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Karnataka FoodZ: Main article: Cuisine of Karnataka  Lunch from Karnataka served on a plantain leaf .  North Karnataka meal Karnataka cuisine is very diverse. Described as the mildest in terms of spice content of these four states' cuisines, there is a generous use of  Jaggery, palm sugar and litle use of chilli powder. Since the percentage of vegetarians in Karnataka is higher than other southern states,  vegetarian food enjoys widespread popularity . Udupi cuisine forms an integral part of Karnataka cuisine. In north Karnataka the staple grains are  jowar and  bajra. Rottis made out of these two grains along with side dishes

Karnataka Food

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  • 8/4/2019 Karnataka Food


    Karnataka FoodZ :

    Main article: Cuisine of Karnataka

    Lunch from Karnataka served on aplantain leaf.

    North Karnatakameal

    Karnatakacuisine is very diverse. Described as the mildestin terms of spice content of these four states' cuisines, there

    is a generous use ofJaggery, palm sugar and litle use ofchilli powder. Since the percentage of vegetarians in

    Karnataka is higher than other southern states,vegetarianfood enjoys widespread popularity. Udupi cuisineformsan integral part of Karnataka cuisine.

    In north Karnataka the staple grains arejowarandbajra.Rottis made out of these two grains along with side dishes

  • 8/4/2019 Karnataka Food


    made of eggplant, fresh lentil salads, spiced and stewed

    lentils are popularly consumed. They also consume a

    variety of spicy condiments like chutney powders and

    pickles. Of all the other regional cuisines in Karnataka, thisis known for its fiery spice level and heat. Eateries called

    Khanavallioften run by families serve inexpensive but tasty

    home style food. Most of them are run by Veerashaivaa are

    therefore vegetarian but Khanavallis serving non-

    vegetarian food are not uncommon.

    The cuisine of coastal Karnataka is marked by widespread

    use of seafood, coconut and coconut oil. Rice is the staplegrain and is the centerpiece of every meal. Gravies called

    'Gassi' made from chicken, fish, meats are served with rice.

    Lentils and vegetables cooked with coconut, spices and

    tempered with mustard, curry leaves, generous asafoetida,

    called Huli, is also served with rice. A Rasam-like

    preparation is called Saaru, which again is served with rice.

    The meal will also contain vegetable side dishes calledPalya. Other accompaniments include curd-based Tambli,

    sweet-tangy Gojju, pickles and Happala or Papads. Some of

    the distinct breakfast foods served here include Bun,

    Biscuit rotti, Goli Bajji, and Patrode.

    Coorgi cuisine is very distinct from the other regional

    cuisines of Karnataka, much like their culture. The

    hallmark of Coorgi cuisine is the widespread use of pork,game, and meats. They also use kokum generously in their

    cooking. While the staple food remains rice and rice-based

    preparations like kadambattu, steamed rice dumplings and

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    rice rottis, their expertise in cooking non-vegetarian foods

    is unmatched.

    The south Karnataka or the old Mysore cuisine is

    dominated by Ragi or finger millet and rice. Ragi in theform ofRagi Mudde of dumplings or steamed rice is the

    centerpiece of a meal. Often served with these two dishes

    are vegetable sides or Palya, Gojju, pickles, Tovve - mildly

    spiced lentils laced with Ghee, Huli - the lentil curry and

    Tili Saaru, a peppery thin watery curry almost like Rasam.

    Certain preparations like Bas saaru, which is a spiced

    vegetable or greens' stock along with seasoned vegetablesor greens, Upp Saaru which is another lentil stock based

    accompaniment to rice or mudde, Mosoppu, which is

    mashed spiced greens, Maskai, which is mashed spiced

    vegetables, are typical home style food from this region.

    Avare Kal (or Indian beans) is a popular vegetable

    consumed during winter. They are used in a variety of

    dishes like Usali, Upma, Huli, Hitakida Bele Saaru etc.Ricepreparations usually served as the second course of a

    traditional meals include Bisi bele baath, Chitranna,

    Hulianna, etc.

    Yogurt is a typical part of every meal in all the regions of

    Karnataka and is probably the most populardairy product.

    Generally yogurt with rice constitute the final course of a

    meal. Buttermilklaced with spices and curry leaves is alsopopularly served with meals especially during summer.

    Ghee and butter are also popular cooking mediums for

    those who can afford them, and are mostly reserved for

    festivals and special occasions.

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    The credit for popularizing these foods elsewhere in India

    goes to Udupi hotels. In fact, in north India, Udupi hotels

    are often synonymous with south Indian food, even though

    the range of foods they serve is mostly restricted to theKarnataka cuisine. These small establishments serve

    inexpensive vegetarian breakfast dishes throughout the day,

    all over India. These were mostly run by people native to

    the Canara region. The famous Masala Dosa traces its

    origin to Udupi cuisine and was subsequently popularized

    by Udupi restaurants.