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    CANADA 38 Millwright Avenue, Richmond Hill, ONTARIO, L4E 5A8 Tel: 001 416 824 4555 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Architect, urbanist and interior designer. During the last 20 years as a designer, he has been assigned numerous high profile initiatives, which have resulted in an exceptional elevation in design quality. He always places an emphasis on building and maintaining productive relationships with clients. All of his work involves heavy interaction with a demanding clientele from the conceptual stage through to delivery. He never misses out on an opportunity to articulate a message emphasizing additional service offerings and developing business. Most of his projects have resulted in repeat business. To provide a comprehensive range of inspired professional techniques, he does Creative Concepts in Design, Design Continuity, Master Planning , Design Development, and Interior Ideas. He has been successful manager of multi-disciplined in-house teams of architects, interior designers and construction managers as well as contractors, consultants and engineers. Manager of cross-functional and cultural development teams representing globally that consistently deliver world-class building solutions on budget.

    MEMBERSHIP AND REGISTRATION: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MRAIC Member (the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) CAGBC Member (Canadian Green Building Council of Canada) PMI Member (Project Management Institute) OAA (Ontario Architects Associates ) NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Board) in progress BILD Member (Building, Industry and Land Development)

    SKILLS AND ABILITIES -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    1. Strong Leadership, Management Skills , Team Lead 2. Intensive work and creativity in the field of: Residential projects,

    Mixed Use, Master Planning, Hotels, Urban and Resorts Planning, Entertainment and Leisure, Cultural attractions and Museums.

    3. Analytical and Problem solving 4. International Design and Development experience in

    CANADA, Continental Asia: China, Japan and South Korea, MENA (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Jordan, Iran), India, Kazakhstan, Southeast Asia (Hong Kong, Vietnam)

    5. NBC and OBC knowledge 6. CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) 7. Presentations, Branding/Visual Identity

    8. Sketch up Modelling and Twilight rendering, ARTLANTIS and PIRANESI, Archi-Cad 11, ( Revit in progress ) , Auto Cad,

    9. Intensive experience in Illustration and Graphic presentation skills: Macromedia Aldus Freehand, Adobe Photoshop CS4, KERKYTHEA, Sketchbook Pro, iWork and iLife, Pages in Mac, HTML and Flash Writer

    10. Expert in Watercolour illustration and Rendering, Crayon and Colour pencil techniques, Drawing with pen and pencil, High performance and technique in Sketching

    11. Design of Aircrafts, Cars and Yachts, and Creativity 12. Calligraphy

    PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES AND DEGREES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIELD OF ARCHITECTURE: -MArch. Master of Art and Architecture (IUST), RAIC , CACB -BArch. Bachelor of Architecture (IUST), RAIC , CACB -BSc. Bachelor of Science, Structural Eng. (UTE)

    FIELD OF ART: -MFA. Master of Art and Architecture ,

    FIELD OF MANAGEMENT: -Design Management , Seneca College, Toronto, CANADA

    FIELD OF LEGAL PRACTICE: -Practice in Canada and USA , Athabasca University, CANADA

  • doha




    Client: Tarsheed Doha Schools

    Designed April 2014 Location: Doha, Qatar

  • silicon oasis




    Axiom Town is a combination of five major functions: executive offices, a research institute, a knowledge center, a hotel, and a retail sales center for Axiom Telecom in Dubai. The act of connecting is core to the message of Axiom, and the project provides an architectural metaphor for this vision. The dominating theme of the project is the bridge-like span

    connecting the four departments, with meeting functions and retail organized along the span.

    This design allows for the metal and concrete frame to be interwoven with warm wood tones, soaring ceilings, interior water features, terraces, and gardens under the bridge. The project consists of 17,720 square meters of offices, including

    almost 3,000 square meters of connecting meeting rooms, break-out spaces, and lounges.

    At the twist of the building, the outdoor plaza/promenade connects all the functions and the main entrance to the parking garages. The plaza is open to serve not only visitors to Axiom Town, but also people from the Dubai Silicon Oasis and from

    all over Dubai.

