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Rephouse's Neoflex™ REPtiles™ Brochure. Neoflex™ REPtiles™ are environmentally-friendly modular rubber flooring tiles, designed for areas subject to heavy wear.

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  • Neoflex REPtiles


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  • Simply amazing.

    Neoflex REPtiles are environmentally-friendly modular rubber flooring tiles, designed for areas subject to heavy wear. Neoflex REPtiles are contemporary, beautiful and technically superior. The 500 mm x 500 mm sized tiles incorporate a fabric reinforcing ensuring dimensional stability whilst maintaining walking comfort and resilience. They create a sophisticated mood allowing you to express your individuality and offer a stunning look for any modern or professional environment.

    Thickness: 4 mm, 6 mm (1/4), 8 mm or 9.5 mm (3/8)

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  • The same great performance - in a new form.Neoflex REPtiles are made of exactly the same high quality materials as regular Neoflex Resilient Flooring. The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip resistance and aesthetic appeal makes Neoflex REPtiles the true perfect solution for many commercial, architectural and recreational flooring applications.

    Quality Materials 08

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  • Doing more with less.

    We all know that cutting rubber flooring to fit the shape of an area results in waste. When installing rubber rolls, around 12% is lost through wastage. By using Neoflex REPtiles wastage is reduced to around 4% - a significant reduction that also results in less time for installation. If you choose a surface pattern that is random enough, wastage could be further reduced to just 2%.

    Neoflex REPtiles are easily handled and supplied in recyclable carton boxes. Furthermore, shipping modular rubber tiles is more economical than shipping rolls -with a lower chance of damage when shipped.

  • Material Savings 12

  • Pick a color.Any color.Neoflex REPTiles can be supplied in any Neoflex 500, 600, 700, 800, BFC, Natural or Reco Series Flooring color. Consult our comprehensive Neoflex brochure for a selection of our most popular colors. Either pick one of our standard colors as a base, or design your own from scratch using our Think Color webtool!

    Colors 14

  • The first STRIPES collection.

    Neoflex REPtiles with STRIPES represents something brand new and exciting. Through a unique manufacturing method, Rephouse is now able to produce Neoflex REPtiles with shading and color differences in alternate rows. The effect offers a contemporary look that stands out from the rest. With 6 designs that are exclusive to REPtiles, the design community can create a perfect fit for business environments as well as sports & recreational facilities. Contact us for any special color or design requirements we would be happy to create one for you!


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  • The following pages show the designs available for Neoflex REPtiles STRIPES Collection One. Use them to identify your preferred colors and compare combinations. These samples are meant to give you a first impression of colors and materials. Experience has shown, however, that printed versions of colors cannot in all cases faithfully reproduce the color appearance of the originals. We therefore recommend that you consult your Rephouse partner on your preferred color choices, who will be happy to show you original samples and assist you.

    STRIPES Collection One Colors

    STR 001

    STR 002

    STR 003

    STR 004

  • STR 005

    STR 006

    STRIPES Colors 18

  • Stikibak

    Fabric Backing

  • Stikibak 20

    Dont mess around.

    Neoflex REPtiles can be supplied with Stikibak. Stikibak is a solvent-free dry adhesive solution for bonding Neoflex REPtiles to a prepared sub-floor. Simply peel off the liner on the back of the tile, place the tile on the sub-floor and apply pressure firmly thats it no need for any liquid adhesive. No mess, no mixing, no waiting time, and no VOCs. Its quick and efficient.


  • Rephouse Recycling.

    Your Rephouse floor is the product of a comprehensive recycling concept. But what exactly does that mean in practice? It means that all the requirements of recycling are taken into account from the start, in the initial development of the floor. One example is careful material selection designed to preserve resources and to ensure efficient recycling compatible with the environment. Each Rephouse floor is designed and built for simple economic recycling after its long running life. Since 1990, we have been collecting the know-how required for this purpose, focusing on improving the high standards of quality, performance and environmental care we are known for. Please contact your Rephouse partner on all matters regarding your end-of-life floor. They will be happy to help.

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