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  • By Stephen Holt


    Public Affairs

    More than 50 service

    members from Joint Base

    Myer-Henderson Hall and

    other National Capital Region

    installations attended a dif-

    ferent type of leadership course

    March 23-27 at the FortMyer

    Community Center, one that

    relies on the premise that

    healthy and balanced leaders

    are better equipped to lead.

    Enter the Soldier 360

    Leaders Course, a five-day

    on-site course based on

    the adult learning model, a

    hands-on approach to learning.

    The course is a comprehen-

    sive, multifaceted, holistic,

    research-based leadership

    course focused on enhancing

    strength and balance in leaders.

    The course was provided to

    JBM-HH,Military District of

    Washington and other NCR-

    based service members.

    Clinical psychologist

    Dr. Glen Wurglitz and Dr.

    Mary Lopez, a retired Army

    colonel, started the Soldier

    360 Leaders Course inMarch

    2010 in Germany to address

    the difficulties Soldiers face

    during post-deployment


    Results from a Defense

    Centers of Excellence study

    showed that the Soldier 360

    Course is a program that

    produces solid outcomes,

    Lopez said. Statistical results

    provided by service members

    attending the course showed

    that it improved their rela-

    tionships, sleep and overall

    quality of life.

    By Jim Dresbach


    Staff Writer

    A solemn, respectful

    crowd including a mixture

    of h igh ly-decorated

    veterans and ordinary

    citizens convened March

    25 at Arlington National

    Cemeterys Tomb of the

    Unknown Soldier as 28

    Medal of Honor recipients

    honored all past service

    members who earned the

    152-year-old award.

    The 2 p.m. wreath-laying

    was led byMOH recipients

    Bruce Crandall, Harold

    Fritz and Kenneth Stumpf.

    The trio was escorted by

    Joint Force Headquarters-

    National Capital Region

    and U.S. Army Military

    District of Washington


    Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan.

    Ceremonial support

    during the wreath laying

    was provided by The U.S.

    Army Band, Pershings

    Own, 3d U.S. Infantry

    Regiment (TheOldGuard)

    Soldiers and The United

    States Army Continental

    Color Guard.

    Following the tomb

    ceremony, the program

    moved indoors to the

    Women inMilitary Service

    For America Memorial

    Twenty-eight Medal of Honor recipients

    gather at ANC for National MOH Day

    see MOH, page 4

    Leadership course

    promotes mental,

    physical health

    Vol. 62, No. 13 April 2, 2015 Published For Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall


    News Notes

    Caisson spring open house

    Join 3dU.S. Infantry Regiment (The

    Old Guard) for a Caisson spring open

    house April 4, noon to 6 p.m., for some

    outdoor fun, including hayrides, face

    painting, an Easter egg hunt, arts and

    crafts, a scavenger hunt, a photo booth

    and more. The festivities will take

    place at Bldg. 236 (Caisson Stables)

    on 201 Jackson Ave. on the Fort Myer

    portion of Joint BaseMyer-Henderson

    Hall. Those without a Department of

    Defense ID card must use Hatfield

    Gate to access JBM-HH For more

    information, call 703-696-3018.

    Easter Triduum services

    The Joint BaseMyer-HendersonHall

    Catholic community will hold the fol-

    lowingHolyWeekMasses and services:

    Holy Thursday, April 2 Holy

    Thursday Mass at 6 p.m.

    Good Friday, April 3 Good

    Friday service at 6 p.m.

    Holy Saturday, April 4 Easter

    Vigil at 8 p.m.

    Easter Sunday, April 5

    Mass at 9 a.m.

    The Masses and services will be

    held at Memorial Chapel on the Fort

    Myer portion of the joint base.

    JBM-HH barrier repairs

    could affect traffic

    From April 7-17, a contractor

    will conduct repairs on the barriers

    at JBM-HH access control points

    throughout each day. While the impact

    to incoming and outgoing traffic will

    be minimal, travelers should make

    extra time when arriving or departing

    all three portions of JBM-HH. The

    gates impacted will include the 2nd

    Street and Ceremonial gates at Fort

    McNair, the Wright Gate at Fort

    Myer and Gate 1 at Henderson

    Hall. For more information, call the

    Directorate of Emergency Services

    at 703-588-2810.

    see NEWS NOTES, page 4

    Index Local forecast

    Throwback Thursday. . . . . . . . . . . page 2

    Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 3

    Afghan presidential visit . . . . . . . . page 5

    Leave policy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 5

    In photos: Wheelchair basketball . . . page 6

    Sexual assault awareness

    and prevention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 7

    2015 Nationals preview . . . . . . . . . page 9


    73 | 57


    74 | 53


    56 | 40


    64 | 48

    For more weather forecasts and information, visit

    By Julia LeDoux

    Pentagram Staff Writer

    1. Easter Sunrise Service The annual

    Easter Sunrise Service hosted by the Joint

    BaseMyer-Henderson Hall commander

    will be held April 5 at the Memorial

    Amphitheater in Arlington National

    Cemetery. The non-denominational

    service will begin with a prelude by the

    United States Army Band Pershings

    Own at 6:15 a.m. The service is scheduled

    to begin with a call to worship at 6:30

    a.m. This years Easter sermon will be

    delivered by Chap. (Maj. Gen.) Howard

    Stendahl, chief of chaplains, United States

    Air Force. An interpreter for the hearing

    impaired will be provided. For more

    details on this event, see page 3.

    2. Twilight Tattoo season begins April

    29 and runs through Aug. 19, every

    Wednesday with the exception of July 1.

    The popular annual event will be held on

    Summerall Field on the FortMyer portion

    of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

    from April through June. Performances

    are held on Whipple Field on the Fort

    Myer portion of the joint base from July

    through September.

    Ten things to know

    around the DoD in April

    see TEN THINGS, page 10

    see RESILIENCY, page 4


    ABOVE - From left, Medal of Honor recipients Bruce Crandall, Kenneth Stumpf and Harold Fritz lay a wreath at the

    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, March 25. ABOVE RIGHT - From second left, Citizen

    Service Before Self Honors recipients Jon Meis, Alton Brieske and Michael Reagan pose for photographs with

    attending Medal of Honor recipients during a ceremony to award the Citizen Service Before Self Honors to three

    civilians March 25, at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial, Arlington, Va. The Citizen Honors

    recipients were chosen by living recipients of the Medal of Honor for performing, extraordinary actions at the risk

    of their lives for others or long term selfless service to the benefit of their community, according to a handout

    from the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.


    Service members participate in yoga exercises during the

    Soldier 360 Leaders Course at the Community Center on

    the Fort Myer portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall,

    March 27. The five-day course was designed in 2010 as a

    comprehensive, multifaceted, holistic, research-based course

    focused on enhancing strength and balance in leaders.


    Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

    Command Sgt. Maj. Randall E. Woods,

    center right, poses for a photograph with

    Family Advocacy Program Manager Kelly

    Smith, center left, during the produc-

    tion of a public service announcement

    to make the community aware of Child

    Abuse Prevention Awareness month and

    Month of the Military Child in April

    in Memorial Chapel on the Fort Myer

    portion of JBM-HH Feb. 23.

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    Randall E. Woods

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    JBM-HH Throwback Thursday



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