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-- .. .. LJ *9o tJ *9o r- Y:?-J L:; o As origin of Fuji Electric, the Kawasaki Factory is contoributing society with numerous achivement and outstanding technologies. The Kawasaki Factory has been in operation since the Company's establishment nearly eighty years ago. The Factory is located in the Kawasaki area, which is also home to the Electric Power Division (The Thermal, Nuclear and Hydro Power Division, and the Fuji-Siemens Enelgy Promotion Group) of the Fuji Electric Systems, as well as 1 0-, ......affiliated companies. Major products at the Factory are . thermal and hydroelectric power generation facilities, nupl'ear -:. . ; f power related equipment, electric power generation ancj - ,-&o4.-_---0 generator equipment for industrial use, and electrostatie 'L dust-collection equipment for use in highway tunnels. , *.tJIy - 1.::'::; . Thermal Power Plant Equipment Factory (Shiraishi Factory) 11 EoE"E::;Iy-E' E(Energy Engineering) Center ::*:IE 1 1923) L l:9,EJ 1 IfIJJX 1989) tlti{JIlifV) ::*:IE 1925) J IfIiJX 1990) BBfD IfIJJX 1991) BmD 1 1935) IfIiJX L l:19ln IfIiJX 1995) E'Eiz:;:$'-iJXo IS0900 1 IfIiJX 1 1998) ISO 1400 1 IfIiJX 1 1 999) 1965) fJ31 GJ IfIiJX 1 AT 3 --- Gas Turbine Research Center . Fabrication . Machining Workshop (Tanabe Factory) pfftlJ J 1m 1 210-9530) (044)333-71 1 1 1n,987m2 131 -rO)ftlJ 2016 'igt 1111 (.lfIIJX201F9,El*m) Outline of Kawasaki Factory Location: 1-1 Tanabe Shinden, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-City 210-9530, Japan Telephone: (044) 333-7111 Grounds: 177,987m2 (as of September 30, 2008) Employees: Fuji Electric Systems: 841 Partners: 119 Grouping of common service companies: 131 Others: 20 Total: 1111 (as of September 30, 2008) History of Kawasaki Factory 1923 Fuji Electric Co., LId. established on Sep. 1 1925 Kawsaki Factory operated 1930 Sales division transferred to Tokyo Metropolitan area. 1935 Telephone Division separated from Fuji Electric to become Fujitsu Limited. 1957 Large-scale transformer manufacturing shop and steel plate cutting and welding shop was opened. 1959 Sleam turbine manufacturing shop was enlarged and operations began. 1965 Diesel-electric propulsion equipment for the antarctic research icebreaker FUJI was manufactured. 1977 34 MW low-head(17.4 m) bulb turbine-generator equipment manufactured. 1982 495 MW Francis turbine-generator equipment was manufactured. 1989 Award of improving the health and welfare of workers was given by the Prime Minister of Japan. 1990 Fuel handling facility for the 280 MW prototype of the Fast Breeder Reactor was manufactured. 1991 600 MW steam-turbine generator equipment was manufactured. 1992 Fuji Gas Turbine Research Center Co was established. 1995 New E E (Energy Engineering) Center completed and Certificate of conformance to the ISO 9001 received. 1998 Certificate of conformance to the ISO 14001 1999 Shiraishi Factory operated 2003 Changed its name to Fuji Electric Systems CO., LId. Kawasaki Factory 4 I J\? U, O Meeting Needs fer Reliability and Ouality with Bread Experience in Engineering, Preductien and TOe --------j ti. :'., r;;, . m -el '*9o */C.. l'. 0 c. c. tJ IL:, '*9o e! S blL:J::? LJic 3 X. '*9o Quality assurance is based on ISO 9001 quality management system standards. In 1995, we received ISO 9001 certification through L1oyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited. We are also promoting initiatives aimed at effectively maintaining and improving our quality control systems. Further, products are manufactured based on an advanced quality assurance system, in which prior consideration to quality planning achieves the required quality control in all processesfrom contract review, design and purchasing to production, inspection, testing and deliverybefore production begins. /' o 'CL\*"90 '-'''

Shiraishi Factory 11This factory exclusively manufactures the world's most culling-edge / turbines and generators. it is equipped wilh the iatest production / automation equipment and a port from whlch producls can be shipped 1509001 dlrectly by sea. Acquistion of ISO 9001 certification Balancing testing machine M'IU\l: Testing of generalo' 6 cA/:< S LJ O) tc.l1J (c:: LJ o The Kawasaki Factory to Improve the Global Environment al1d Raise the Comfort of Living o 19981f:1 m-;;,:{-. y')::J::; J\-{::; '::ij"-{?