup Sable

    Mr Anup SableMr. Anant R KopparMr. AnandMr Samartha Raghava N

    L&T e-Engineering Solutions, a unit of Larsen & Toubro Ltd Mr M P Rajan

    (F-L& T valdel Engineering Pvt Ltd (F-Valdel Engineers & Contrac Mr A R Prasad

    Mr Ashok BagriL-3 Communications India Private Limited ( CAE Electronics Pvt. Mr B V Bjujanga

    Pratibha NakilMr. Mahesh M SanzgiriMr V.shrinivasanMr M V N RaoMr G P Nagaraj

    Narendra Reddy ThapetaMrFrancis S Victor Mr Young Chel Yun

    LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd., (F-LG Software Development Centre ) Dr Yoosok SawMr Raghuram Prabhakara Bel Dir Mr Naim KaziAnand AdkoliMr Vijaya RaghavanMr V Srinivasa Raghavan

    Logica Private Limited(F-LogicaCMG Pvt. Ltd.( Logica Pvt. Ltd.,)- Mr V Srinivasa Raghavan

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr. Sanjay Bhat

    Mr Sanjay SoniMr Jerry McCarleyMr K Pushparaj

    LSI Research (India) Pvt Ltd(F-Agere Systems India Pvt. Ltd) Mr M RamakrishnanLSI Technologies India Private Limited(F-LSI Logic Inida Pvt Ltd) ( Mr M Ramakarishnan

    Mr M K BannerjeMr Lawrence Prasanna DavidMr sachin NarayanMr B Sekhar RaoMr. Ratan Hastu

    Dr Anand Anandkumar Mr Abhishek MukherjeeMr. Ajay PrashadMr. Senthil Kumar Mr Bipin Kumar Khimasia

    Maintec Technologies Pvt Ltd (F-Maintec Computers Pvt. Ltd.,) Mr Naveen VMakino India Pvt. Ltd. (F-Makino Machine Tool (I) Pvt Ltd)

    Mr Venkatesan SivaramanMr Vijay Kumar MMr. T. Gautam PaiDr Naarsimha B Bhat

    Manipal Informatics Pvt. Ltd. (M-Manipal Informatics (Mangalore) (Div.Mr.T Satish U PaiMr Atul Jalan

    Mr Jasal R shahMr S RamakrishnanMr Sunil Nambiar Siby Antony VadakeekkaraMr K Sridhar Mr B S NagabhushanaMr Sreenivasa NagappaMr S GopinathanMr. Srinivas GudladanaMr Gopal Krishna

    McAfee Software (India) Private Limited ( Network Associates SoftwareMr Sridhar JayanthiMrs Soundarya RaghuMr Ganapa Sreenivasa Rao

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Dr srinivas BetteMR Janathan EwingDr.PRAkASH SHANTILALMr Narayanan SubramanyanMr.R Balakrishnan

    Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Private Limited Mr Thomas Pantleon

    Meritor LVS India Pvt. Ltd. (F-MAYFAIR Software Pvt. Ltd., (F-AutarkyMr Nagaraj G SMr BalasubtramaniaumMr Aseem SethiMr Bhaskar SharmaMr. Bablu KumarMr Aparajith Bhandary

    Microchip Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd(F-Microchip Technology DesignsMr Sudarshan Iyengar Mr Raja Gopalan SMr N V KrishnaMr Sashi Kumar Mr. Irfan Ahmed K SamsiMr Vidyasagar PMr Ashok Soota

    MindTree Technologies Private Limited(F-TES PV Electronics Solu Mr G Nagarajan

    Mr Venkata Syam Sundar RaoDir Mr Anees Ahmed

    (F-Misys International Financial Systems Pvt. Ltd., ( Kindle System Mr.Surianarayanan S

    Mr. SudhanshuMr Manoj Pai

    MobiApps (India) Pvt, Ltd (formerly Mobile Applitech (India) Pvt. Mr Sanjay C ChakrabortyMVL PrasadMr. Ahmed Mohammed HAlorainiMr Sudhir JainMr MukundanMr Avinash GautamMr. TM Vargese

