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Less Content. More Strategy. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013

Less Content. More Strategy. (IUE 2013)

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In the world of digital content, less is more. Here's why. Presentation given to the 2013 Internet User Experience conference in Phoenix, AZ, USA, 02 April 2013.

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  • 1. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Less Content. More Strategy.

2. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 About me 14 years as user researcher/usability specialist BE, Biomedical & Electrical Engineering MS, Human Factors in InformaHon Design Selected Employers & Clients [email protected] @dgcooley 2 3. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 3 4. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 (Less) Content. (More) Strategy. Value to End User Revenue Expense Content Stress Expenses and stress increase with content. While end user value and revenue ulHmately suer. 4 5. SO WHAT IS CONTENT STRATEGY? 5 6. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Uh-oh! 6 7. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 You probably already do it! 7 8. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Aaaah. Clients. I need a Uhhhhh OK? wireframe. 8 9. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Which one? ? 9 10. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 KrisHna Halvorsons deniHon Content Strategy is the pracHce of planning for content creaHon, delivery, and governance. - KrisHna Halvorson 10 11. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Rahel Bailies deniHon Content Strategy is the development of a repeatable process that manages content throughout the enHre content lifecycle. And that means, from planning to creaHon to management within the CMS, to publishing, to post-publishing acHviHes, and back through the next iteraHon of planning, and so on 11 12. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 What content are we talking about? Video Audio Photos hjp://www.site.com Graphics Blog Entries Links spacer.gif Tweets PDFs Copy 12 13. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Content creaHon Whos going to create it? How olen? What kind of content will it be? Tone? Dont forget about maintenance! 13 14. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Content delivery Is this going on the website? Twijer? Facebook? Email? Annual Report? Technical consideraHons can be huge! 14 15. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Content governance Who reviews & approves new and updated content? Who determines and enforces removal and archival rules? Who gets to (has to?) say No! to the boss? 15 16. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 (LESS) CONTENT 16 17. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 The long neck hjp://www.gerrymcgovern.com/ 17 18. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Contents long neck Benet Cost 18 19. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Required quadrant map Contact Logo & Branding Benet FAQ It Depends J Lejer from the CEO Culture Video Cost 19 20. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Content is expensive Intermediate Copywriter $51,358 Webmaster $66,169 Java Developer $80,858 Art Director (Web) $102,526 Salary.com (2011) 20 21. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Signal to noise raHo www.jolyon.co.uk 21 22. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 The psychology of clujer 22 23. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 The psychology of clujer At Your House On Your Website Insecurity I might need that A customer might need someday! that someday! Keeping up with the The neighbor has new My compeHtor uses Joneses landscaping. I need new video. I need to use video, landscaping, too! too! HecHc pace of life Ill just put this mail here I dont have Hme to meet for now and deal with it about that. Just check later. with legal before you put it up there. 23 24. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 DusHn CurHs gets it hjp://www.dusHncurHs.com/dear_american_airlines.html 24 25. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 AA is even starHng to get it 2011 25 26. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 2013 26 27. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 This person got it. Enter your tracking number Track My Package Everything Else Reference unknown. 27 28. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 GoDaddy Didnt Get it. And it cost them a (high prole) customer. hjp://www.heathbrothers.com/posts/2011/04/gone-godaddy-gone/ 28 29. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Ahem. vs. 29 30. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Lane Furniture.com doesnt get it. hjp://www.lanefurniture.com/Contact-Us/FAQ.aspx 30 31. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 (MORE) STRATEGY 31 32. