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  • 2 veRTIcaL FaRm cOndO FInaL PROjecT ThesIsLOcaTIOn: cheLsea neIghbORhOOd, manhaTTan, new yORk, UnITed sTaTes.

    PROjecT: veRTIcaL FaRm and ResIdence mIxed Use bUILdIng.

    New York citY, NowadaYs, with its almost irreplaceable particular character, wheres the perfect grid is the elemeNt that determiNes the rules. wheres the height is a factor that allows us, as archi-tects, to thiNk about differeNt coNcepts of architecture but at the same time, limits us as plaNNers, for a verY precise margiNs. wheres the societY who lives iN that citY aNd its diversitY , as happeNs iN other cities iN the westerN world creates the citY`s magic. wheres differeNt Needs aNd approa-ches that exist iN this citY are aN iNtegral part of the everY daY liviNg. all of these are factors that have formed aNd shaped this citY to be what we all kNow todaY. iN such a built citY like New York, where it seems that there is No room for New creatioNs, we must alwaYs look for iNNovative aNd creative solutioNs, iN order to make the citY more eNergetic , lived iN a more pleasaNt, stimulatiNg, comfortable, aNd most of all, more humaN waY. our cities are here to staY. we must kNow how to take advaNtage of them aNd use them iN a more coNscious aNd reasoNable waY to get results that caN last for the Next ceNturies.

    the followiNg work is the result of a competitioN of ideas for studeNts , orgaNized bY awr ( architecture workshop iN rome ) .

  • the competitioN iNvolves the desigN of a vertical farm iN a site which is located iN chelsea , a Neighborhood iN maNhattaN . the site is located at the iNtersectioN of the 10th ave aNd the west 18st aNd 19th st , where there is todaY a parkiNg lot . the site is adjaceNt to the high liNe , a liNear park built oN a sectioN of New York`s disused elevated railwaY used to called the west side liNe , which is a verY importaNt factor that has a directlY iNflueNce oN the coNcept approach aNd the desigN of mY project.

  • 4functional diagram


  • sezione bb'

    the buildiNg`s uses aNd it`s fuNctioNalitY face aN actual real problem of the world populatioN growth aNd the iNcreasiNg food demaNd . iN fact, withiN the Next 30 Years , we will Need aN area of agriculture the size of almost the eNtire south america to feed the worlds populatioN , which uNfortuNatelY, a laNd iN that size is Not available . this forces us to fiNd alterNative solutioN. vertical farmiNg has the poteNtial to solve this problem .

    moreover, the buildiNg provides resideNtial aNd commercial parts that are iNtegrated all iN oNe buildiNg at chelsea`s Neighborhood, iN maNhattaN. the project addresses this multi-fuNctioNalitY , which has beeN oNe of the maiN challeNges iN its developmeNt , so as to satisfY both the resideNtial part, with a maximum of privacY , aNd the farm with the commercial part that are also iNteNded to be used as a visitor ceNter .

    the project was also iNtegrated citYwide giviNg greater importaNce aNd takiNg advaNtage of the preseNce of the former railwaY which has become aN urbaN park , with a solutioN that iNtegrates the path aloNg the liNear park withiN the buildiNg.

    the project proposal ,faciNg such a curreNt thematic, researchiNg for a desigN solutioNs iN such a built citY like New York . theY are all the result of this thesis .

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    Along the central axis , opens a very large rectangular hole ( 13m x 8.5m ) from which natural light enters in the middle of the farm . This rectangle pierces all upper floors till the level of coverage of the farm , creates an atrium illuminated by the daylight which overlook all floors of the farm . The elevators are located on the south side of this hall where both workers and visitors can enjoy this view during the journey using the elevators . This geometric atrium serves as an element of natural light , bring a theatrical aspect to the farm and at the same time enriches the visitors experience adding shadows and light in the scene .

  • veRTIcaL FaRm cOndO

  • 13hOTeL, PIsa, ITaLy

    FIFTh yeaR sTUdIO

    LOcaTIOn: IndUsTRIaL aRea (ex saInT-gObaIn sTabLIshmenT), PIsa, ITaLy.

    PROjecT: URban ReqUaLIFIcaTIOn OF The ex saInT-gObaIn gLass FacTORy zOne.cReaTIOn OF ResIdenTIaL mIxed Use dIsTRIcT . On The mIcRO dImenTIOn (aRchITecTURaL LeveL)- hOTeL TOweR OnThe sOUTh-easT PaRT OF The aRea.

