Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales Social Media Marketing

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Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales Social Media Marketing

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    An Unofficial, Practical Guide to Selling & Developing B2B Business on LinkedIn





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    Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing

    7Neal Schaffer is an important voice in the social business movement today. His deep understanding of how LinkedIn operates as a business tool is invaluable.

    Beverly Macy, CEO, Gravity Summit and coauthor of The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

    The definitive guide for B2B sales & marketing professionals to generate real business on LinkedIn.

    Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of the visionary social CRM platform Nimble

    For the vast majority of sales and business development professionals out there, LinkedIn is a largely untapped resource ripe for the picking. Neal Schaffer props up the ladder and hands you the bucket with this book. Read it, learn it, and start driving business through LinkedIn!

    Jason Falls, and coauthor of No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing

    Neal Schaffer puts together a step-by-step way for any business of any size to attract and retain customers by leveraging LinkedIn. Leave out the guess work and grab this gem!

    Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute and coauthor of Get Content Get Customers

    Neal is a very talented marketer with a deep understanding of LinkedIn and B2B social media. His latest book is a must read as he enlightens the reader with action-able advice on a lucrative platform

    Jodee Rich, CEO, PeopleBrowsr, the social analytics company

    In Maximizing LinkedIn, Neal Schaffer delivers the definitive guide to making LinkedIn an integral part of your strategy to build your network, connect with hard-to-reach prospects and grow your business. Buy it. Use it!

    Bob Thompson, founder and CEO, CustomerThink Corp.

    Do you want a crystal-clear book that tactically stitches together the frayed mess between sales, marketing and social media? Do you want a book that explains to your company how to take on he 16th biggest website in the world? If youre a B2B marketer that wants to see serious results, from the social web, put this baby on

  • your desk. And dont take my word for itjust ask Kelly Ducey from the Irish Dog Bloody Mary Companyyou can find here on LinkedIn, driving her business.

    Adam Metz, author of the business best-seller The Social Customer and There Is No Secret Sauce

    If you are a sales or marketing professional in the B2B space, this book is a must read. Mr. Schaffer provides a step-by-step approach for developing new business by engaging with the powerful LinkedIn platform. Maximizing LinkedIn offers many new and creative ways to maximize your time and ultimately your success with LinkedIn.

    Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measures and author of Accelerate!

    Neals new book not only shows how a business of any size can effectively lever-age LinkedIn to generate business, but also provides a great collection of practical case studies to bring the book to life. With nearly two decades of successful B2B sales and business development experience under his belt, Neal shares his invalu-able knowledge with the world in a useful, applicable way.

    Cassandra Pean, PR Manager, Vocus

    Neal Schaffer goes from soup to nuts in guiding all levels of marketing on how best to use LinkedIn as a meaningful sales and lead generation solution. Practical, actionable, readable: This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to use LinkedIn for competitive advantage.

    Phil Hollows, CEO and Founder, and author of List Building for Bloggers

    Neal delivers unique tips, tricks and techniques along with superior personal insight into what smart actions on LinkedIn can transform our businesses.

    Nance Rosen, author of Speak Up! & Succeed: How to get everything you want in meetings, presentations and conversations

    As a professional who has built his personal and professional brand using LinkedIn, I can unequivocally say this: Neal Schaffer gets it! I highly recommend this book to any businessor professionalthat wants to truly understand the power of LinkedIn and how to use it to succeed in social media marketing.

    Chuck Hester, Chief Connections Officer, Chuck Hester Enterprises

    Neal shows how we can use LinkedIn as a tool to generate sales but also build credibility, brand, and most importantly relationships. A must read book.

    Aaron Lee, founder,

  • Neal Schaffer is truly one of social medias pioneers, and a leader in teaching how any individual, small business or corporation can apply LinkedIn to their advantage.

    Bob Fine, founder of The Social Media Monthly magazine

    Neal Schaffer took his second LinkedIn book far above and beyond a how to but actually provides profound insights in the inner workings of social media in business and how it impacts all of our business lives. I highly recommend it to sales and marketing managers in all sizes of companies. Being one of the first LinkedIn users myself (ID 8573) I can say this book is excellent.

    Axel Schultze, CEO, Xeesm Corp. and Chairman, Social Media Academy

    Unlike many social media experts Neal Schaffer is not simply enamored with the technology for its own sake. He balances his knowledge and enthusiasm for social media with a real world grounding in business development. In his new book, Neal cuts through the clutter and gets to what worksto help make LinkedIn work for you and your business.

    Kathy Simmons, President & CEO, Netshare

    So you have been told that you must use LinkedIn to increase your customer base and sales ROI. But how do you get started? I highly recommend Neal Schaffers new book Maximizing LinkedIn. This book will easily guide beginners and experts on how to use LinkedIn to achieve their required results. Read it, share it and use it.

    Michael Carrillo, Co-Founder, CPGjobs (creators of

    Neal has been a wonderful resource to me and other attorneys on how to use social media effectively. This book will be my reference material of choice when questions or issues come up regarding LinkedIn.

    Michelle Sherman, attorney and consultant to businesses on the legal, regulatory and compliance issues relating to their social media use.

    Neal Schaffer blows me away with his vast knowledge, ability to clearly define effective strategies and how to measure results. He knows his game and under-stands how to navigate the often confusing social media landscape. Trust me, do what Neal says in this book and youll see results!

    Joe Rogers, CEO, LOVE Reusable Bags

  • Neal has a focused, engaging and uncanny way of delivering insights into how to best leverage what to some might be considered the mystery of LinkedIn. From the perspective of a business-to-business marketing and sales leader, this book helps me cut through the clutter and establish an effective organizational LinkedIn engagement plan that delivers results.

    Greg Rewers, Vice President of Marketing, Louis and Company

    Neal Schaffer certainly has his finger on the pulse of Business 2.0. If you are look-ing for a compelling read on LinkedIn marketing from a thought leader in the social media space, this is your book!

    Jack Molisani, Executive Director, The LavaCon Conference on Digital Media and Content Strategies

    Neal Schaffers book contains a wealth of practical, actionable steps to leveraging LinkedIn to generate new business and improve your B2B social media market-ing. Professionals in the worlds of sales, business development, and marketingas well as entrepreneurs and small business ownerswill find great value in this informative resource. An internationally recognized speaker on the subject of social media marketing, Neal practices what he preaches and always impresses me with his ability to connect with his audience and provide sound, simple-to-follow advice. Much as he is in person, Neals book is entertaining, engaging and ever informative. This is a must have for your business reading arsenal.

    Theresa Boyce, Chair and CEO, CEO Trust

    Neals book is a practical, easy to read guide for those striving for innovative solu-tions to develop business on LinkedIn. It helps business professionals power-up their Internet and integrated marketing potential to reach and interact with others to promote their products and services. An invaluable tool for strategic relation-ship building on the largest professional networking platform in the world with intrinsic and extrinsic value that takes six degrees of separation to a new definition of business success.

    Debbie Moysychyn, MBA, Director, Health & Wellness, Brandman University

  • An Unofficial, Practical Guide to Selling & Developing B2B Business on LinkedIn


    N E A L S C H A F F E R



    Sales and Social Media


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