Native americans

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  • 1. The American Indians Then, andTodayLt Col Sergio A. PorresChief, Office of Defense Cooperation

2. Background Who Are they?Where did They Come From? Southeast Asia/Southern Pacific 3. Background Name? Red Skins American Indians Native Americans 4. Were they All The Same? Commonalities: History = Story telling One with Mother Nature Land Gatherers = Nomads Crops = Villages Hunters: Bison, Elk, etc Meat for Food Furs and Skin Clothing/Shelter Stomach for liquids Bones for weapons 5. Commonalities: Spiritual: Many Gods Special Relationship with Nature Sun = Supreme God Power of Dreams Shaman 6. Commonalities: Roles of Men and Women Men: Traditional Women: Important Skills,givers of life Medicine Women Matrilineal 7. Cherokee Largest Ani Chota not Cherokee Hunters ------Farming Complex Chiefdom Least Resistance toWhite Man 8. European Encounter Disease Expansion Cultural Differences Religion Civilizing Manifest Destiny 1830--Indian Removal Act 9. Nations Within Nations Multi membership (tribes, nations, bands) Treaty rights 562 Tribal Governments National congress of American Indians 1944 10. Famous Native Americans