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Polarization corrections

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Polarization corrections. Dimitar Tarpanov , Jacek Dobaczewski , Jussi Toivanen , Gillis Carlson. Polarization corrections from odd-even mass differences. Energy from odd-even mass differences (OEMD) for λ particle state for λ hole state Polarization correction for a particle state - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Polarization corrections

Polarization corrections

Polarization correctionsDimitar Tarpanov, Jacek Dobaczewski, Jussi Toivanen, Gillis Carlson

Energy from odd-even mass differences (OEMD)for particle state for hole state Polarization correction for a particle stateIn DFT energy is functional of densities

Density matrix in neighboring system

Polarization corrections from odd-even mass differences

Polarization correction from particle-vibration couplingIn the case of interaction, that does not depend on density, one can show that: Here X and Y and , are the RPA amplitudes and energies and h are given by the relation:

100SnSV forceSelf Interaction termDensity dependent functional

No pairingImportance of high J phonons

Introducing pairing Results across the Sn chain with Sly5 parameterization of the Skyrme force,and volume type pairing

Paticle Vibration Coupling

Neutron Spectrum in 40Ca, theory (SLy5) and experiment

Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) analysis

Experimental data obtained from N.Schwierz et al.,arXiv:0709.3525v1

Fit on 16O, 40,48Ca, 132Sn, 208PbExperimental data obtained from M.G. Porquet

Fit on 16O, 40,48Ca,56Ni, 208PbDont forget self-interaction, in mean field calculationsDoing perturbation theory - the high J phonons cannot be neglected easily.

Deviations between the uncorrected mean-field single particle energies and experiment are, in general, not cured by PVC

Spectroscopic factors and single particle energiesMany body perturbation theory for deformed nuclei. ConclusionsThank youFor your Attention