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    L.O.S.T. online questionnaire

  • Answers will have to be submitted in a pdf file to the following email id.


    Mention your team name, name of the members, their respective institutes name and contact details (Phone no. and Email id. of every

    member) in the answer file.

    Please mention your logic behind your answers very clearly as you will be graded based on your logical approach.

    Organisers decisions regarding the grading of the answer files are final and binding.

    For any further queries, please consult the rules and F.A.Q. file uploaded in the website

    :http://www.inquivesta.iiserkol.ac.in/Landing%20Page/index.php. In

    case of any queries regarding L.O.S.T., you may also contact the

    following people :-

    Beetehotra Roy

    Phone no. 8582813084

    Email id. beeteroy@gmail.com

    Sohail Dasgupta

    Phone no. 9432646397

    Email id. sohaildasgupta@gmail.com

  • At a treasure hunting site, five boxes were aligned in a line. Each box was made of different

    metals, had different colours, contained different things. There were five people at the site.

    Each of them had a key to one of the five boxes. The colours of the keys were different.

    1. The golden key was the key to the black box.

    2. The box made of copper was empty.

    3. John opened the first box.

    4. The box made of brass was opened by the black key.

    5. Dave had the key to red box.

    6. The box that Ed opened had only books.

    7. Sean had the key to the box made of iron.

    8. Black box was just in the left of the white box.

    9. Harry had the yellow key.

    10. The box opened by the brown key was beside the box made of bronze.

    11. The red key was the key to the box in the centre.

    12. The blue box was made of aluminium.

    13. John opened the box beside the green box.

    14. The box made of bronze had a box beside it which contained bones.

    15. The box containing map was next to the box made of aluminium.

    Who got the treasure?

  • Historian Muhyi al-Din Ibn Abd al-Zahir carried extensive research on the death of

    Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun and succeeded.

    But hostility turned the scenario dark. Abu'l-Fida could not tolerate his rivals success, and

    assasinated Abd al-Zahir.

    Alas, he could not extract the secret behind King Tuts death

    Years later, explorers found out some scribbling on papyrus, seemingly to be a clue left by

    Abu'l-Fida to reveal the untold secretTranslated, it says the following:



  • A legend of nine, In the Andaman, A treasure you may find, But, certainly, the blood of men. Staring at the Sun, At 30 to 6, Al asked the captain, What is the fix? The Sun says the cap, And blood shall determine our fate And so he screams Die, Al And so remain 8. Down the direction, so gracefully learnt, Atop a lonely tree, they find a nest. They hear the ill omens of the crows, And another life goes to waste. Expectedly, Another turn of events, Left the first mate forever lost, Along with the tents. At 45 to 4, onward they went, Towards the oasis in sight. The most eager of all shattered their illusion, And died due to the snake bite.

    Soon, fell upon them, the night, The predators were approaching fast, And with backs turned to the Polaris, They headed towards the past. As the Sun lifted into the sky, So did the spirits of the grey. They were ready again to face the odds as before, But with only mirrors leading the way. R.I.P. comrade, said the captain, And engulfed himself in loneliness, Only to find that he was back, At that inn with his mistress; The inn is the centre of everything, He admitted, amazed, And it is there where I should have realized, The curse of the maze. The above poem is famous in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. The treasure is rumoured to be still there. Find the place where the treasure is buried. Hints: 1) Use breadcrumbs.

    2) The Sun and time are great

    direction specifying tools.

    3) Read it aloud.

    4) The inn has many names.

  • Its a Tale of Two Cities.

  • Two robbers, Cutthroat and Backbiter are planning a robbery. But before that, they boast of their

    skills (both are genii) when it comes to Mathematics, and unlisted competitors of Usain Bolt when

    it comes to running) :

    C: Give me a course over hills and plains. I climb a hill at 2 Km/hr, move over the plains at 3 Km/hr,

    and run down a hill even faster. And still, no matter what course it is, if I tell you how long it took

    me to go to a certain place and get back to the starting point by the same path, you can calculate

    how far I travelled.

    B: Queer enough, the same condition applies for me too. Only, I travel on the plains at 5 Km/hr,

    and run down a hill at 15Km/hr. I don't need to tell you how fast I climb up a hill, do I?

    C: No.

    The two now know everything about their speeds.

    B: Okay, so listen. 10 Km North is the Bank of Throttlegunj, and 20 Km South is the Bank of

    Dobapukur. I take Dobapukur, you take Throttlegunj. We start from here, travel to our respective

    destinations along a straight line, loot the banks in no time, return here, and then be off together

    in a car.

    C: Nice plan. But to return here at the same time, we need to set off at different times.

    B: Right. But what must be time interval between our startings?

    Can you help them calculate this time?

  • You want to join a clandestine literary society, the catch being that you must answer the

    questions of the eminent founders. The questions are as follows:-

    Arther Colon Doll : How do you know you run out of invisible ink?

    Enitt Bladen : Is a fly without wings a walk?

    Ion Flaming : What do you call a male ladybug beetle?

    Onkar Wild : Why is that night falls but day breaks?

    Unsula La Gin : Do blind people feel love at first sight?

    Then they say in chorus,

    Do not be baffled by the seemingly incongruous questions, young one. Open your mind,

    look closely, and dont answer the questions. Find the missing link.

  • "You go on multiplying, and all survive.

    Thus you follow my pattern, as you already

    do.", said the rabbit to the snail.

    Can you understand what they mean? They

    are actually speaking about the challenge of

    the challenges.

    Clue : While the snail and rabbit converse, a

    drone joins in and exclaims, Fellas! My

    ancestors follow that pattern.

    Solve this, and X will mark itself.