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MÉXICO M. Sc. JOSÉ LUIS FIGUEROA. @ditep. Background Main purpose of NDR Types of data Reach Problems Successes Lessons learned The way ahead. Background Basins. Background Production. Background Reserves (January 2009). 3P Total (billion boe) 43.6. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint [email protected]
Main purpose of NDR
NDR (@ditep) main purpose
E&P process optimization through the integration and delivery of technical data
Government legal processes and reporting optimization through the association of technical data to financial information
@ditep group main purpose
Integrate, maintain and move technical data along the E&P process
Field outlines
The non-stop proliferation of Excel´s, Power Point Presentations, Private Data Sets, etc. as ways to gather and keep data.
Who owns the data? Frequently there is not a clear responsibility of who must certificate or validate the information
The high level executives lack of real understanding of the challenge.
DM/IM as a Business Strategy, not an IT project
The proliferation of technical software (changing portfolio of applications)
Lack of standard transactions systems
Data cleaning, data validation, data certification, data baggage, good data, not so good data and so on, especially on subsurface information. Data is never a 100%. Find a level of acceptance
Standards? Unique Identifier? Common formats?
A good number of data sets Centralized (Opportunity to improve quality and control)
The successful termination of projects related to data collection in the field; projects ready to be implemented nationwide (Ej Production data, rock samples analysis, pipelines maintenance)
The recognition by high authorities of the value of the information contained in @ditep
The day to day increase in the number of users, currently 50% of the total E&P population (about 2000 users)
Recognition by regulatory authorities of @ditep as a means to report and control Oil and Gas information
Lessons learned
Constant report about Integration of data to promote teamwork collaboration and sustain commitment
Top management support is Key
Strategy must be long term and uninterrupted
A sense of ownership must be endorsed among users
Improve friendly Data Access and Delivery
Subsurface data is never 100%. We have to accept that resistance from some users will continue, so find a way to increase the level of acceptance.
Data loading is a major task.*
Be realistic - it will be more difficult than you think.*
Dealing with a 100 years backlog is difficult*
One database centralised is better than two, three, four or “n” distributed
*From Stewart Robinson-CDA-UK
The way ahead
The way ahead
We are currently working on key aspects of the @ditep strategy towards the future:
Complete the loading of historical data as it is still slow and incomplete in some assets
Continue working on the certification and validation of the data, so that it is used as a trusted source of information by current and new users
We have to put an extra effort to revert rejection by the Petro technical Specialists when it comes to “Data Publishing, Sharing and above all Accepting”
Continue working to achieve standardization and integration with the E&P process
The introduction of new technologies to upgrade the quality and performance of the data base and visualization software among others.
Crude Oil (Millions bpd)

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