Korean IT Industry Trend and Market outlook

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Korean IT Industry Trend and Market outlook. IT Strategy. Current IT Strategy in Korea. Source: Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Current hot issues. Current hot Issue in Korea (3Q, 2013). SW/Application. Google Docs started replacing MS OFFICE . SW/Platform. SW/Public sector. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Korean IT Industry Trend and Market outlookCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaIT StrategyCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaCurrent IT Strategy in Korea

Source: Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy.Copyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaCurrent hot issuesCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT Korea-4-Current hot Issue in Korea (3Q, 2013)SW/PlatformTerminalSW/ApplicationSW/Public sectorMobile OSQuality AssuranceSmart PhoneTablet PCTVPartsDisplayGoogle Docs started replacing MS OFFICE High priority of technology level in public procurement areaNew OS mozilla(Firefox), Jolla(Sailfish), Tizen(Samsung) follow Android and iOSQA committee, QA tool for clientsSamsung (1, 32.1%), Apple(2), Renovo(3) LG (4)Apple(1) 26.9%, Samsung(2) - 20% Apple iTV will be out 4Q 2014 ,Google & SamsungSamsung Display : Focus on OLED from LCDCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT Korea-5-Current hot Issue in Korea (3Q,2013)ICT /conversanceServiceTransportation + ITMarine + IT4G/LTELBSN ScreenContentsDigital BookEtc.PatronCloudSecurityBig DataITS(intelligent Transport system) by the governmentIT+ Road Info like Electric sign, BIS(Bus Info. Sys), etc.e-Navigation (vessel inside, ship-to-ship, ship-to-land)210million USD to be invested by the government4G voLTE Roaming service between China Mobile & SKT4G LTE service in China 2014 by China mobileNew eMap service by Hyundai Motor car : National statistics data + Private data Market info, Real estateMobile-PC integrated interface by EveryonTV2.35 digital books a person /year in China 6billion USD Case of Patent Infringement under trial : Samsung vs. Apple The Cloud 2013 conference and governments interestTarget attack and Data destruction will be expected to increase 2014Hadoop(Big data processing technique) applied to Driving record analysis sys. of Traffic Safety (Public) Co.Copyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaSome ExamplesCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaGoogle Drive and Google Docs and Hang out

Copyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaB2G

Copyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaMobile OS


Sailfish (Jolla)


AndroidiOSCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaQuality Assurance

Change Management Data MigrationDB TuningStress TestingSchema managementTest Data managementData MaskingData SynchronizationData ArchivingQA Tools Process enhancementLower Error rateLower DowntimeSystemized ManagementSecurity and simple managementProductivityDataDatabase configureSchema ObjectCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaSales figures of Smartphone makersMarket size of Smartphone/Tablet PC(2017)(Source : Strategy Analytics 2012.11)Sales figures of mobile phone(Source : Anderson Analysis, IDC, Gartner, GSMA, World Bank)Copyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaSmart TV


SNS+Customer DataVarious Data

Google TVSamsung TViTVCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaSamsung Display focusing on OLED

Investment plan of SS Display(billion, USD)Copyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaITSBIS (Bus Info. System)Electronic toll paymentTOPIS (Transport Operation Info Service)

Currently operation (in Korea)ITS to be led by the government more aggressivelyC-ITS Demonstration project operationSmart Highway (~2014)5 mobility mega R&D planCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaN Screen and smart sharing

ContentsApplicationPCTabletSmartphoneSmartTVContents`OScloudPlatformCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaHot Issues Mobile Fusion Service Source : Kim Dong-gi, KCA 2013VolumeChanges of Service environment in Korea5G4G3G2G1G

Short wordBased SMSDigitalVoice(14.4kbps)


Text basedSMSVideo call /Streamingservice(10Mbps)

Portal basedInternet search

LBS(M commerce,Telematics)P2P basedInfo searching4K, UHDVideo call(1Gbps)

KnowledgeCall serviceHologram IntelligentTelecom service

30kHz600 kbps~1.2Gbps28Mbps1 Gbps100 GbpsAMPSCDMA, GSMWCDMA,1x/EV-DOWiBro-e, LTE-Adv.Future(?)

Area Volume (coverage)Telecom ServiceHuman Everything5GMobile TelecomGbps level speed transmissionSeamlessCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaHot Issues Big DataUser GeneralContentUser Click StreamMobile WebWeb LogsOffer HistoryWebCRMERPBig DataSegmentation

Offer details Customer Touches

Support Contacts

Purchase detail

Purchase record

Payment recordA/B testing

Dynamic Pricing

Affiliate Networks

Search marketing

Behavioral Targeting

Dynamic FunnelsSocial Network

External Demographics

Business Data Feeds

HD Video

Speech to Text

Product/Service Logs

SMS/MMSSentimentIncreasing Data Variety and complexityPetabytesTerabytesGigabytesMegabytesSource : TeradataCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaHot Issues IoT Personal Devices

Electronic ProductIoT and applicationsCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaHot Issues Mobile convergence and traffic increaseMobile convergence needs more traffic

UHD VideoMobile Cloud

Wearable/Flexible Devices

Real time GameHealth Carex80x16Peta BytePerMonthCopyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaHot Issues Mobile convergence and devicesA variety of smart devices with new interface1990200020102020

Notebook PCSpecial Devices SmartphoneTabletPCWearableFlexibleDirection of Evolution Source : Forrester (2011)Devices wearableVoice, Sensor, Camera, motion/action recognition Glasses, wrist watches, etc.

Copyright GBS Inc. 2013IT KoreaHot Issues Mobile convergence and new Biz ModelsNew business models with U-cloud and M2MCloud service not dependent on client device EX) Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, 74%(2012) 84%(2017)

M2M service IoT and user-centered ICT fusion service Enterprise : Utilities, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, etc. Public : Transportation, Security, Safety Personal : Smart home, Connected Car

Source : Cisco VNI Mobile Forecast, 2013Copyright GBS Inc. 2013IT Korea