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ONLINE + OFFLINE Marketing Strategy

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ONLINE + OFFLINE Marketing Strategy to boost sales

Text of ONLINE + OFFLINE Marketing Strategy

  •, *ONLINE + OFFLINEMarketing Strategyto Boost Sales(Hong Kong ONLY)By John Lui, johnlui.comChief Strategist, SunShine Solutions6th April 2008,

  •, *Objective:Using Internetto build a motivated Sales Teamto generate businesswith Low Cost and Low Overhead Case Study: ABC Airline, ABC Bank Credit Card Department, ABC General Insurance Company,

  •, *Traditional Offline SalesIn-house Sales Staff(Promoter for Bank Credit Card Department)

    Affiliate Partners(travel agents for Airlines)(insurance brokers / agents for general insurance company),

  •, *Traditional Offline SalesClientTransactionBusinessSales Staff trigger salesBrokersAgentsSales Staff,

  •, *Traditional Offline SalesBrokers & agents: CommissionBusinessSales Staff trigger salesBrokersAgentsSales StaffSales Staff : Salary + Overhead + Commission,

  •, *Strength (traditional offline sales)Face to face interaction with clients

    Handling Objections & Closing on the spot

    Motivated Sales staff due to commissionand sales target,

  •, *Weakness (traditional offline sales)High-productive members turnover problems

    Non-productive team members influencing others

    High Overhead (MPF, Medical benefits)

    Training & Development Cost,

  •, *Weakness (traditional offline sales)Lies to customer to achieve target (e.g. cable TV)

    Company Image (Smoking, dressing, hair style) (Branding)

    Productivity is limited by Man Power,

  •, *Traditional Online SalesOnline advertising(Yahoo!, Google, Horizontal & Vertical Portal)

    Able-to-Sell Website,

  •, *Traditional Online SalesWeb SurferTransactionBusinessWeb Surfer trigger salesAdvertising Cost,

  •, *Strength (traditional online sales)Low Sales Force Overhead

    Standardize presentation & image (Branding)

    Customer Information in control,

  •, *Weakness (traditional online sales)Low Conversation Rate (i.e. Low closing ratio, below 0.01%) ,

    Cannot overcome customers objections

    Internal Sales Staff Overhead

    Sales Force is not companys strength,

  •, *Weakness (traditional online sales)Potential customers may go to competitors

    Negative sell by existing partners (brokers/agents)

    High Advertising Cost (i.e. Yahoo, Google),

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyAffiliate Program What is Affiliate Program?, *Affiliate,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyWeb, *What is Affiliate?An individual or company that markets a merchant's products or services and it paid only a sales commission fee.


  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyBenefitsFocus on Companys Strength (product and system development), NOT building a Sales Force. i.e. Relationship as follow Developer & property agents, Insurance Company & agents, Direct Sales Company & Distributors,, *,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE, *BusinessSales ForceCommission ONLYSalary + Overhead + CommissionAffiliate+Online,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyBenefitsAble to recruit UNLIMITED number of Affiliate through online / offline platform (i.e., *,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyOperationEach Affiliate will have their own affiliate code for website & Email (i.e., *Affiliateaffid=001,

  •, *AffiliateBrokersaffid=001ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyAffiliate Program What is Affiliate Program?AffiliateAgentsaffid=002AffiliateEmail Useraffid=003AffiliateWebMasterRecruit UNLIMITED affiliate through online and offline platformAffiliateWebsurferEach Affiliate will have their own affiliate code for website & Email (i.e.


  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyBenefitsUsing existing Broker / Agents (with client base) as Sales ForceZERO Cost on Sales Team Development through Online / Offline PlatformZERO Cost on Online advertisingStandardize presentation to protect company branding and, *,

  •, *ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyZERO Cost advertising & Sales Force DevelopmentAffiliate trigger sales through internetBusinessTransaction affid=007AffiliateWeb Surfer + Non-Web SurferOnline++++++Transaction affid=028Transaction affid=069affid=007affid=028affid=069,

  •, *BusinessCommission ONLY affid=007 WITHOUT Salary & OverheadAffiliate trigger sales through internetAffiliateaffid=007affid=028affid=069Commission ONLY affid=028Commission ONLY affid=069ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyZERO Cost advertising & Sales Force Development,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyAffiliate Program What is Affiliate Program?Maintain existing business partners relationship (Brokers / agents)Better customer service and unified user experience through all affiliate partnersProven successful business strategy and perfect for HK, *,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyWhy Perfect for HK market?, *,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyWhy Perfect for HK market?Easy to run recruitment seminars and share the conceptHK has very high Internet penetration and people are motivated to make moneyAffiliate will make money without cost (sending email and call their friends can make money)Affiliate can work part time and dont even need a, *,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyMotivation for AffiliateMarketing event (i.e. free movie, boat trip, concert) for affiliate and client to add value to products. Word of mouth will spread out, *,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyMotivation for AffiliateCommission can be setup based on sales performance. (i.e. better volume will get better commission)e.g. Commission $500 / Sale Performance Incentive: For Number of Actions equal to or greater than 50 increase commission by, *,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE Strategy Motivation for AffiliateAccount Management System for affiliate. They will receive SMS alert when sales is made. They can also check their commission online, *,

  • ONLINE + OFFLINE StrategyMotivation for AffiliateBusiness networking gathering to share successful strategy and build affiliate / client, *,


  • CASE STUDY AIRLINESCurrent ModelClients never buy from airline directlyTickets sell through travel agentsHigh overhead (rent, salary, benefit) for travel, *,

  • CASE STUDY AIRLINESOnline + Offline ModelTravel agents direct customers to airlines website with their affiliate codeSimplify procedure for agents and repeat business with low resourcesCustomer learned online system and will purchase through agents website in the future to get special discountAirline can maximize internet, *,

  • CASE STUDY AIRLINESOnline + Offline, *,

  • CASE STUDY AIRLINESKEYS of SuccessCustomer will get a special discount if they purchase through agents website or affiliate linksAgents direct customers to airlines website and close sales on the spotWide selections of payment methods to make customers feel comfortable on the, *,

  • CASE STUDY Credit Card, *,

  • CASE STUDY Credit CardCurrent Model has low ROI, high cost and ineffectivePotential affiliate partners resources has not fully utilized i.e. Restaurants, Retail Store, *,

  • CASE STUDY Credit CardOnline + Offline ModelOn-the-spot saving for customers who submit online applicationAdditional savings for successful, *,

  • CASE STUDY Credit CardOnline + Offline, *,

  • CASE STUDY Credit CardKEYS of SuccessMarketing materials in restaurant for product awarenessAdditional hardware is required, *,

  • CASE STUDY General Insurance, *,

  • CASE STUDY General Insurance Current ModelExisting Brokers / Agents has strong client base and sales technique. It should be fully utilized.Capability of Internet is not fully utilized for selling cycleBusiness volume increased if the number of Brokers / Agents, *,

  • CASE STUDY General Insurance Online + Offline ModelBrokers / Agents direct customers to insurance companys website with their affiliate codeCustomer learned online system and will purchase through agents website in the future to get special discountInsurance company can maximize internet, *,

  • CASE STUDY General Insura

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