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Nyanga au Gabon

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“ Bonjour, je m’appelle Nyanga et je viens de Libreville au Gabon ”. Nyanga au Gabon. Je viens de = I come from. “ Le Gabon se situe dans l’ouest de l’Afrique . ”. “ Tu aimes notre drapeau ? ”. Nyanga au Gabon. notre drapeau = our flag. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Nyanga au Gabon

  • Nyanga au Gabon Bonjour, je mappelle Nyanga et je viens de Libreville au Gabon Je viens de = I come from

  • Nyanga au Gabon Le Gabon se situe dans louest de lAfrique. Tu aimes notre drapeau ? notre drapeau = our flag

  • Nyanga au GabonJe suis trs intresse par lenvironnement.

    Jaime trouver des solutions pour protger nos forts et nos animaux sauvages.A lcole, jai apprisquelque chose de nouveau.animaux sauvages = wild animalsjai appris = I learnedquelque chose = something

  • Nyanga au GabonLe Gabon sest dot de la nouvelle Agence d'Etudes Spatiales

    Elle utilise des satellites pour contrler notre fort nationale. La bonne nouvelle nous avons trs peu de dforestation. sest dot = has adoptedtudes spatiales = space studiesbonne nouvelle = good newspeu de dforestation = little deforestation

  • Nyanga au GabonJcris une rdaction pour une comptition en sciences. Le titre cest : La recherche spatiale progrs ou danger ? Voici mes notes en anglais Space research true or false?Satellites can be used to check that our forests are not being destroyedWe can learn to use Helium from the moon to give us energyWe can use molecules from Mars to help to clean polluted landWe can learn how crystals developed in order to find new treatments for cancerIn Scotland, space scientists have developed new technologies that allow cars to avoid impacts and therefore improve safety.

    une rdaction = an essay

  • Nyanga au Gabona sappelle Moondale.Il y a beaucoup de bnfices potentiels - alors, il faut continuer dvelopper de nouvelles technologies. cest lan 3030 = its the year 3030sur la lune = on the moonbnfices = benefitsalors = soil faut = we have toJimagine que cest lan 3030 et quon peut habiter sur la lune.

    Hello my names Nyanga and I come from Libreville in Gabon.*Gabon is situated in the West of Africa. Do you like our flag?*I am very interested by the environment. I like to find solutions to protect our forests and our wild animals. At school, I learnt something new.*Gabon has adopted a new Agency for Space Studies. It is using satellites to control our national forest. The good news is that we have very little deforestation.*I wrote an essay for a science competition. The title is Space research progress or danger? Here are my notes in English.*In my imagination its the year 3030 and you can live on the moon. Its called Moondale. There's lots to be gained - we have to continue to develop new technologies.*