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 The most important thing Your content is the most important thing about your website. 32 33. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Let me repeat that Your content is the most important thing about your website. 33 34. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Take care of important things Treat your content with love. Yell at anyone who doesnt. 34 35. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Lorem Ipsum must die! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec nunc enim, volutpat ut malesuada sit amet, aliquam eu orci. In quis mauris at enim fermentum vulputate et sed enim. Suspendisse tempor ligula et libero iaculis quis tempor erat imperdiet. Vivamus adipiscing nunc vel odio dictum tempor. Nulla mauris nibh, laoreet nec lacinia id, feugiat eu eros. Curabitur faucibus gravida lectus, sed faucibus felis mats nec. Duis interdum placerat urna sit amet posuere. Aenean in ligula at enim convallis sagits. Nam ac fermentum augue. Curabitur sollicitudin, lorem vel tempus malesuada, tellus quam loborHs risus, id dapibus odio leo eget orci. Morbi eu augue mi, eu porta arcu. Donec massa leo, blandit quis viverra vitae, fringilla in augue. Cras condimentum, nibh ut varius lacinia, metus quam faucibus tortor, sed posuere lacus risus in diam. Donec leo orci, fermentum vel suscipit eget, tempus in leo. Vivamus ante justo, posuere at sagits at, consequat vel leo. VesHbulum rutrum commodo lorem, non varius nisi venenaHs nec. 35 36. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Hello. This is Lia Alvarez. Id like to Its on our Medical Group Practice Womens Health Screener User Experience Flow Diagram Womens Health Screener This short survey was designed by medicalmake an appointment website, under professionals to help your doctor better understand your health issues and concerns. Information collected will only be seen bywith Dr. Hansen. Resources. Illour medical staff. The survey should take between 5 and 10 send you a link. minutes to complete. Start Now >>Patient calls for appointment Scheduler refers patient toThere are many The web offersonline screening tool Patient fills out screener onindividual styles of multiple touchpointsiPad in waiting roominteraction. to health information. MicMedical Group Practice Med hae icalDinnl Alva Gro errez Wo up Prac Lia- MedicalGroupPractice.comFrom: Medical Group PracticeSon made IStaff Services Appointments Resources Contactmen s Heatice Womens Health Screener: om To: Lia Alvareza for our rese 12.lth ScreWHSAnxiety and Depression Staff Services AppointmentsResources Contact7:00rvat Womens Health Screener leve How ene Pfizer Inc.Cho . See ionswou riceyou at Cafls ofld you Sum Hot stre***** 253 ratings Subject: Your Upcoming Appointmentmer els there. This short survey was designed by[ ]ss orrateGetSpe anx youtwo cial Highiety r dail thresmedical professionals to help your? y MTu WThF Sa Su e at free nigh [ ]FREEany doctor better understand yourof ourts when12345Med 6 789 10 11 12This message confirms your upcoming appointment with Dr. Natalie Hansen onMedyou health issues and concerns. ium par1314 15 16 17 18 19October 17th at 8:15 a.m.App ical Gro ticipstay [ ] Low Nam lobortis lacus ac quam iaculis ointatin2021 22 23 24 25 26 Plea men up Pracg... porta facilisis quam adipiscing.2728 29 30 31Wose rem t Rem tice Information collected will only be Lea To help in identifying any specific areas of concern, Dr. Hansen requests that men embinde rn mor Phasellus diam augue, rhoncus quiss Hea er to rseen by our medical staff.e aboplacerat sed, laoreet nec urna. In you fill out a brief health questionnaire prior to your appointment. Your Ingrlth Scre take Dowut this id Nowthenloa ultricies, leo vel tempus molestie, answers will only be seen by the medical staff at Medical Group Practice. enetracqueFW:why etny r prio The survey should take between 5 ker d a free stio n >>erat sem posuere neque, non Lia- cat r to>> dailIsand 10 minutes to complete.y moo lobortis tellus nulla sed magna. Go to the Womens Health Screener >> Ingr thought are bet d id of you ter tha whe n me Start Now >> Mic n I saw n Thank you,hael Alva#7. Jane Hood rez Scheduling CoordinatorPatient makes appt. onlineConfirmation email sent withPatient email reminder with Womens Health Screener Patient initiates screener byLink to tracker or assessment Patient interacts with mobilelink to screening toollink to screening toolwelcome pageanswering survey questionsDaily Stress and Anxiety application or tool tracking tool to collect dataNam lobortis lacus ac quam iaculisPrimary researchInterface designporta facilisis quam adipiscing.Phasellus diam augue, rhoncus quisplacerat sed, laoreet nec urna. In Mobile applicationsultricies, leo vel tempus molestie,erat sem posuere neque, nonlobortis tellus nulla sed magna.DepressionPellentesque ultrices vestibulumarcu vel ornare. Donec eget diampurus, eu lobortis augue. Duisimperdiet pulvinar