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Jan Zemánek Linked Data. Slidy na Webu. Dočasně na „Web of Documents“ (1). Dnešní Web Webové stránky = dokumenty XHTML = XML = struktura dokumentů Dokumenty vzájemně „ prolinkovány “ odkazy URL Odkazy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Linked Data

  • Jan

  • Slidy na WebuDoasn na

  • Web of Documents (1)Dnen WebWebov strnky = dokumentyXHTML = XML = struktura dokumentDokumenty vzjemn prolinkovny odkazyURLOdkazythe most powerful feature of the Webonly one direction and untypedEvolving the Link - Danny Ayers

  • Web of Documents (2)Analogya global filesystemDesigned forhuman consumptionPrimary objectsdocumentsLinks betweendocuments (or sub-parts of)Degree of structure in objectsfairly lowSemantics of content and linksImplicit

  • The Web of Documents and the Web of Linked DataFrom global filesystem to global databaseDatabze na Webu dnesPmo nepstupn a vzjemn nepropojen datov sila

  • Web of Linked Data (1)Strukturovan RDF data vzjemn prolinkovna odkazyKoncept Linked Datazazhnuto iniciativou Linking Open Data project

  • Web of Linked Data (2)Analogya global databaseDesigned formachines first, humans laterPrimary objectsthings (or descriptions of things)Links betweenthingsDegree of structure in (descriptions of) thingshighSemantics of content and linksexplicit

  • Linking Open Data projectPekonat chicken-egg problm na Smantickm webuprotoe nikdo nevystavuje data, neexistuj aplikace, kter by je konzumovalyprotoe neexistuj aplikace, nikdo data nevystavuje

  • Linked Dataa method ofexposing,sharing,and connecting pieces of data on the Semantic Webemphasizes Web access to data using existing Web technologies such as URIs and HTTPemphasizes links between related Web resources

  • Ukzka

  • Linked Data Map (Spring 08)

  • 4 principy pro Linked DataUse URIs to identify things that you expose to the Web as resourcesUse HTTP URIs so that people can locate and look up (dereference) these thingsProvide useful information about the resource when its URI is dereferencedInclude links to other, related URIs in the exposed data as a means of improving information discovery on the

  • URIUniform Resource Identifiera URI is probably the most important part of the Webs architectureURIIdentifikuj webov strnkyMohou identifikovat cokoliZdroje (resources)Osoby, vci, msta, abstraktn koncepty atd.A resource is simply something that can be identified with a URI.

  • Zdroje (Resources)Informan zdrojeinformation resourcesthings that can be expressed entirely as digital messagesWebov strnky, PDF dokumenty, obrzky, atd.Neinforman zdrojenon-information resourcesV tomto pojet je nap. kniha neinforman zdroj Osoby, vci, msta, atd.

  • Dereferencovn URIsInformation resourceA resource with representation (page, document, image)Server should return HTTP 200 OKNon-information resourceA resource without representation (vocabulary terms, human beings, etc.)Server should return HTTP 303 See Other, and Location of related information resource headersDemoNon-information resource: resource:

  • Browsing Linked DataThe TabulatorA generic RDF data browser and editorFirefox extension Hyperdata BrowserA simple browser for navigating the Semantic WebWeb-based

  • Zdroje Data (ESW W3C) Data publish Linked Data on the Web the Web of Data (slidy) Data The essentials for Semantic Web application development (slidy)