    Morgan Stanley advantage services Pvt Ltd (formely Advantage Glo Ms Naina Nagpal

    Mr Sathyanarayana.SrinivasanDir Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,-UNIT I [ M/s Motorola IndiaElectronics (P) Ltd - Unit 1 will be functioning under the name of M Soumitra Sana

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd., - II [ MERGER -M/s Motorola IndiaElectronics (P) Ltd - Unit II will b M/s Soumitra Sana

    Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,-UNIT I [ M/s Motorola IndiaElectronics (P) Ltd - Unit 1 will be functioning under the name of M/s

    Motorola India Pvt Ltd- CND [Merged with Winphoria and func in the.,) Mr Jagadish Singh

    Mphasis BFL Ltd- Unit III ( Merged with and function in name of MPhasis-Mr J Deepak Patel

    Mphasis BFL Ltd., - II (Bangalore) (F-BFL Software Ltd- Unit 11) Mr. Deepak PatelMr. Deepak PatelMr. Deepak PatelMr Rajat KediaMr C S NanaiahMr Sandeep Dhar Mr Sandeep Dhar Mr D Giriraj SubramaniamMr V Damodar BhatMr Dhiraj C RajaramMr David Perroni

    Mr Santosh HuralikoppiMr Jayendra PanchmatiaMr. Vinay C ManjersMr Kishore KarumanchiMr. Premanand Vekatesh KinMr James PhilipMr K KrishnamoorthyMr Ravi Shankar

    Mr Rana Roy Choudhury NDS Services Pay- TV Technology Pvt. Ltd. (F-NDS Ltd -India (A Mr Vladmir Ruppo

    Mr P Koti Reddyti T h l i P i t L i it d M S t h R Sh tt

    Mr. Rupa Harish ShahMr. Ananda Kallugadde HOO

    Mr William Mushkin Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Oak labs india Pvt Ltd (formerly- Mr Sushilendra Tasgaonkar MDMr Moloy K Bannerjee Director Mr Sarath Chandershaker Director

    N.Vengopal Director Dr Raghu V Hudli MDMr. A. V. Raghuraman MDMrs Manimegalai Goel Director Ashok Radhakrishnan GMMr Jay Mehra COO

    Mr Dheeraj Pradhan Director Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd.(F-OMH ManipalHealthcare India Pvt Ltd (Manipal Omega Healthcare Management CEO

    Mr Shrikant Pandit CEODr Sreenivas Chakravarthy Head of Operations

    OnMobile Global Ltd(F-OnMobil Mr Arvind Rao CEOOpen Clovis Solutions Pvt.Ltd. ( Mr.Krishnan N

    Dr Sathyanarayan Gupta Director T V Ravikumar Director Vasumathi M Rao Authorised Signatory

    Optimus Global Services Ltd (F-Optimus Outsourcing Company Ltd) (

    Mr Atul Kaushik Oracle India Pvt. Ltd - Unit IV (Formerly Hexaware Technologies

    Mr Atul Kaushik Oracle India Pvt. Ltd - Unit V (Fo Mr Atul Kaushik

    Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., (Oracle so Mr Atul Kaushik Oracle Solutions Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., (F-EWI Engineers & consultants

    Mr Atul Kaushik

    Mr.Sushantha Jyothi Sarmah HOO

    Mr. K N Prasad Director

    Mr. Thulsi Ram Sai V HOOMr S M PradhanMr. Venkat Ramana CEO&Director

    Mr. Krishan Bhalla HOOMr Vijay Narayanan CEO

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    PacketMotion India Development Mr Pradeep Shah Director/Authorised SignatoMr Chandrakanth B N MDMr. Keshav K Shetty CEOMr. Nandish MDDeepshikha Birla Director Mr.Aijaz Ahmed MD

