My friend. Hello, Hello , friend! We are friends! Find your friends,send flowers. ( ‰¾œ‹‹, é€è±œµ )

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Text of My friend. Hello, Hello , friend! We are friends! Find your friends,send...

  • My friend

  • Hello, Hello friend!We are friends!Find your friends,send flowers. (,)

  • Lets singLong long hair, short short hair long long long , short short shortShe has long hair, he has short hairLong hair long, short hair short(:)Find your friend,and sing together.()

  • Strong~ strong~Im strong.thin ~thin ~Im thin.Is is is,she is strong!Is is is,he is thin!

  • is thin. is thin/strong.She is quiet.

  • 1.He/She is

    2.He/She hasIm hungry!!

  • ,.is my friend.She/He isShe/He has..

  • She is rabbit.

  • Hes strong and tall. He has small eyes and big ears. He has short hair and a big mouth. He plays basketball well().Hes a Chinese boy. Hi, my name is Yao Ming.

  • Guess, boy or girl?

  • Guess, strong or thin?

  • Guess, long hair or short hair?

  • tall-- long-- strongbig-- black-- on boy-- teacher-- manhe-- his----shortshortthinsmallwhiteundergirlstudentwomanor ?sheher

  • My friends, my friends.Im in the trap.Help! Help!

  • Im pig.Im strong.I can pull.Im rabbit.Im small.I can pull.Im _____.Im _____.I can ___.Help! Help!

  • One , two, three, pull!~~~

  • Thank you. Now we are friends.

  • She is Miss Gu.

    Shes ---------.

    She has ------.strongthinshorttalllong hairshort hair

  • I have a friend.

    He/She isHe/She has

  • Please treasure your friendship!

  • Homework()

    My friend


    Age(): __________________________