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8/7/2019 My RM Presantation http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/my-rm-presantation 1/9 WHAT A RE THE MOST ESSENTIAL F ACTORS THAT IMPACT ON EMPLOYEE RETENTION? Muhammad Achar Bozdar Student: MBA-2 International Business ID: 0822KKKK1009

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    Muhammad Achar Bozdar

    Student: MBA-2 International Business

    ID: 0822KKKK1009

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    The primary reason for working is to obtainmoney (Jackson and Carter, 2007), but could employers domore in order to retain their employees. The relationship between satisfaction andleadership style as well as remuneration with themain focus on pay. Most Organizations are facing problems ofemployee turnover Financial Loses of the organizations because ofthe increasing employee turnover rate.

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    To understand employees retention in relation toleadership style remuneration. Effect of elements such as participation, feedback,autonomy, fairness, responsibility, development and

    work-atmosphere. Illustrating a suitable conclusion on the foundation ofdiscussion above and to make some recommendationand to increase employee retention.

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    Marketing and consumer researchers over the period of forty years have tried to grasp the concept of

    impulse buying and defined this terminology in their own perspectives, for which some research

    findings are discussed here.

    In a research conducted by Cobb and Hoyer (1986), impulse buying was defined as an

    unplanned purchase and this definition can also be found in the research of Kollat and Willett (1967).

    In another research by Rook (1987) reported that impulse buying usually takes place, when a consumer

    feels a forceful motivation that turns into a desire to purchase a commodity instantly. Beatty and

    Ferrell (1998) defined impulse buying as instantaneous purchase having no previous aim or objective

    to purchase the commodity. Stern (1962) found that products bought on impulse are usually cheap.Shopping lifestyle is defined as the behavior exhibited by purchaser with regard to the series of

    personal responses and opinions about purchase of the products as reported by Cobb and Hoyer (1986).

    They find that shopping life style and impulse buying behavior are closely related but only in the case

    of impulse buyers. The study also states that impulse purchasers fell in the middle as of the

    measurement tools used by the researchers, indicated that purchasers will not pick the first brand they

    spotted in the shopping mall.

    In researches conducted by Cha

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    Increasing Turnover Rates Employee turnover rates have, within the last several years, become anationwide epidemic. Employees no longer feel the sense of companyloyalty that once existed. According CIPD surveys in July 2010 the overall employee turnover ratefor the UK to be 13.5%. (http://www.cipd.co.uk/subjects/hrpract/turnover/empturnretent.htm )

    Employee Turnover isExpensiveWhile many line managers know that replacing someone costs a lot of time,energy and lost productivity & as well as money.

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    Research Philosophy


    Research Approach


    Research Strategy


    Research Design


    Data Collection Methods

    Secondary and Primary Data



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    1. Review the literature on job satisfaction and employee retention.

    2. Based on the information obtained from the review of literature, a questionnairewill be developed to identify employee perceptions about job satisfaction and

    employee retention.

    3. The sample population of workers will come from varying fields of occupations,

    with the exception of management positions.

    4. The questionnaire developed for use in this study will be analyzed and field tested

    for validity using workers from a single occupation or trade, in non management

    positions, who are not participating in the study. Prior to finalization

    of the questionnaire, appropriate revisions will be made.

    5. The information gathered by questionnaire will be sorted and analyzed andcategorized and appropriate inferential statistics will be generated.

    6. Recommendation for practice will be derived from the analysis of the data


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    Quantitative Qualitative

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