    20,500 SM

    A Futuristic Town Master Planning and Design

    Client: Axiom Telecom

    Designed March 2013 Location: Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE

  • dubai

    The Ge


    The Gemini

    The Gemini the Twins of the Zodiac - follows the example in the stars by providing a balance of living and working accommodations within the same firmament. The mixed-use combination of office space and hotel residences is enhanced by retail business space at the ground floor facing the adjacent streets. The project is designed to allow the hotel and office

    functions to engage themselves at the perpendicular, creating a lofty exterior atrium and the point of connection.

    Client: Omniyat Properties Ltd.

    Designed September 2011 Location: Dubai, UAE

  • abudhabi

    Ruwais T


    Ruwais Town

    Located along the Gulf shore, approximately 200 kilometres west of Abu Dhabi, Ruwais is one of the most modern industrial centers in the Middle East. Along this pristine stretch of water, a number of hotels are situated adjacent to oil refineries, chemical plants, and other industries. Over the next 20 years, the eastern region, including Ruwais, will be

    developed as a major energy center for the UAE.

    The master plan proposes an organized city with components arranged in a way that ensures comfortable living within a single neighbourhood. It caters to family living, with high-end commercial, residential, and entertainment districts all within a

    short distance of the main source of employmentthe UAE Civil Nuclear Power Program. Connected along the natural waterfront, each district features pedestrian paths that feed toward the sea, where residents can enjoy a variety of aquatic

    sports along a vibrant boardwalk.

    1,200,000 SM

    Design for Urban Rehabilitation

    Client: Sorouh

    Designed August 2012 Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Jeddah




    The Blu Plaza Crystal Hotel and Commercial Development consists of a hotel, longterm apartment residences, commercial offices, and retail shops. Intended to become a self-sustaining development, the project includes rest and relaxation

    facilities for visitors, as well as residents of the industrial area.

    Visitors arrive at the central plaza, where they find a warm and bright atmosphere. The hotel is characterized by a faade composed of blue panel blinds; these slide over the glass windows on all floors, creating a moving mosaic.

    11,094 SM

    Client: Himmah

    Designed June 2013 Location: Jeddah, K.S.A.

  • saadiyat island

    Eco Poi



    The sales center at Saadiyat Island is composed of a cluster of tropical-inspired buildings, including a clubhouse, chalet, administration office, pool lounge, and other amenities. A revision of the existing layout allowed a beautiful and cost-

    effective transition to a sales center complex. The existing building was preserved, with the exception of the windows, which were enlarged to open the view to the Gulf.

    The juxtaposition of a clean, modern interior with the existing Balinese-style roofs, rough sawn pine exterior faades, and

    Meranti wood doors allows the sales center to have both pleasing aesthetics and seamless functionality.

    1,800 SM

    Client: LEAD Developer

    Designed June 2012 Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • abudhabi AlZaab


    The Al Zaab Market, is strategically located on the corner of Al Bateen & King Khaled Bin Abdel Aziz Street, a prominent intersection in Abu Dhabi. This market provides an attractive central location for the residents in the surrounding

    community for convenient shopping, dining and interaction. The Market offers high end retail and international food and beverage options. The modern and sleek design aesthetic creates a fun and attractive atmosphere for all ages and


    The interior and exterior spaces are linked with meandering paths producing effective way-finding. Interior and exterior green spaces and water features are interwoven throughout the design, a luxury in the desert environment.

    65,738 SM

    Client: Abu Dhabi Municipality

    Designed June 2012 Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • abudhabi ADM


    Located in Khalifa City A, the aims of the 7,000-square meter ADM Community Market project are twofold: to provide much-needed community facilities for one of Abu Dhabis fastest-growing developments, and to make a seamless interface

    with the soon-to-be-developed recreation facility and park on grade. The market is an opportunity to provide convenient neighborhood retail, community amenity, and food and bever