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  • Climbing is a welcome and historical use by the National Park Service, US Forest Service,

    Bureau of Land Management, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Army Corp of Engineers

    The Ohio Climbers Coalition, (OCC)is a non-profit corporation whose

    purpose is to promote and protect Ohios climbing for generations to come.

    The Ohio Climbers Coalition helps to organize volunteer events across the state, providing climbers with the support and

    resources that allow them to care for and give back to lands where they climb. Our signature

    stewardship program with our partnerthe Access Fund, Adopt-a-Crag, exists to unite local climbing communities in partnerships with land managers to conserve their local

    climbing areas. These events often include litter clean-ups, visual

    impact mitigation, trail construction and restoration,

    erosion control, and wildlife monitoring.

    Climbing is a low impact activity with more than 6.5 million annual

    U.S. participants

    27% of climbers in 2012 were first-time participants, an indicator of the

    sports growth

    26 is the median age for climbing

    by the numbers

    58% of Ohio college students plan to leave the state after finishing school. Finding a place that is active, exciting and fun was the second highest priority

    The 4 largest park systems in Northeast Ohio have more than 72,000 acres, but only 1 outdoor climbing area

    86% of climbers climb outside of their home state

    80% of climbers participate in a cross-over sport such as mountain biking or hiking

    More than 50% of all married couples and those living with

    domestic partners are outdoor participants, suggesting that

    outdoor activities are family-friendly

    Access to public lands for rock climbing will rise in importance

    given its projected growth according to a US Forestry Service Report


    The Ohio Climbers Coalitionenvisions a world where climbers are seen as stewards of the land versus simply

    users of the land. To this end, we advocate for a balance between recreational access and environmental conservation, and we encourage climbers to respect and

    honor the places and policies where they climb.

    The Ohio Climbers Coalition is a partner with theLeave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics,the most widely

    accepted outdoor ethics program used on public lands.The Ohio Climber Coalitionactivelypromotesthe seven Leave No Trace principles which isabout making

    good decisions to protect the world around us.

    Working as a united community, in cooperation with land managers and environmental agencies, improves

    the reputation of climbers as legitimate, responsible, and conservation-minded stewards.

    The OCC works closely with the Access Fund, the nations only national advocacy organization

    whose mission is to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment. The Access Fund works with land managers from

    coast-to-coast to address and allay their concerns about potential liability exposure resulting from recreational rock climbing, as well as questions about climbings impact on the environment.

    The Access Fund collaborates with some of the countrys foremost environmental organizations,

    including Earthworks, the Sierra Club, the Trust for Public Lands, Wilderness Society, The Nature Conservancy, and National Parks and

    Conservation Association.

    With the help of the Access Fund we want to work with state and local officials and land managers to help developed climbing management policies for

    public and private lands in order to expand the opportunities for people to rock climb in Ohio.

    To promote and protect Ohios climbing for generations to come