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Text of Magazine Abs. 10 Rules to Ripped Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

Mandate #10 Know what you want!Which way do I go asked the cat? Where are you trying to get to? Responded the I dont really care then it doesnt really matter which way you go

Begin with the end in mind. -Steven Covey

So this is listed as Mandate #10, but could easily be the most important (but Ill probably say that about all the mandates :)

When I first embarked on my fitness journey about 13 years ago, I knew one thingI didnt want to be fat anymore.

That was it.

I was much more clear on what I didnt want rather than what I was really after. So sure enough, not long after I wasnt fat.

I was 511 115lbs.

Im not sure I had any fat, but I can tell you seeing every bone in my body is not nearly as cool as seeing every muscle in the body.

So I know, this is an extreme example, but I think it gets the point across. Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

Until you really, clearly understand EXACTLY what you want to look like, youll have no clue the path you have to take to get there.

If you want to compete in Mr. Olympia and look like Ronnie Coleman, its a different path than if you want to look like a bikini model.

So I urge you, get VERY CLEAR on what you want.

If your clarity is lose 5lbs or gain some muscle I can tell you the harsh reality right nowIts not going to happen. (or best case scenario, you will make some progress and then regress back to/or worse than before).

Harsh. But Ive seen this too many times that I feel like telling you anything but the ugly truth would be a disservice.

BUT, if your end goal is to look exactly like Greg Plitt, then we have an absolutely clear picture of the objective the ultimate outcome.

And heres another HUGE point.

Although the goal look exactly like Greg Plitt may seem impossible, and lose 5 lbs seems a lot more realistic. Id put my money on the person whose goal is to look like cover model Plitt.


Perhaps, but thats exactly the point. The goal of looking like Plitt is inspiring, motivating, and exciting. Thats a goal that will carry me to the gym after a long days workits a clear picture that will get me to skip on the evening ice cream. Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

Mandate #10 Homework: Get out your #2 lead pencil and an old school notebook and write down exactly what you want to look like. This needs to be 2 things:

1. Extremely clear, vivid, descript 2. An ultimate outcome that excites the hell out of you. The thought simply PUMPS YOU UP.

Design you ideal body, or your ultimate goal.

Something that if you had right now you would feel totally awesome.

Get down to the nitty gritty, do you want a 29 waist and 17 biceps. What do you want your weight to be (better get, your LBMmore on this in later Mandates).

Cut a picture out and tape it into your notebook. Now you have something to go after, now you know where you are going.

But what do you do now? Good question.

The directions to this new you, this exact destination, is what we will continue to cover in the MuscleScience Mandates. Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

Mandate #9 Do you really just want to lose 5 lbs?If you goal is to lose 5 lbs or add a little bit of musclethis is the most important muscle building, fat loss article you will ever read. Because unless you take this to heart I can tell you thisIts not going to happen.

Now I know that is harsh, and perhaps harsh enough that you will go out there and prove me wrong!

But heres the reality, and its more exciting than you think

You need to AIM HIGHER!

Have a PURPOSE, a REASON, a DRIVE that is so motivating that its impossible for you NOT to want to go after it.

Just thinking of the reason should cause your body to pump some endorphins, some juice! Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

Now when you have a reason like this, and an ultimate vision to match it (remember Mandate #10 = the vision :) I dont care what obstacles stand in your way. You will get there.

You will create the body and life you want.

This is what Im talking about, by placing the stakes in the ground where you want them, living on your terms, and not settling for what life gives you, but taking what you want from life.

Thats so important Im going to write that again:

MuscleScience Mandate #9:

Place stakes in the ground where you want them. Live on your terms. Dont settle for what life gives you, but take what you want from life.

When you place the stakes in the ground, and take complete ownership of your body, health, and life, that is when you are unbeatable.

And you do this with a driving purpose, without this, dont even tryyou have to have a deep passionate WHY you want to create the best body you humanly can, why you want to live healthy. Why you want that energy. Why you want to feel awesome.

For me, its pretty simple, there is basically nothing more important to me than health. If you dont take care of yourself, you cant take care of anybody else. Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

Its not selfish, its actually the opposite, by taking care of yourself you will be able to help more people, you will be able to work harder, better, more efficiently, and make more of a difference in the world.

You will be a better student, parent, husband or wife.

I know this.

And I also know that looking good is cool too :)

Heres a trick: Dont give one seconds thought to what other people think.

This is true freedom.

Know your core values and live by them, and then forget what others think.

People might look at you weird when you pull a chicken breast out of your pocket in the middle of a meeting/class/whatever, but hey, youre ripped healthy and feeling good. And hes probably a fat type II diabetic, who thinks of himself as a victim of bad genetics.

I find it ironic that the ones who dont care about themselves are the ones that judge others. Dont judge others for their choice of not giving a damn about their body, health, and life in general, and most people wont judge you (and real people will admire you :)

Take control of your life, you put the stakes in the ground, and live on your terms.

Dont live your life based on what others expect. Live based on the highest standard you expect from yourself. Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

Dont live your life based on fear and avoidance of pain.

Know where you are going, and dont stop until you get there. And when you get there, smile, embrace your accomplishments and all those who helped you get there, and then turn back around and look up and keep climbing.

Lifes a journey not a destination, dont ever stop climbing.


Let me tell you why this is SO crucial.

The minute you think you are satisfied with where you are at The minute you just want to maintain where you are The minute the fire and passion for improvement dies

This is the crucial minute. The turning point. Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

The reason why so few succeed. So few live the life they want with the body they want.

Because heres the harsh truth

If youre not improving, if youre not moving forward, you ARE moving backwards.

There is no such thing as maintenance. Maintenance is just another word for regression, failure.

Harsh but true.

That is the EMMENCE importance of:

MuscleScience Mandate #8

NEVER, EVER, STOP IMPROVINGHeres a short list of things you can constantly be focusing on to improve your body, health, energy, life:

1. Increasing your LBM (much much more on this later :) 2. Decreasing body fat 3. Increasing flexibility 4. Increasing cardiac capacity (i.e. increasing your hearts health) 5. Last but probably MOST IMPORTANTAlways increasing your KNOWLEDGE of health, nutrition, workouts, exercise (yes there IS a difference between exercise and workouts, and if you dont know what it is, make sure to keep reading!) Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

The More You Know, The More You Grow. My friend BPak, is right on with this one.

Tips to keep improving:

Set an ultimate vision (MuscleScience Mandate #10, if you havent read it yet, its a MUST :)

Set one year goals, and then monthly goals, and then weekly outcomes to get you to your ultimate vision.

(NOTE: if you follow these mandates you are going to get to your ultimate vision faster than you can image, TIP: set your next ultimate vision before you reach your current one. I know, sounds weird but its what will keep the fire alive!)

Everyday strive to be better than the day before.

Mandate #8 Homework

Write out your 1 year, 3 month, and 1 month goals. Determine what you can do THIS WEEK to start you on your way to your 1 month goal.

P.S. Sharing your goals is a great way to publically hold yourself accountable, so I would love to hear them and help hold you accountable! Share them here on the MuscleScience Facebook Page! Kevin Stock MuscleScience 2012

Mandate #7 Do you take steroids?This is perfect. Just yesterday, a big guy, probably about 50 pounds overweight, came up to me in the gym and asked in his most polite manner, Do you take steroids? Instantly, the very first thing that pops in my head Youre never going to make it. Of course, I did not say this. I told him I am