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Established in 1990 by Shaun Sellings and Ian Campbell-Smith, Palladio Associates is a multi-branded fashion agency representing contemporary womenswear and menswear collections


  • Spring Summer 2016L O N D O N

  • B R A N D S W E

    L O V E

  • S T O R Y

    Established in 1990 by Shaun Sellings and Ian Campbell-Smith, Palladio Associates is a multi-branded fashion agency representing contemporary womenswear and menswear collections. We work personally with each collection to identify the right outlet for each brand in the UK market.

    S E R V I C E S

    We are a full service showroom offering total brand support from sales and in-house brand consulting, to marketing and media services. We represent international brands in their transition into the UK market. Our challenge is to preserve our brands story and image while effectively translating it into new markets. A 600sqm space, both cool and modern, in an historical area in central London.

    S A L E S

    Over the past 25 years, we have continued to successfully develop unfamiliar brands in into iconic household names. We have established close relationships with the top retailers across the UK.

    We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and the personal relationships we have developed with our retailers over the years. Likewise, the brands we work with respect our ability to seamlessly connect them with the best retail channels and effectively translate their brand to the UK market

  • B R A N D S

  • Vilagallo is a company that creates collections for todays woman: simultaneously cosmopolitan and sophisticated, yet always wearable.

    Vilagallo dress women who are looking for a brand with great style and personality, with femininity and a timeless character. Attention to detail and great quality are always present in our clothes.

  • Dutch fashion house Oilily has been a hallmark of creativity in the cupboard of children and women since 1963. Over the last 50 years Oilily has grown into a distinctive lifestyle brand. Virtuoso use of colour, painterly prints, spectacular combinations of materials, unique blend of cultural influences, humorous details and high quality has brought Oilily a multitude of fans all around the world

  • Henry Christ produces a wide selection of cashmere knitwear and scarves for consumers that look for innovative designs and finest quality. Nowadays, the label can be found in 17 countries at more than 300 thoroughly selected retailers worldwide.

  • Australian brand One Teaspoon channel laidback, contemporary cool, with a distressed edge. Pushing the boundaries, One Teaspoon creates clothing for the quintessentially nonchalant it-girl. The epitome of rebellious cool, this brand is edgy yet wearable. Their iconic denim cut off short shorts and destroyed Freebird jeans are a must-have.

  • Marie-Sixtine, a name with classic undertones, bohemian chic, the well born daughter.

    Marie-Sixtine woos the paradox. Behind this first name hides a brand that is cheeky, bubbly and resolutely of our time...

  • Like the figure 8 the symbol of infinity Ottodame (Eight Women) is a breath of life that energizes, refreshes and renews. Designed by Eight women, who put heart and soul into what they do.

    This is their vision: An elegant but contemporary brand, a brand with a sense of the past but with a hunger for all things new.

  • Yerse is authentic, natural and comfortable. Above all else natural.

    The brand is a reinterpretation of trends to offer women a highly personal, casual look with a vintage take and an urban influence, without losing sight of the essence of what it means to be natural

  • The inspiration around Hartford was born in New York City in 1979. Yves Chareton lands in NYC with the idea to recreate vintage shirts from the 50s similar to the ones he could find in Parisian flea market back in the days: from the ubiquitous button down shirt in faded plaids or bright oxford to westerns in raw denim or work-shirts in chambray.

  • Finlay & Co. was founded by four friends with an aspiration to draw out peoples individuality by designing eyewear which is unique and desirable.

    Made from only the finest materials, using either sustainable hardwoods or Italian Mazzucchelli acetates; their frames are strong, durable and luxurious in finish.

  • T H A N K Y O U


    Arch. 210 Newham Terrace, Hercules Road. London SE1 7DR

    TEL: 020 7633 9888 | FAX: 020 7633 9990