M OTIVATION & G OAL S ETTING Value = Goals = Behavior = Self- esteem

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Motivation & Goal Setting

Motivation & Goal SettingValue = Goals = Behavior = Self-esteem

There are three types of people

Ones that make things happenThose that let it happenAnd the ones that dont know what happened.

What one are you going to be?

What is a Goal?The object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired resultGoals must be realistic you cant lose 40 pounds in one month

Must prioritize rank in order of importance you, cant accomplish it all at once.

Do you have the resources you need to reach your goals (money, information, health, energy, skill, etc.).

There are 2 types of GoalsLong Term goals will take months, years, all your life.

For example: graduate from college, become a pilot, lose ___ pounds, etc.

Short Term goal is achieved quickly (finish term paper, wash dishes, mail Christmas cards by Friday, etc.). They help you achieve your long term goals.

Writing goals SPECIFIC!written down MEASURABLE TIME FRAME read out loud frequently posted visibly

Seven goal areas


3. What are your lifetime goals???

Do you believe you can achieve?We need to learn how to dream. Keep the dream alive, reach your goals Some people dont decide or have a vision of what they want out of life. NO GOALS!!People with goals can see what they eventually want to achieve and they can see just how to get there.

What are your goals for the next 3-5 years?What are your goals for this coming academic year?

What are 2 goals for this class?Teen LivingWhat are the things you need to do in order to accomplish the goals in #5-6?

Build a bridge and get over itYou will have challenges You will have roadblocksYou can have excuses or success but not both

To-DoList the things you will do this week and the things you will do today that relate to your goals. These can be specific assignments, working with teachers, etc.Feel free to add any other things you want to accomplish during the week.Write a Letterwrite a letter to yourself about what it is YOU want to accomplish in your life within the next couple of years. You should be specific, naming the goal, what resources are needed to accomplish the goal, how you plan to achieve the goal, etc.

Self address the envelope and turn it into Mrs.WeaverIf you may be moving send it to a permanent address like a grand parent.After two years, you will receive your letter in the mail , Hopefully for graduation

How to address Your envelope:

Mrs. Weaver2656 N 2400 W Farr West, UT 84404

Your NameYour addressYour City, Ut zipIndividual Assignment:

Write a long list of the goals you think would be important and worthwhile for you to accomplish. (a dream list) List both short and long term goalsNow have them look at their list and ask themselves the following questions:Does it fit your values?Is it realistic?Is it flexible?Does it fit in with your other goals?Will the rewards be worth what you put in to it?Is it what you want?