molestie.Link to additional informationYes doctor has related to survey questionbecome Yes doctor,but 12. How would you rate your daily levels of stress or anxiety? Lia, it looks likeFibromyalgia? Is [ ] High [ x ] MediumPatient HistoryWHS: Fibromyalgia Discussion Guidelines you have somethat serious? What concerns about [ ] LowAppointmentsMessagesWomens Health Screener Results: Treatment Protocolsdo I do next?Johnson, JayneFibromyalgiaAlvarez, LiaGuidelines Patient Education Educational Material pain and fatigue.McPhee, EmmaOveractive Bladder Patient DataXiang, Wu Guidelines Patient Education Pellentesque ultrices vestibulumGohlsen, Ginaarcu vel ornare. Donec egetBossert, Marydiam purus, eu lobortis augue. Duis imperdiet pulvinar molestie. Appointment Notes Alerts Notes Information isData is aggregated and fedDoctor checks EMR systemEMR system indicates that Dashboard includes patientPhysician examines patientPhysician detects frequently experienced factuallyinto EMR system at outset of patient visittargeted conditions may data, treatment protocols,informed by screener output undiagnosed condition and emotionally.Rapid prototyping warrant discussiondiscussion guidelines, andEthnographyeducational material From: Medical Group Practice To: Lia AlvarezNam lobortis lacus ac quam iaculisporta facilisis quam adipiscing. Subject:Information from Dr. HansenPhasellus diam augue, rhoncusquis placerat sed, laoreet necurna. Attached are electronic copies of the information discussed during your recent appointment.In ultricies, leo vel tempus molestie, a , Lierat sem posuere neque, nonezlobortis tellus nulla sed magna.arlv APellentesque ultrices vestibulum Your doctor has also created a secure website with links to tools and resourcesarcu vel ornare. Donec eget diam that may be helpful to you. To access this secure website, click on the link The Womens Health Screener can onlypurus, eu lobortis augue. Duisimperdiet pulvinar molestie. below. Your password is your date of birth in MMDDYYYY format (no spaces or dashes). Your Personal Health Resource Center >> succeed if it demonstrates tangible positive Physician selects patientPatient education materialEMR triggers send of patienteducation material from EMRadded to patient history andeducation material via email impact on patient outcomes and satisfaction. Usability testingdischarge packetBrandulon (generibrand sulfate)Personal Health Resource CenterlogoutPatient Education Material Fibromyalgia By fostering effective dialogue aboutNam lobortis lacus ac quam iaculis porta facilisis quam adipiscing.Nam lobortis lacus ac quam iaculis porta facilisis quam adipiscing.Phasellus diam augue, rhoncus quis placerat sed, laoreet nec urna. Phasellus diam augue, rhoncus quis placerat sed, laoreet nec urna.In ultricies, leo vel tempus molestie, erat sem posuere neque, non In ultricies, leo vel tempus molestie, erat sem posuere neque, nonlobortis tellus nulla sed magna. lobortis tellus nulla sed magna.Pellentesque ultrices vestibulum arcu vel ornare. Donec eget diampurus, eu lobortis augue. Duis imperdiet pulvinar molestie.Overactive Bladder targeted, under-diagnosed conditions, the Pellentesque ultrices vestibulum arcu vel ornare. Donec eget diam purus, eu lobortis augue. Duis imperdiet pulvinar molestie. system will enable accurate and early detection, a key component of treatment. Detailed dashboard forPractice medical librarian Education material added tospecific conditioncurates patient educationpersonal patient micrositematerial by condition 36 37. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Bacon Ipsum, however, is awesome. (No! Not really!) hjp://www.baconipsum.com 37 38. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 See also: (Stop it!) hjp://www.rikeripsum.com hjp://www.slipsum.com 38 39. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 SEO SEO is important and should be considered as part of your strategy. tags Link text & placement Copy volume 39 40. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Video Video is expensive, and its use should be considered very carefully. Id rather just read. Video takes too long. 81% of users leave video if it buers. hjp://www.tubemogul.com/research/report/99-Online-Video-Delivery-SHll-Nowhere-Near-TV-Quality 40 41. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 InformaHon architecture Whatever content is included needs to be organized very well. 41 42. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 More content might be OK. Maybe. Some=mes. 42 43. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Further Reading KrisHna Halvorson Erin Kissane Karen McGrane Twijer.com/halvorson Twijer.com/kissane Twijer.com/karenmcgrane Content Strategy meetups Content Strategy Group in many ciHes 43 44. 02 April 2013 @dgcooley #IUE2013 Recap You are (probably) already a content strategist. Content is expensive. Let go of what no longer serves you. OpHmize what does. Less Content. More Strategy. lesscontentmorestrategy.com 44