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Plural Noun 複數名詞. books -s[s] 名詞 ( 單數 )singular 名詞 ( 複數 )plural book notebook student desk notebooks students desks 1

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Text of Plural Noun 複數名詞. books -s[s] 名詞 ( 單數 )singular 名詞 ( 複數 )plural book...

  • Plural Noun

  • books-s[s]notebooksstudentsdesks1.


  • chairs-s[z]teachersboysroomsgirlseggeggs


  • watches-es[IZ]dishesclassesquizzesboxespotatopotatoes


  • 2.A bookThree books

  • A pencilsix pencils

  • A chairfour chairs

  • A watchTwo watches

  • A penFive pens

  • 1.A:What is it?B:Its a

  • A:What are they?B:They are _________.flowersroses

  • 2.A:What is it?B:___________.Its a flower.Its a rose.

  • A:What are they?B:_________.They are notebooks

  • 3.A:___________?B:Its a ________.notebookWhats it

  • A:____________? B:They are _________.booksWhat are they

  • 4.A:What is it?B:Its a desk.

  • A:What is it?B:It is a TV set.

  • 5.A:What are they?B:They are flowers.(roses)

  • A:What are they?B:They are _________.desks

  • ->/->1.What is it?

    2.Its a watch.

    3.The boy is in the living room.What are they?They are watches.The boys are in the living room.

  • ->/->4.Is that your notebook?

    5. Is this a desk?

    6.That is a chair.Are those your notebooks?Those are chairs.Are these desks?

  • ->/->7. This is a book.

    8. The girl is playing.

    9.The jacket is too small.These are books.The girls are playing.The jackets are too small.

  • ->/->10.You are a good student.

    11. He is studying English in his room.

    You are good students.They are studying English in their rooms.

  • ->/->12. What is she doing?

    13. What is the boy doing?

    What are they doing?What are the boys doing?

  • ->/->14. My sister is singing.

    15. Look at this watch.

    16. That watch is new.

    My sisters are singing.Look at these watches.Those watches are new.

  • ->/->17. This dish is big.

    18.That bicycle is nice.

    19.His sister can play baseball.These dishes are big.Those bicycles are nice.Their sisters can play baseball.

  • ->/->20.That girl is heavy.

    21.Look at that boy.

    22.That girl can roller-skate.Those girls are heavy.Look at those boys.Those girls can roller-skate.

  • Yes, it is.1. Is this a notebook?No, it isnt.No, it isnt.Its a book.

  • Yes, it is.2. Are you a student?No, it isnt.No, Im not.Im a singer.

  • Yes, it is.3. Is he a businessman?No, it isnt.Hes a businessman.Yes, he is.

  • Yes, it is.4. Is it a pen?No, it isnt.No, it isnt.Its a pencil.

  • Yes, it is.5. Is it a clock?No, it isnt.Its a clock.Yes, it is.

  • Yes, it is.6. Is Mary your name?No, it isnt.No, it isnt.I am Sacula.

  • Yes, it is.7. Is that a chair?No, it isnt.No, it isnt.It is a desk.

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