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Pre-Departure April... · PDF file 2014. 4. 17. · • Good walking shoes are a must for sightseeing days. • Bring a few old T-shirts for the trips to Cu Chi Tunnels/ Mekong Delta

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Text of Pre-Departure April... · PDF file 2014. 4. 17. · • Good walking shoes...

  • Pre-Departure Briefing

    Office of Global Education & Mobility

    Chan Hui Ling

  • Duration 20 July – 2 August 2014

    Meeting Point Meet at Burger King after International Exit. Estimated time: 11.30am.

    Insurance Health and Travel Insurance

    Visa Not required for Singapore passport holders

    Accommodation Nhà Khách Trường Cán Bộ Quản Lý Nông Nghiệp 45 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Quận 1, TP HCMC

    Group Size 22

    Accompanying Staff Ms Chan Hui Ling (NTU), Ms Karen Yee (SMU)

    Singapore Contact Email: [email protected]

    Payment  Amount of $735 to be paid by Friday, 25 April 2014.  Payment by cheque/ NETS at ONE–STOP @ SAC  The cheque should be made payable to “NANYANG

    TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY”  SMU Students, please submit your cheque to Karen, Office of

    Global Learning, SMU

    AU Allocation 3 AUs toward GER-PE (AHSS) or GER-UE

    Vietnamese cafe on Level 3, Tan Son Nhat Airport

  • • Double or triple room sharing • Complimentary WiFi in hotel rooms • Meals not included • 5 minutes walking distance to VNU

    • Bring travel adapters as the power socket is different from Singapore;

    • Voltage = 230V

  • (*1*) Get to know the history of Vietnam’s traditional medicine.

  • Final Test

    • Assessment Method: Multiple-choice Questions (there may be

    slight changes to the format)

    • Indication of AU allocation and crediting of AUs will be done after

    you have successfully completed the programme

  • Address of Host University

    Faculty of Vietnamese Studies (VNS)

    University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH)

    Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (VNU)

    Address: 10-12 Dinh Tien Hoang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

  • • Cruise along the canals; sightseeing the rural scenery. • Visit various local workplaces – brickworks workshop, coconut

    processing workshop, mat weaving house • Board xe loi (a kind of motorized rickshaw), traveling

    through the forest and visit fruit orchards • Visit local people and even go fishing with them • Experience food culture and taste local cuisine • Camp fire – learn traditional folk songs and traditional

    games; bake sweet potatoes… • Visit the local market and learn how they make rice paper • Visit to Vinh Trang Pagoda – appreciate the harmonious blend of

    Asian and European architecture

  • • Please ensure you have the proper travel documents for entry to Vietnam. The passport must have at least 6 months validity from the programme end date.

    • You are advised to make a photocopy of the personal particulars page of your Passport and IC, and bring them along. If asked to present your identification documents, the photocopy should suffice.

    • Fill in travel form on the plane before arrival in Vietnam.

    • Singaporean males are reminded to log on to the NS Portal at to give notification of overseas trips.

    • Time Difference: Vietnam is behind Singapore by 1 hour. • Submission of NTU Online Indemnity Form. Instructions on

    submission will be sent separately by email.

  • • Embassy of the Republic of Singapore Website: ho_chi_minh_city.html Tel: +84-8-38225174 Email: [email protected]

    • You are encouraged to register on-line with MFA via

    eRegister system at • Download app: [email protected]

  • • Download mobile app from

    • Website: NTU Membership: 02AYCA089601

    Important Numbers to Note • Calling to Singapore (Request for call collect if using a land line) Tel: +65 6338 7800

    • 24-hour Assistance Centre (Ho Chi Minh City) Tel: +84-8-3829 8520

    • Authorised Personnel: Mr Johnie Goh Self-Learning

  • • Exchange rate: S$100 for 1,690,000 VND (Rate as of 6 November 2013) • US dollars are accepted in Vietnam (Please change your USD in Singapore) • Please ensure that you bring along some money in local currency (Vietnamese

    Dong) • Do not keep all your money in one place • Beware of counterfeit notes • Keep receipts of all your credit card transactions

    • Best exchange rate found at Goldsmith and Jewellery Shops around Ben Thanh Market

    • There are many money changers but the easiest to spot is the first gold shop at the corner of Nguyen An Ninh and Phan Chu Trinh Street, just opposite Ben Thanh Market

    • If you are travelling around, it is highly recommended that you carry some USD. It always cheaper to pay your hotel or your tour package by USD.

