Loves Illusion

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Loves Illusion

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  • 1QuadruplumPlus bele que florest, ce mest avis,cele a qui mator.Tant com soie, vis,navra de mamorjoie ne delisautre mes la florquest de paradis :Mere est au Signour,que si voz, amis,et nos a retorveut avoir tot dis.

    TriplumQuant revient et fuelle et florcontre la seison dest,Deus, adonc me souvient damors,qui toz jorsma cortois[e] et doz est.Moult aim ses secors,car sa volentmalege de mes dolors ;moult me vient bien et henorsdestre a son gr.

    MotetusLautrier joer men alaipar un destor.En un vergier men entraipor quellir flor.Dame plesant i trovai,cointe datour.Cuer ot gai ;si chantoiten grant esmai : Amors ai ! Quen ferai ?Cest la fin, la fin,que que nus die, jamerai.

    TenorFLOS FILIUS EIUS1QuadruplumThe one to whom I submitis, in my opinion,more beautiful than a flower.As long as I am alive,in truth, no one will havethe joy and pleasure of my loveexcept for this flower

  • which grows in Paradise:she is the mother of our Lordwho wants foreverto possess you, friend,and the two of us together.

    TriplumWhen the return of leaf and flowersignal the arrival of the summer season,God, that is when I think of Lovewho has ever beencourteous and gentle with me.Her solace pleases me greatlyfor her good willrelieves my pain.Many honors and good things come to me from being in her service.

    MotetusThe other day I went outon the byways.I entered an orchardto pick some flowersand found there an agreeable ladyof fair mien.She had a gay heart and sang with great emotion:I have love! What will I do with it?Its the end, the end;whatever anyone says, I will love.


    2MotetusPuisque bele dame meime,destourber ne mi doit nus ;quar iere si loiaus drus,que je niere ja tenuspour faus amans ne vantanz.Ja li mesdisantnen seront joiant,car nul mal ne vois querant ;mes quami me cleime,je ne demant plus.


  • MotetusSince a beautiful woman loves me,no one should trouble my peace.For I have been such a loyal suitorthat I have never been considereda false or prideful lover.Evil tongues will never wag joyfully on my account,for I seek to do no wrong;I ask nothing but that she call me her sweetheart.


    3TriplumAmours mi font souffrir peine a tort,car ma dame, qui ma mort,ne me daigne des maus, quai por li,douner confort.Et si lai toz jours mout bien servi,nainc certes ne li menti.Ains sui toz a son voloir, ne len desdi, et ainsi voeil estre ads a son acort.Et toz dis a jointes mains li cri merci,pour Diu, quele le deignast avoir de mi !

    MotetusEn mai, quant rose est florie,que joi ces oisiaus chanter,moi covient par drueriejoie demener.Cest la fin, je vuoil amer ;et si ne croi mie,quele sache jadon[t] vient li maus damer,qui mocirra.Quonques en ma viedamors nai deport,mes se je nai vostre ae,vostre amor, vostre confort,brunete sans ami,vos mavs mort !

    TenorFLOS FILIUS EIUSTriplumLove unfairly makes me suffer grief,for my lady, who has slain me,deigns notto comfort my pains.

  • I have always served her very welland certainly never lied to her.I am entirely at her service, I do not deny it,and thus want to ever do her will.With folded hands I cry ever to her for mercy;for Gods sake, may she deign to have mercy on me!

    MotetusIn May, when roses bloomand I hear the birds sing,it is right that I livejoyfully and pleasurably.That is why I want to love;I dont believethat this is known yetto the one from whom come the pains of lovewhich will kill me.For never in my lifehave I had joy from Love,but if I have not your aid,your love, your comfort,dark-haired lady without a sweetheart,you will have killed me!


    4MotetusNe sai, que je die,tant voi vilanieet orgueil et feloniemonter en haut pris.Toute cortoisiesen est si foue,quen tout ce siecle na miede bons dis ;quar ypocrisieet avarice, samie,les ont si seurpris,ceus qui plus ont pris.Joie et compaignietienent a folie,mes en derriere font pis !

    TenorIOHANNE4 MotetusI do not know what to say I see so much villainyand pride and evilgaining high esteem.

  • Courtesy has utterly fledbefore them so that in the whole world there is no more noble speech;for Hypocrisyand her friend Avaricehave captured those who are most prized.They consider joy and fellowshipto be foolishness,and behind ones back they do even worse!


    5TriplumSe je chante, ce fait Amour,qui mon cuer esclaire nuit et jourdun penser tout plain de douchourvers ma dame debonaire,qui par droit est examplaireet de toutes la flourde bont, biaut et valour.Bien le desclaire,son dous gracieus viairepar maint toursi me doit mout plairesans retraire,que samor si me va entour.Jen oublie toute doulouret men paine mieus de bien faire,car de servir dame, de tele afairevient hounour.Quant on le sert bien sanz folour,on en atent dous salaire ;et sen est toute la vie meillour.Or veulle Amour, que sans mesfairepuisse maintenir ce dous laboursans nule pensee daillours,car riens ne mest contraireen ma dame, en cui tous biens saaireet toute honourpar grant savour ;ne de sa fresce colourje ne puis estrairefors samblant datraire :Ce tient mon cuer en ardour.

