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WellSpan Organization1001 South George StreetYork PADEVRY UNIVSERSITY ONLINEHIT 272 - Fall 2015Kimberly Grieger


BACKGROUNDA valuable community resource that provides more than $175 million each year in charitable, uncompensated care.

More than 12,500 employees

Highly skilled primary care and specialty physicians and providers, including more than 850 members of the WellSpan Medical Group

More than 120 patient care locations that offer services such as diagnostic imaging, laboratory, rehabilitation, primary care, retail pharmacy, walk-in health care, durable medical equipment and other essential services

A regional home care organization: WellSpan VNA Home Care

Five respected hospitals: WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital, WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital, WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital, WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital and WellSpan York Hospital.

Regional referral services in heart and vascular care, oncology, women and children services, orthopedics and spine care, neurosciences and behavioral health

The region's only accredited Level 1 Trauma Center and Primary Stroke Center with an endovascular neurosurgery program.

Partnerships with respected organizations, including Hanover Hospital, Summit Health and Hospice & Community Care (formerly Hospice of Lancaster County), as well as hundreds of private-practice community physicians.

PRIVACY & SECURITYSome of the main issues that WellSpan has as an organization are the set up styles for where patient information is kept and discussed. It is too open and other individuals can hear or see information that they shouldnt be able to. WellSpan is currently making several modifications to each facility to better protect their patients. WellSpan is very focused on patient satisfaction and that is why they have come so far and accomplished so much.

VALUESCare for AllWe believe that everyone deserves essential care delivered in an exceptional manner regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, economic status or ability to pay.Patient and Family-CenteredWe believe fulfilling our promise to those who entrust their lives and the lives of their loved ones to our care is our highest priority. We consider the patient first in all that we do and work in partnership with the patient and family members they choose to involve in their care. We collaborate with patients and families to improve the delivery of care and service.Working as OneWe work as one across professional, organizational boundaries and with patients and communities. We do this by collaborating, coordinating, and sharing expertise, information and resources to meet the needs of those we serve. While our people are highly valued for their individual talents and contributions, we recognize that working together will allow us to improve health more effectively than any one of us working alone.RespectWe honor the dignity and diversity of our patients and communities by treating everyone we serve and work with the way we would want to be treatedwith courtesy, compassion and respect.IntegrityWe earn the trust and confidence of the individuals and communities that we serve by doing whats right; acting transparently and honestly; protecting patient confidentiality; and meeting the letter and the spirit of all applicable laws, regulations and professional standards.Continuous LearningAs a learning organization, we innovate, seek out and share best practices and adopt new ways of transforming the delivery of health care to make a difference in the lives of our patients. As individuals and teams, we are committed to continuously improving and applying our skills and knowledge.StewardshipWe take seriously our responsibility to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to our care. Our constant focus on being an operationally excellent, financially strong and strategically focused organization enables us to control costs, to provide exceptional care, to be the employer of choice, to provide charitable community services and to be a strong health care organization for future generations.

FACILITY & ORIENTATIONWellSpan Health location in your community:

WellSpan is very competitive and want top-notch employees in their company. They offer training in their facility as well as orientation training to the company. HIPAA laws and regulations are stressed from the beginning. Mission Statement:Working as one to improve health through exceptional care for all, lifelong wellness and healthy communities.

FACILITY & ORIENTATIONWellSpan is focused on working as one to coordinate healthcare between providers for the patient for be best possible outcome. They have modern technology, new models to promote high quality and exceptional patient experience, and improving the communitys health overall.

Feel free to visit the site below to view the videos they have on different areas of focus. a complete list of all the services provided, please click on the link below.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERSWellSpan has a patient portal called MyWellSpan that is available to all patients. This allows for communication to the providers and access to their personal health record.For WellSpan employees, there is the WellSpan INET to use as a resource for anything concerning the company.The main website to use for general information or any questions you can visit

QUANTITATIVE & QUALITATIVE ANALYSISThe annual report of WellSpan is listed in the link below. They go over the 5 aspects they focus on; well supported for community impact, well cared for in transforming care, well committed in how we help, well partnered with healthy communities and well planned for lifelong wellness.

OBSERVATIONS DURING PRACTICUMCommunication seemed to be the primary key within the company that made everything run smooth. If there was an issue, it was due to lack of communication in some way. The company works very hard to address any areas of concerns from employees or its patients.Due to the new EHR EPIC coming soon and implementation of ICD-10 along with all the other changes in the facility with construction, it seemed everyone was overwhelmed by all the changes and was finding it difficult to stay on top of new information that was pertinent to them and their department.

PRACTICUM EXPERIENCEMy experience at WellSpan was quite nice. The employees were very friendly and always willing to give advice or to answer a question I had. I was able to experience many different areas of the organization. Due to the organization being so large, my time was limited so I was not able to do a lot of hands on work. I currently do work for WellSpan, however had underestimated the amount of work that goes into what seems like simple tasks.I am thankful for the experience I had and the education I obtained.

CONCLUSIONKaren Tinney, Director of Medical Records Services, was my main contact with my practicum; however I was placed with several different directors and had numerous different experiences during this time. I was able to go to interview the Corporate Director, Laura Rizzo, spent time in the Medical Records department with Michelle Charette, the Coding Compliance Department with Tami Bowman, Documentation Improvement Specialists, the Data Integrity Manager, Jennifer Shorts, the Oncology Registry Supervisor, Ronda Shrader, and Release of Information with Lori Genovese. I believe the experience I have gained thus far will help me a great deal in my career regardless of the title I choose to go for.