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  • 1.My Vote My RightAwareness For Youth Presented byCampaign VotersNagarajan M, IAS7/3/20121

2. Speak their Language: Connect Spread a message Go where our audience are Speak in their language and Provide a platform to them.7/3/2012 2 3. Objectives of the Campaign Awareness creation and education Community Building Develop thoughtleaders and champions who will evangelizeVoting Create a buzz about participating in Elections. Change perception of Voting as a duty toVoting as cool.7/3/20123 4. 7/3/2012 4 5. Why Youth Voters? Youth Voters are those voters in the age groupof 18 to 25 years. Most of the Voters in thisage group are first time voters. There is no formal or informal mechanism toprepare the Voters to perform theirDemocratic duties.7/3/2012 5 6. Why this campaign Instill a sense of belongingness Make aware of rights and duties Realize the importance of Ethical Voting Enable conversation among Youth on theirDemocratic rights and duties.7/3/2012 6 7. Components OnlineOffline7/3/2012 7 8. Online strategy Creation of the Team Development of Portal Yes its available Design of creatives, developing portal content viz. forms, FAQs, Audio, Videos, infographics Creating Social Media accounts Creating process for engagement online viz comments, replies.7/3/20128 9. Engagement Reply to User Comments on website,facebook page, twitter User submitted articles, videos, photos evaluated and uploaded. Articles by eminent persons on Electoralissues viz Journalists, thought Leaders andYouth themselves. Experience sharing among the youth viadiscussion forum.7/3/20129 10. Some examples..7/3/201210 11. 7/3/2012 11 12. 7/3/2012 12 13. 7/3/2012 13 14. Why Online Primarily its an online initiative to harness the power ofSocial Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Majority of College Students and youth in the categoryaccess these Social Networks with Facebook being theleading network. Facebook : 900 million registered users more than the population of USA (313mn as on 06-03-2012) and slightly less than the population of India(1,210mn Census, 2011) . The maximum no. of users of Facebook are from US. Indiaranks 2nd with close to 46 million users. Brazil andIndonesia are at the 3rd and 4th spot.7/3/2012 14 15. Tata Consultancy Survey - findings 85% teenagers have a Facebook account, 43% are on Orkut, 30% are on Twitter, and 27% have an account on other socialnetworking websites. The key insight is.that7/3/2012 15 16. 120% In Delhi, 96% of 96% 97%those surveyed had100%a Facebook account, 80%dramatically upfrom 24% in 2009; 60% 40% In Mumbai, 97% had 200940% 2011a Facebook account, 20% 24%as compared to 40%in 2009. 0%7/3/201216 17. Content Generation Content will be generated in the form of Posters,Wallpapers, Audio jingles, Video clips which havehigh virality. PDF forms - download Online query service (integrated website) FAQs Online Voting awareness videos Course modules on Ethical Voting aspects7/3/201217 18. Offline Activities Once the attention is mobilized in onlinenetworks it will be supplemented with offlineactivities like Workshops and competitionsand fests in Colleges. Poster Design Contest Slogan Contest Quiz online and offline Essay Contest7/3/201218 19. Voting Cycle Gap Analysis7/3/2012 19 20. Attains 18 years Does not know anything about voting except whats shown on TVCollege enrolls name in EIPC Needs to know - why should I vote, where is my name in Voter list, where is myPolling Station.EPIC is received Are my friends having their EPICsPoll announced, Watches TV, Reads Newspaper anddiscusses with Friends Ethical Voting !?! Discuss with friends and elders ?On Voting Day simply votes to some random Symbol. Go and vote based some impressions generated accidentally No application of thought.....similar to "Share Market Investment" Mass Gambling......7/3/2012 20 21. Hence this Campaign.7/3/2012 21 22. Future Plans This portal will be handed over to ECI forcontinual update and maintenance. Evolve as an Online resource and referenceportal for all matters relating to Elections inCommon Mans language. Crowdsource expenditure monitoring mobile apps which will help people reportirregularities by posting pictures, videos oremail.7/3/201222 23. Email : mnagarajanias@gmail.com7/3/201223