  • • Make sure you know the “Rules of the Road” in Vietnam. • Be aware that motorists, bicyclists and motorcyclists will most

    likely not stop for you. • Keep a safe distance from the kerb and look out for bus mirrors

    as drivers tend to turn too widely. • Be on the alert for petty crimes; snatch thefts and

    pickpocketing are prevalent. Keep your belongings and valuables in a safe place.

    • Stay in touch with your family in Singapore and inform them of any changes in your itinerary or contact details.

    • Activate international roaming services with your service providers at least 2 days prior to your departure.

    • Obey the laws and respect the local customs of the country you are visiting.

    Do not use your smartphone while walking along the road; snatch thieves on motorbikes could snatch it from you. Go into the shops to answer phone calls.

  • Please remain contactable by your family members and OGEM using international roaming services.

    • Get a Mobifone prepaid card for about 100,000 VND. The card has a value of 50,000 VND. You can buy from K-Mart

    • After that, you can buy another top up card of 50,000 VND. Do let them know you need the 3G service. There is some configuration to be done.

    • Please seek help from the local Vietnamese students or shop assistants.

    • To check your phone balance, dial *101#. • Send a SMS to 999 with the text message, .

  • 5 - Seater 7 - Seater

    • Use only VINASUN or MAILINH • Taxi drivers generally do not speak English,

    bring along the hotel business card

    Taxi fare from hotel to Saigon Square will cost you about VND50,000 to VND55,000

  • • If you’ve health problems, bring your personal medication and inform OGEM & appointed student leader.

    • Drugs and controlled drugs. Bring doctor’s prescription. • Bring along medication for common ailments. • Beware of the food and drinks you consume in areas

    where hygiene standards are low. Wash hands regularly.

  • • Weather is hot and humid, and it rains quite heavily usually in the afternoon but rain is short and clears up quickly.

    • Apply sunblock regularly. • Please remember to bring cap, sunglasses, umbrella and

    raincoat. • Short sleeve T-shirts or shirts and jeans are recommended. And

    one light sweater for travelling in the planes. • Good walking shoes are a must for sightseeing days. • Bring a few old T-shirts for the trips to Cu Chi Tunnels/ Mekong

    Delta. • Be prepared to get “dirty and uncomfortable” as you crawl

    through the Cu Chi Tunnels and relive the wartimes.

  • • Be punctual and stay united • Exhibit ambassadorial qualities as you represent

    NTU and Singapore to our Vietnamese counterparts

    • Participate in official activities and travel as a group

  • • Student leaders, please watch out for your team members. Report potential crisis to OGEM staff or host university representative

    • Ensure that your team is punctual, united and travel together during official activities.

    • Encourage your team members to participate in official activities.

  • Financial Aid Scheme Award Value

    (in SGD)


    GEM-D Award $500

    Promote GEM Discoverer Programmes GEM-D Grant $300

    Ng Bok Eng Scholarship $500

    YTP – Market Immersion $200

    Before the programme, • Complete and submit application form • Collect Letter of Offer • Return the Letter of Acceptance to OGEM, duly

    signed As required by donor organisation, IE Singapore After the completion of programme, • Submit an online report outlining your overseas

    experience in the GEM Discoverer Programme • Submit your CV

  • • It works on reimbursement basis. • Please visit OAFA website and read the instructions on

    application. Assistance/Pages/PSEA.aspx

    • Do note that OAFA has been updated on your participation in

    Prelude so you need not submit proof on participation. However, if you have other items (airfare, travel insurance and influenza jab) that you like to claim for, please submit the receipts to OAFA for processing.

    • If yo

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