    Dr Sistla Putshotham Sr Manager Mr H N Deepak MDMr Rajendra Wale CEO

    Mr Anurag Jain MDPerot Systems TSI I Ltd (formerly Mr Anurag Jain MDPerry Johnson Outsourcing Pvt. L Mr Sunil Kumar Director

    Mr Rajendra Telele CEOMr Siraj Dhanani Director

    Philips Electronics India Ltd (For Mr Aleexius Collette CEO

    Mr J N Arjun MDPindar Set India Private Limited(F-Pindar Set BPO Services Private

    Mr. T. R.Krishnamurthy Head Of Operations

    Mr P V Rai MDDr.Dilip H.Bonde CEOMr Arun Bellary Director Mr Suresh Madhavan CEO

    Mr. Rajesh Varma Director Mr Vinod Nambiar Director-Delivery

    Mr S S Srinath MDRamachanra V Jakati Managing Drector Mr V K Harindran Chairman&CEOMohammed Javid Mustaq Director Mr Babu Venkatesh CEOMr Jayaram Satyanarayana SBU HeadMr Srinivas S Director Mr Prashanth Kumar Singh Director

    Mr Sampath Iyengar CEOPulsecore Semiconductor (India) (P) Ltd ( Alliance transferred lince to

    Mr Sushil Kumar GM - India OperationsMr C S Jayasimha Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr A K Prema Kumar Director Dr. Roland E Haas Director & CEO

    Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd (Merger Mr Daman Hujmadi Sr.Director EngQualcomm India Pvt.Ltd.(M-Qual Mr Daman Hejmady CEO

    Qualitree Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (F-T Mr K Gopinath CEOQuality Engg. & S/W Technologi Mr Ajay Prabhu CEO

    Mr Ramesh Gujaria Director Mr Arjun Vikram Singh CEOMr Rahul Malvi Desgin Centre Manager

    Mr Satheesh Srinivasa Director Mr.R.Padmanaban Director Mr Shekhar Y Mahajan Country Manager Mr. Jayakar.R Head-Service Delivery-Blore.

    Quinnox Consultancy Services Lt Mr Krishna Balakrishna Service Delivery HeadMr Sriraman Vaidyanathan Director

    Quintiles Data Processing Centre Mr Lalit Kumar Pai Executive DirectorMr Suresh Ramu Director

    Qwest Telecom Software Services Pvt Ltd (F-Self Service SoftwareMr Harsch S Bhatnagar President

    R2K Software India (P) Ltd (For Mr Sushanth Kurunthil Director Mr.Narasimhan MD

    Mr P Ramesh Chandra Director Ranal Software Solutions (P) Ltd Mr P Ramesh Chandra Director Rao Computer Consultants Private LimitedRapid Global Business Solutions Mr. Alok PurohitRarefind Engineering Innovations Pvt. Ltd.,Razorgator Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mr Sudhir Krishnaswamy Director Razorsight Software Pvt Ltd (F-N Vasudha Mangalam

    Ms.Latha Iyer Director Readiminds Systems & Services ( Mr Narendra Nagpal Director

    Mr Ione Binford Director Mr S SundararajanMr Samir Kumar Chattarjee MD

    RedPrairie Technologies India Pri Ms Laura Fese Director ,Reduxi Software Technologies Pvt Ltd.Reli e Marg Software Consultant Pvt. Ltd.,(Mysore)( CatalystOne Software

    Mr Narayana Mandayam Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Dr Prakash Mutalik Director Replicon Software India Private Mr Krishna Prasad MD

    Mr Shrinivasan HP CEORiddhi IT Solutions (India) Privat Mr Anubhav Rastogi Director

    Mr Santosh Tandel Director

    Mr.Govind Malalur Director Mr. Vasanth Bharadwaj Sr. Director - HR

    Robert Bosch Engineering and Bu Mr Pickhard Friedhelm MD

    Mr Rohit Bhat MD&CEOAnita Shah Director Mr Niranjan MakaMr Saibal Mitra CEO

    Mr Manjunath M CEOSaankhya TechNeering Private Li Mr raghavendra S K MD

    Mr Shail Maniar Safer Information Systems Pvt. Lt Mr M L Narasimha Reddy MD

    Safran Aerospace India Pvt. Ltd., Mr Philippe Lotty MD

    Mr Sang Do Cho CEOSamsung India Software Operations Pvt.Ltd.(F-Samsung ElectronicsCompany Ltd., (Merged with sam Mr Gyu Chool Kim MD

