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  • Maeve Cur ley

    maevecur [email protected] l .com

    0472 697 121


  • 4 years completedHonours Bachelor Degree



    Educat ion




    Universi ty of L imer ick

    I have completed four years of my Bachelor in Architecture at the

    University of Limerick.

    I have developed a strong set of integrated skills, balanced with a clear

    understanding of the environment built, existing and imagined

    and vital to professional practice.

    Modules I have completed include; Studio Design, Advanced Construction,

    Gravity & Reaction, Drawing & Representation,

    Environmental Systems & Forces and History & Theory.


  • Through the work of Auguste Choisy I studied Fragment and Coherance. Reinterpreting the whole by studying the individual fragment. I studied Choisys axonometric drawing of The Baths of Caracalla, Rome. I made a hard wood mould of the axonometric plate for casting in plaster. I photographed both mould and cast exploring the spatial intricacies. Using both photographs and models I began to think about Civic Space.

    C I V I C

  • I studied Civic Space as both an interior room and an exterior room. I designed a Town Hall for Limerick that became part of the public floor of the city. This is a public space for all. 1:20 Hard Wood Timber Model of the Entrance Hall.

  • I studied the Nolli Plan of Limerick. I used the figure ground representation to decide on my site using walking distances red five minutes, yellow ten minutes and blue twenty minutes. Looking at the relationship between the heart of Georgian Limerick and the edgelands of the city.

  • The floor of Arthurs Quay in Limerick is a public space. In my design for the Town Hall the floor of the city would enter the floor of the Town Hall. I have made small shifts in the level of this floor creating spaces for public events, gatherings and speeches.

  • E D U C A T I O N

  • This is not a bridge from one side to the other. It is a visual link to bring people into the centre of the block and inhabit Georgian Limerick.The University of Limerick is disconnected from the city. This project brings learning into the heart of the city. I chose this site to reconnect and rejuvinate the Universitys relationship with Limerick. This is a centre of learning but is also a place for the public. This steel frame spans across the block. Two concrete cores hold a staircase and a lift shaft. A platform below provides a cafe area but can also be used as a stage or platform for public concerts and events.

  • I went on a Study Trip to Marrakesh, Morocco. I surveyed and made working drawings of the Mosque, a Riad and a University. I chose the Riad a traditional Moroccan house with a centralcourtyard as my site for a Medical Education and Day Care Centre. The project includes community rooms and clinics with the waiting areas in the gardens in between. There are also class rooms and public rooms for activities.

    H E A L T H

  • I focused on Housing on a Study Trip to Amsterdam. In Studio I made foam study models cut in seperate sections. I then aligned all the sections and slid them in and out creating unique living spaces.The solid containing services and utilities such as toilet and kitchen appliances. While the open spaces are living spaces.

    H O U S I N G

  • T I M B E R

    I designed this CNC timber joint with my collegue Sarah Mannion. It is a puzzle shaped finger joint which can be assembled quickly with a mallet. It is purely timber no glue or screws are needed. Our design placed second in the National Wood Awards and was published as part of the event.

  • This is a Timber Truss I designed with my collegue Adam Boardman. No glue is needed, screws are used to attach the triangles to the top and bottom planks. We developed this joint into two different projects. A School Gymnasium and a Market where fruit and vegetables can also be grown. The timber facade can be orientated to control the amount of light coming through.

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