    MotetusBien doi amer mon amiautant que moi,car il la bien deservi.Raison de ce dirai pour quoi :

  • Nuit et jour a de cuer acomplimes volents sans mal ne desroy,puisquil mama et je li.Riens en li a blasmer ne voi :Joli est, biaus et de maintiens coi ;Dieus, com bien mamour en li emploi !Si nen puis mais, se jen di,quautant que moi amer le doi,puisquil maime en bone foy.

    TenorET SPERABIT5 TriplumIf I sing, its Loves doing he lights up my heart night and daywith thoughts full of tendernessfor my gracious lady,who is rightfully the finest example,the flower of goodness,beauty, and worth.I declaim it aloud her sweet face, full of grace,in myriad ways infinitely and unceasingly pleases me,for love of her envelops me so much.I forget all sorrowand take greater pains to do better,for honor comesfrom serving ladies of such quality.When one serves them well, without folly,one expects sweet reward;then is ones whole life better.May love grant that I be ableto continue without wrongdoingthis sweet labor, with never a wayward thought,for nothing in my lady displeases me all goodness resides in herand all honor in the most pleasing way.Nor can I conclude from her fresh complexionany more than the appearanceof wishing to attract me:it keeps the flame burning in my heart.

    MotetusI surely ought to love my sweetheartas much as myself,for he has indeed deserved it.I will tell you the reason for this:night and day he has willingly fulfilled my wishes, without harm or pride,

  • since he fell in love with me and I with him.I see nothing in him to criticize:joyful he is, and handsome and proper of bearing.God, I use my love well in giving it to him!I cannot but say that I should love him as much as myself,because he loves me in good faith.


    6TriplumOr ne sai je que devenir :De mes amours ne puis jor !Et si les serf bonementde cuer et cors entierement,nonques nen fui recreans,mes tous dis obessansa ma dame dounour, pour qui chantet chanteraitous les jours que je vivrai,ne ja ne men partirai.Sen dirai : Ai, ai, ai !Au cuer sent les maus que jai !Bien sai, quen morrai, hai,se bien prochain secours nai ;et se ma dame otroierne me veut, pour deproiersecours merci attendrai.

    MotetusPuisque damer sui desirranset amours de dame attendans,je doi bien estre obessans,sages, courtois et bien celans,se damours voel jor com fins amans.Quar Amours ne veut mie,tant [h]ait ele segnouriepar tout le mont espanie,soi metre aval le vent.Tieus li pramet sa foi, qui puis li ment ;nus ne si doit metre, sil ne la sent.Cest savoureuse vieet garenne garnie ;Tieus i chace, qui riens ni prent.

    TenorKYRIELEYSON6 TriplumNow I dont know what to do:

  • I cannot take pleasure in my love.And yet I serve love graciously,with heart and soul entirely.Never have I shirked my duty I have always been obedientto the worthy lady for whom I singand will singall the days of my life,without ever leaving off.I will say: Oh, oh, oh, the painswhich torment me, I feel in my heart.Well do I know that Ill die of them, oh,if I do not get speedy relief;and if my lady does not wishto answer my supplication with aid,I will wait for mercy.

    MotetusBecause I am desirous of lovingand am awaiting the love of a lady,I must indeed be obedient,prudent, courteous, and discreet,if I want to enjoy love like a true lover.For love has so much powerthroughout the worldthat it will in no way consentto being carried about by the wind.There are some who promise to be true and then deceive love.No one should love, if he does not feel it.Its a desirable life, yet like a well-stocked game preserve:one can hunt there, but catch nothing at all.


    7TriplumH Dieus, de si haut si bassui souples et masen grief dolour,quant ne puis trover solasen celi, qui en ses lasma sans retour,qui tant a valor,biaut et douorquonques ne fui lasdavoir samorne niere a nul jour.Car sovent en tel labourest mes cuers, li las,por avoir aucun respasde vivre a honor.

  • Et se mau me feit greignorsentir ses regars,je ne men doi pasplaindre nes a gas,car cest tout par ma folour.

    MotetusMaubatus longuement pleureet par costume demeureplus longuement en son plour ;mes li batuz a retoura de son mestre paour,quads sus ne li requeure.Por ce mains pas ni demeur,qui [sui] batus plus qua gas ;ainz atent com me sequeure,si suefre de jor en jourmon meschief et deure en eureen espoir davoir solaz ;et di par crieme a Amors,quant ma batu plus q[u]un las :Amour, je ne men plai[n]g pasde mes dolours.


    7 TriplumO God, from so high I have fallen so low;I am weak and sicklywith grievous painwhen I cannot find solacein the one who ho