    Phase I : Master plan

    An Ex-industrial area in the south-west part of the city Pisa, Italy. A mixed-use district planed in the Ex glass fabric (Saint Gobain) site. The mixed used area includes (from north to south) : Commercial area Residential buildings Student residence Social urban garden Hotel Artificial hill ( Parking, outdoor theater, Handmade art laboratories)

    The main guideline of the project is a green park/garden, with shape of the number 8, at the center of the project in order to have a green lung which allows a comfortable, pleasant, clear and simple movement inside the new block within it`s different uses. The central green park will be used as a connecting element between the various buildings and their different uses, which eventually ,will be developed around it.

    The commercial center and the big supermarket are located at the north part of the area. Faced to the main road, in a way they are visible and can be used also by the other residences of other districts in the area. Going south, there are 4 "blocks" of residential buildings in an I letter shape. The form was selected mainly from the need to create two inner gardens, that will "filter" the public space from the privet space. The social urban garden was created from the structure of an old fabric that was found in the central-east of the site. We decided to leave only the metal structure and create the social urban garden in it.

    On the south-west part of the area we created an artificial green hill, which has several functions... The main idea was to create an high element that will hide visually and prevent noise coming from the drink manufacture fabric which located very close to the area in the south-west direction. The artificial green hill functions as a visual and acoustic barrier for the new district. The hill side faced to the central park has been used for an open outdoor theater. The two building inserted at the hill from both sides of the theater was created for handmade art laboratories. Moreover, inside the hill we created a public parking. On the top of the hill we created a passer-by route which connect the hotel from the south-east to the students residence block at the west of the area.

  • Phase II : Architectural project - Hotel

    The hotel was designed with a star-shape plan. In order to achieve the maximum inner-outer relation. That way all the hotel rooms are located at the perimeter of the plan with a central corridor that leads to the heart of the building. The stairs and elevators are located in the center of the building and makes its rigid structural core. The ground floor is a 6 meter height element which merge all the 3 "arms" of the star-shape plan in one big ambient which includes: ---The main Hall+ reception -Cafe-bar lounge -Conference room -Breakfast restaurant.

    URban ReqUaLIFIcaTIOn OF The ex saInT-gObaIn gLass FacTORy zOne

  • The hotel has 5 typologies of rooms to offer: Standard double room, Twin room, Disable double room, Triple room and luxury suite. At the top of the building, at the 17 floor is located a restaurant with 360 degrees view, at the 18 floor are located the gym and the spa. And on the top floor a sun roof with a swimming pool, bar and resting space...

    URban ReqUaLIFIcaTIOn OF The ex saInT-gObaIn gLass FacTORy zOne hOTeL, PIsa, ITaLy

  • hOTeL, PIsa, ITaLy

  • Two of the building arms has horizontal white shading elements which become horizontal white balconies in the third arm. There is an evidential contrast was made between the dark glass of the windows and the white metal panels was used for the horizontal shading elements.

  • 18 asTROnOmIcaL cenTeR, RadIcOFanI, sIena, ITaLy ThIRd yeaR sTUdIOLOcaTIOn: RadIOcOFanI, sIena, TOscana- ITaLyPROjecT: asTROnOmIcaL cenTeR IncLUdIng mUseUm, cLassROOms, wORkshOPs, PLaneTaRIUm,ResIdence FOR sTUdenTs and ReseaRcheRs.

  • An extension program and creation of an scientific-educational campus around an existing astronomical observatory located in Radicofani, province of Siena, Toscany, Italy. The site , has an excellent environmental characteristics (absence of light pollution, altimetry, morphology, meteorology ecc...) for the installation and operation of a vanguard technology complex of that kind. The location is isolated and far from any urban light source. It is a natural point of observation and a good base for the creation of scientific , studying, researching and teaching environment. Situated and surrounded by a 3600 of breathless view of the peaceful green typical and delightful natural Tuscan view.

    The project includes: On the first floor 1- Students residence 2+3- Common spaces and laundry room 4- Researchers residence On the ground floor 5- Conference room 6- Classrooms 7- Laboratories 8- Dining room 9- Toilets 10- Planetarium 11- Reunion room 12- Offices 13- Reception 14- An expositional space (museum)

    Development and choosing the round shape were inspired by the planetary system and its components, as well as influenced by the shape of the natural landscape. With the approach of not destroying the nature I tried to create a building that speaks the same language of the surrounded nature and integr