Metode Penangkapan dengan Jaring Angkat dan Jaring Giring ...· 12/13/2015 · •Lift net: jaring

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Text of Metode Penangkapan dengan Jaring Angkat dan Jaring Giring ...· 12/13/2015 · •Lift net: jaring

Metode Penangkapan dengan Jaring Angkat dan Jaring Giring

(lift net and drive-in net)


Dr. Ririn Irnawati

Sub Pokok Bahasan

1. Hand lift net

2. Stationary lift net

3. Boat and raft lift net

4. Genuine drive-in net

5. Drive gillnet


Lift net: jaring angkat

Alat tangkap dijatuhkan, biasanya dibiarkan (direndam) untuk beberapa lama, kemudian diangkat dan diambil hasil tangkapannya.

Drive in net: jaring giring

Alat tangkap dipasang, kemudian digunakan cara-cara untuk menggiring ikan sehingga ikan tertangkap.

Various small hand lift nets

(a) crayfish ring; (b) bait net; (c) Philippine liftnet with bait box; (d) fixed crayfish net.

Small lift nets can be used as hand nets, and large

numbers of this gear are often operated by a single

fisherman, mostly for catching crabs.

Round framed lift nets can hang by three lines fastened to a ring

Ski-stick-like lobster rings of Thailand

Baited lift net for the lobster

fishery off thecoast of Namibia.

Crayfish liftnets from Finland

Danish crayfish net with

retarding device

Square-framed lift net from the River Danube near Passau

A hand lift net used in Bangkok (1960)

The purse hoop net of Wales, which can be


Japanese and Korean lift nets for catching snails.

Korean gear for catching snails

Stationary Lift Net

If the liftnets become larger, some better mechanism is needed to reduce the manpower needed to operate them.

(India) (Taiwan)

Stationary liftnets to be seen on theharbour mole of Ostend.

They can be hired by sports fishermen for bait fishing.

Liftnets with houses for shelter in Fiumicino, Italy (1959).


(bagan tancap+sero)


Boat and Raft Lift Net

Armada Bagan Perahu di Pulau Panjang

Genuine Drive-in Net

Young girls fishing with a lamba.

The fish are driven from the left into the cloth held open like a bagnet,

Madagascar Lamba = sarong(Brandt, 1964)

Japanese drive-in net (Iwashi nakabiki ami) for catching sardine-like fish.

This drive-in net used in the Philippines is like a dustpan in design.

The fish are driven into the net by a frightening line seen on the right-hand side.

Japanese triangular barriers for sardines. This is called the Oshiki ami and when the

fish enter the catching room the bottom net is drawn up.

Chinese torch net operated by two boats: (a) a boat with a lamp attracts fish in front

of the opening of a torch net; (b) the fish are guided into the net.

Drive Gillnet(Jaring Insang Giring)

(Martasuganda, 2005)

(Martasuganda, 2005)

(Martasuganda, 2005)