    Mr. K.S.Prasad VP-FinanceSandisk India Device Design Cen Mr Chinnu Senthikumar

    Mr Vivek G Pawar Mr Srinivas Pothapragad MD

    SANYO LSI Technology India P Mr Harish Koyama President&CEOSAP India Private Limited(F-SAP Mr Animesh Parihar

    Mr George Kniese Joint MDSAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.,-unit 1 ( Mr George Kniese Joint MD

    Mr Changappa Kodendera

    Sarnoff Innovative Technologies Mr Tim Mitchell MDSasken Communication Technologies Ltd., - II (Sasken networks merged

    Neeta Revankar CFO Neeta Revankar CFO

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Satyam BPO Ltd(F-Nipuna Servic Mr Venkatesh K.K Centre HeadMr Manikantan OMr Murali V CEOMr Manikantan O GM

    Satyam Venture Engineering Serv Mr Rao S vadalmudi CEOMr Sachin Narayan Director

    Mr Ashok Sinha Director ScanCafe Digital Solutions Privat Mr. Naren Dube HOO

    Mr Alain Comparet CEOScicom Contact Centre Services Mr Leo Suresh AriyanayakamDirector

    Mr.Smith HOOSearch Marketing Agency Pvt. Ltd. (F-Web Serarch Marketing Agency Pvt

    Mr Ravi Shankar Director Mr Mahesh Srinivasan Country Manager

    Semifi Integrated Technologies Pvt Ltd (F-Isakthi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,)Sensact Applications (India) Priva Mr Santosh Godbole Director

    Mr A H Bipin Director Shams Healthcare Software Servi Mr. Shezad Gilani DirectorSharp Software Development Indi Mr Praveen Kanipakam President

    Mr. Kariyadil Kuruvilla

    Shiv e-Publishing Technologies P Mr Shivaram Chandrashekar MDMr Rajeev Goswami Director Mr. Murali Sundaram Director Mr Varadraj G V Director Mr. Mohan PN Chairman & MD

    Siemens Information Processing Services Pvt. Ltd. (F-Siemens BpoServices Pvt Ltd( Siemens Shared Mr J RamanathanSiemens Information Systems Ltd Mr.B.R.Nagaraja

    Mr. B.R. NagarajaSiemens Information Systems Ltd Mr. B.R. NagarajaSiemens Public Communication Mr Johann Haslinger Siemens Public Communications Mr Johann Haslinger

    Sierra Design Automation Private Mr. Raja Subramaniam Director Ms. Sonal Panapalia Director - FinanceMr Anand Mallya CEO&MDMr Prakash Sambandam Director Mr Guru Talapaneni Director

    Silver Software Systems Asia Pvt. Ltd., (F- Silver Kumaran Software PvtMr Senthil Kumaran M C MDMr Kapil N Shah Director

    SingleTusk Solutions India Pvt. L Mr Chetan Venugopal Director

  • 8/10/2019 Karnataka Companylist


    Mr Ashutosh Pande Director Siri Technologies Pvt. Ltd., (F-Siri Karya systems Pvt Ltd )

    Mr Paritosh ShahSky Mobile Media India Private Mr Ratn Sethi Director SLK Global BPO Services Pvt. Lt Mr. Gopal Amin PresidentSLK Software Services Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Parth D Amin MD

    Mr Nimish Sanghi Director Sobha Renaissance Information T Dr Madhu Nambiar MD&CEO

    Mr.Aravind GopinathSociete Generale Global Solutions Centre Pvt Ltd (formely- SG Software

    Mr Ramesh Kumar CEOSofra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Formerly Legacy Software Solutions Pvt

