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Accelera le transizioni con un business 90 days coaching e un new manager assinilation process!

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    SIRIUM con Silvia Mauri
    Esperienze e Soluzioni per Creare Valore

2. 3. Perch un training?
I primi 90 giorni dopo una promozione,
unassunzioneo un acquisizione
sono caratterizzati
dalla vulnerabilit dell incoming Manager
che deve ricostruire relazioni,
capire il suo nuovo ruolo,
acquisire conoscenze
e credibilit .
Da uno studio della Harvard Business Review - marzo 2008, si evince che il 40% delle promozioni fallisce durante i primi 18 mesi
e che un Managerin un nuovo ruolo
raggiunge il suo Breakeven Point
non prima dei 6 mesi.
4. Per una partenza fulminea serve un On-boardingAccelerator!
Accelera il tuo apprendimento
Promuovi te stesso
Mantieni il tuo equilibrio
Trova la strategia
Assicurati Early-Wins
Allineati alla struttura
Negozia il successo con il
Tuo capo
Crea coalizioni
Accelera tutti!
Crea il tuo team
5. Lo scopo del 90 dayscoaching
quello di anticipare
il breakevenpoint dellincomingMgr!
6. Tecnica di feedback facilitato in grado di accrescere lefficacia di un team accrescendo la quantit di informazioni condivise .
Processo disegnato originariamente da GeneralElectric e usato dalle principali Fortune 40, il cui scopo comprimere il tempo che necessita per stabilire relazioni tra i subordinati e il loro incoming Manager.
New Manager
"You never get a second chance
to make a first impression"
7. Come funziona:
8. HowtoBuildan A-Team fromDayOne
12:51 PM Tuesday May 11, 2010
. ..Yetastimepasses and managersmove on tonewassignments, theyoften look back and regretthattheydidn't developtheir team faster and more aggressively. What's behindthisseemingcontradiction and what can managers do toestablishanA-teamasquicklyaspossible?
Let's start bylooking at a fewof the dynamicsfacing a new manager, some ofwhich are describedby Michael Watkins in his book
The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategiesfor New Leaders at AllLevels.
Onefactoristhatmostnewmanagersinheritanexisting team and, in fairness, wanttogiveincumbents the benefit of the doubtthatthey are right for the job. At the sametime, mostnewmanagersrealizethattheyneedtolearnabouttheirnew business or function, and thatmuchofthatlearningwill come from the existingteam.
Giventhesedynamics, manymanagers are hesitanttomovetooquickly, wantingtogather more data beforemakinganydramaticchanges.
Anotherdelayingfactoristhatmanynewmanagers don't wanttorisk "breaking" a successfulorganization, especiallywhenthey are notcompletelyknowledgeableabouttheirnew business or function, theircustomers' expectations, and the capabilitiesof the extended team as a whole. ..
Based on thesedynamics, manymanagersmaynot focus on upgradingtheir leadership team untilit's too late whenitbecomesclearthattheycannotachievetheirgoalswith the existingcrew.
So what can youas a manager do toovercomethisnaturalhesitancyabout building anA-teamearly on? Let me suggesttwosimplesteps:
First you can conductan "assimilation" sessionwithyour team within a week or twoofyourappointment. Thisis a processthatwaspioneered at GE (and isstill standard procedure there) and isnowusedbymany premier organizations. The aimistoquicklyclarifyexpectationsbetweenyou and your team, and get some of the uncomfortable and difficultdynamics out on the table. A sessionlikethis can help youquicklygetpast some of the awkwarddynamicsdescribedearlier and allowyou and the team toassesseachothermuch more openly.
Tomake the earlyassessment and developmenteven more effective, the secondthingyou can do isto challenge eachofyourmanagersearly on with a short-term stretch assignment.Givethemthirty or sixtydaystogetsomethingimportantdonethatpushesthemoutsidetheir comfort zone. Notonlywillthis help youtomake a differencewith the business in your first fewmonths, italsowillgiveyouinvaluable data about the capabilitiesofyourteam
If building anA-teamisoneof the criticalingredientsfor success in a newassignment, whynotgetstarted on it right away?
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