My Best Friends

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  • 1.My Friends
    I love you and here are the inexplicable reasons why

2. KristynLaskowski
*Is one of my very best friends
*I love her
*Fun times
*Inside jokes that get posted in Facebook statuses and only we understand
*Disney movies until 3am
*Throwing stuffed animals and laughing when the dog snores
3. Kristyn and I met about three years ago when my sister and her dad became best friends..I actually cant remember how we met, exactly, all I know is that ours was one of those instantaneous friendships.Every time we hang out, we spend hours talking about whats going on in our lives, and our different schools. We eat a ton of chocolate and watch every Disney movie I own (which is all of them).Its a little hard to explain how we made it happen, we just did.Somehowwe get along really well all of the time: Theres nothing difficult about a friendship withgirls who could practically be twins.I mean, we are so alike its not even funny.My favorite part so far has been when my parents get us mixed up.We even act the same at times.Really really hyper and then we kind of sink back down.But see, the thing is that when we are hanging out together,we know that we dont have to worry about whether or not we will tell someone else some random secret.Its one of those weird things, where we are happy we dont go to the same school because if we did we would know the same things, it would be boring to talk about our days because they would be the same.And, we would always know whats gong on.But this way, we can just chill out and have fun laughing at different things that happen in our own lives.I like having a friend that goes to a different schoolbecause it kind of mixes things up a little, and makes life a little less boring.We always know what each other is thinking and everything. Its one of those best friendships that no one else understands because we dont even get it!=) But it works, so we dont fix what aint broken.It just wastes the time that we could be spending watching The Little Mermaid or Aladdin or Tarzan and eating chocolate.Which, we all know that wasting time doing that is just blasphemous.So, thats Kristyns and my friendship in a nutshell.
4. K
Is for Kristyn
5. Sarah Scarboro

  • Another of my best friends

6. Always fun to be around 7. Can cheer me up easily 8. Lots of laughing during tech class 9. Always good times 10. Lots of things in common