    Mr Narendra Agrawal Director Softbrands India Pvt. Ltd., (Form Binu Mathews Head OperationsSoftjin Technologies (P) Ltd (for Mr Nachiket Urdhwareshe CEO

    Mr P Sathya Babu MDRaj Ramchandani

    Software Paradigms (India) Pvt. Mr K K Mookerji MD

    Software Quality Center Private LMr. Krishnan Puthucode President & CEO

    Dr Ganesh Devaraj MDMr B Ramaswamy President & MDMr B Ramaswamy President & MD

    Sonim Communications (India) P Mr B Jagan Mohan

    Sonim Technologies India Pvt Lt Mr B Jagan Mohan Bhalaki Director Mr Ravikrishna Cherukuri Director Mr Shailin Sehgal MDMr Narayan Ram

    Source Code Infotech Bangalore Mr Niraj Jaipuria Director Sourcebits Technologies Private Mr. Rohit MDSourceEdge Software Technologi Mr Rajesh MR Director Southside Technologies Private L Mr. Narendra K Pasuparthy HOOSPA Computers Pvt Ltd (F-SPA Computers Pvt. Ltd.,)Span Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. - II (F-Span Systems Corporation Unit II (GPS

    Mr Pradeep G L Director Corporation - Merged with Span Systems Corporation Unit II)SPAN Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. (F- Mr Pradeep G L Director

    Mrs. Hemamalini Nidamanuri Director

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    MrArv inder Sin gh Chadha CEO [email protected] Mosur K Saisekr Director Mr A Sundararaman Director Mr Suresh Nair MD [email protected] Raghunath Rao Director [email protected] Gajanana Hegde VP [email protected]

    Mr H S Bhaskar Regional Manager [email protected] G Varadha Raju Country Head-VP-

    Operations ail.com

    SSGA Investment Research Services Private Limited Mr. James Keith MacnevinMr vivek Sharma

    Mr T Ashok

    Mr Ashraf DahodStarmark Services (P) Ltd (formerly Itreya Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,) Mr Ganesh K

    Ms Kalpana KatdareSterling Commerce Solutions I Pvt Ltd (F-Yantra Solutions Pvt Ltd) Mr G N Sarma

    Strand lifesciences Pvt Ltd (formarly Strand Genomics Pvt. Ltd.,) Mr Vijay ChandruStrataPRO Analytics and Consulting Private Limited Mrs. Suchitra Eswaran

    Dr S SwarnalathaMr Praveen Mittal

    Stratinova Analytics And Consulting Services Private Limited Mr. Vikram AnandMr Vinny Thomos Alex

    Subex Limited (F-Subex Azure Ltd (formerly Subex Systems Ltd.,)) Mr Subash Menon

    Mr Sumathi Naidu Chellapath CEMr Bhaskar Pramnik

    Sungard solutions I pvt ltd ((F-SCT Software Solutions (India) Pvt. Akila Krishnakumar Sallie Mae Solutions I Pvt Ltd)-(F-Exeter systems I Pvt Ltd)

    Mrs. Akila Krishna Kumar

    on Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd(F-Mi sys HealthcareMr. Tarun Bhargava

    Mr. Tony Zack JolleyMr Shanawaz KadavilAnders O Ihr

    Non OperationalMr Gur Saran Das

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    Ms.Nasreen Sheriff

    Mr. Krishna BhagavanSymphony Marketing Solutions India Private Limited Mr. Mahinder MathraniSymphony Services Corporation (ndia) pvt. Ltd ( Global Symphony Mr Amitava Roy

    Mr. D S Vivek Tobby SimonMr P. Haridasan

    Mr D Krishna Kumar Dr Pradeep K DuttaMr Gopal ChakravarthyDr H V AnandaK.V.Subramaniyan

    SysArris Software Pvt. Ltd.,(Formerly Pharma Systems Pvt Ltd to Mr A Ajay SimhaClinarium Software Pvt Ltd to Sysarris Systems (P) Ltd )

    Mr Alexander C VarkeySystems Advisers Softwa