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The Plaenge is a builder Brazilian based in the city of Londrina , in the state of Paraná 1. Founded on March 31 of 1970 by engineer Ézaro Fabian Medina, over the decades the Plaenge become a group of companies led by Plaenge Ventures has offices in cities such as Cuiabá , Joinville and Campo Grande , among others. In 2009 Plaenge settled in Chile 2.

The company operates in the construction , industrial projects and works, as well as commercial buildings and residences. With a total constructed area very close to Rossi’s, Plaenge, the construction company from Paraná comes in ninth place. Last year the company was ranked eighth on the list, with 178 projects delivered and 1.947 million square meters constructed in 2011.

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Analysis of the article

The stadium - known locally as Itaquerao - was 94 per cent completed and work was due to end next month. An engineer working on the project told Sky News before the accident that the construction was going to plan and the £218million stadium would be finished by the deadline. The stadium was already eight months overdue, and was due to be completed in March, but now builders have seven months to try and repair the extensive damage.

Two people are believed to have been killed after a crane collapsed at the Brazilian football stadium due to host the opening match at next year's World Cup. The final part of the structure, which was due to be one of the centerpieces of the 2014 tournament, was being installed at the Corinthians stadium when the 500-ton crane cut through the roof of the east side stand, causing extensive damage. One of the dead workers, 42-year-old Fabio Luis Pereira, was inside a truck when it was hit by the falling metal structure. The other, 44-year-old Ronaldo Oliveira dos Santos, was said to be 'napping' during a break in an area that was supposed to have been cleared.

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Route cause & hazard

Cause of the accident was still unclear, adding that any possible delay to construction was "the least of our worries." Odebrecht SA, the industrial conglomerate building the stadium, said it planned to restart work at the site on Monday, but the union representing the workers said construction could be frozen for up to 30 days while authorities investigate. Two workers at the site were killed, Sanchez said, with no additional casualties. Emergency officials had previously given conflicting information on the death toll and injuries. The incident casts yet another shadow over Brazil's preparations for the World Cup, which have been plagued by delays, accidents, cost overruns, and public anger over government waste that contributed to massive nationwide street protests last year.

Existing Control Measure

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From the article that I used for references, there was no control measure due to time the accident occur.

Personal Responsibility


In OSHA 1994, Part IV Section 15 (1), as their employer should provide safety while working as proper personal protective equipment.


Every employee must follow the safety rules at workplace.


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All supervisor must supervise all the workers at workplace to avoid accident occur.

Legal Requirement

• FMA (Safety Health and Welfare Regulation 1970), Regulation 12.

Where any person is require to work at a place from which he will be liable to fall a distance of more than ten feet, means shall be provided to ensure his safety and such

means shall where practicable include the use of safety belts or ropes.

• FMA 1967, Regulation 23

Effective provision shall be made for securing and maintaining sufficient and suitable means to protect any person employed from exposure to the element, and such means may include roof shelters and wind break for protection against rain, and wind respectively

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• OSHA 1994, Part IV, Section 15 (1)

It shall be the duty of every employer and every self-employed person to ensure, so far as is practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all his employees


Employer have to give safety briefing or do toolbox meeting before start working. Employer must provide rest area for workers so that they will not take a rest at risky area. Do inspection from time to time. Always be alert to hazardous work area. Management should consider allowing employees to stop work if they are aware of any

unsafe conditions. Companies need to provide a safe working procedures for all activities at the site as an

example the employer must provide a concrete barrel down procedures so that employees are able to know how to work safely

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The conclusion is the accident happen because of no safety culture in workers. It been employers and employee responsibilities to make sure the accident can be avoid. Employer and employee have to cooperate to achieve in develop safe work culture in workers. Moreover, our country have safety and health regulations that need to be comply in the company and at workplace. Employer have to be more concern in give appropriate information and facilities to the workers. However, the most importance is employers and employee have to know their responsibilities in order to minimize the accident at workplace.

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