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PreMedLife is the #1 national online magazine for premed student featuring content that has anything and everything that has to do with getting accepted into medical school, what medical school is like, and more!



    New med school begins recruitment p.10|AAMC offers new MCAT tool p.10|Space medicine anyone?p.11

    How to Retake theMCAT the Smart Way

    Tips From a Student Who Mastered the MCAT the Second Time Around

    Life After Medical School in the Caribbean

    A Closer Look at WhatHappens Post Graduation

    The Medical SchoolAdmissions Guide

    An Excerpt from a Harvard MDs Week-by-Week Handbook



    6Several non-clinical career options arebecoming more popular among doctors

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  • July/August 2012 | PreMedLife Magazine | 3

    FEATURES 6 Fast-Growing (Non-Clinical) CareersFor Medical School Graduates | 14An increasing number of medical school graduatesare choosing an alternate to traditional medicine

    What the Heck Do I Say?| 36Tips and advice for tackling the personal statement

    Life After Attending Medical School in the Caribbean| 40Ever wonder what life is like after attending and graduating from medical school in the Caribbean?

    DEPARTMENTSSchool Spotlight| 35The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a uniqueprogram for students interested in urban medicine

    Especially This Specialty | 45Find out what being an Orthopaedic Surgeon is all about and what it will take to become one

    IN EVERY ISSUENewsbites| 8Relevant news & information for students applying to medical school

    The Goods| 46Gadgets & gizmos to keep you entertained.Check out our picks for this issue

    In The Stacks| 49Books to inspire you or provide you with advice along your journey to medical school

    Better Life, Better You| 50Advice & tips for taking care of yourself tomake it through your hectic pre-med life

    IN THIS ISSUEMedical School: The Third Year| 26What to expect in the third year of medical schooland how to excel during this time

    Book Excerpt: The Medical SchoolAdmissions Guide | 30A Harvard MDs week-by-week admissions handbookfor preparing and getting into medical school

    Retaking the MCAT the Smart Way | 39A student who retook the MCAT shares strategies foracing the MCAT the second time around

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    BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - Check outThe Goods where youll find Warm orCool Face Mugs and more!p.45

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    4 | PreMedLife Magazine | July/August 2012

    from the

    One of the most satisfying aspects of working as the publisher of PreMedLife magazine is hearing from premeds about what theyre doing to fulfill their dreams ofbecoming a doctor. The determination and passion in their voices when they speakabout wanting to practice medicine makes me at times want go to medical school. Thepoint is - in the name of becoming a doctor, these premeds are making the choice tobe successful.

    It is always a choice to be successful or not and not everyone will reach theirgoals.The ones that do make it though are the ones who will reap the rewards of theirhard labor. The road to getting into medical school is not easy, but the decisions youmake along the way can make the journey a little easier. From the decisions you makein your personal life to the decisions you make in your academic life, it all boils downto the choices that youll make along the way.

    It may sound so cliche but the power is truly all in your hands. You cant blameanyone else for your failures or mistakes - you have to take ownership of what hap-pens in your life. So as you make your way through this think called your premedlife, let your end goal motivate your to keep pushing forward. A single bad decisioncan jeopardize your dream so stay focused and make sure every decision you makeis the best one!



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  • 6 | PreMedLife Magazine | July/August 2012

    Diana AltamiranoPost Baccalaureate @ Georgia Gwinnett CollegeDiana is a non-traditional studentwith a business degree. She is cur-rently taking science classes as apre-med post-baccalaureate student.

    Tamara EdginBiology @ University of ArkansasCommunity College at BatesvilleTamara is currently workingtowards an associates degree andplans to transfer to Lyon College,a four-year university.

    Jaime GarciaInternational Economics @ University ofWashingtonJamie is the first in his family toattend college. He has gained experi-ence in the medical field and is cur-rently an emergency room volunteer.

    Ola HadayaMiddle Eastern Studies @ RutgersUniversity, New BrunswickOla is a 17-year-old student who isin the process of applying to medicalschool. She speaks 3 languages.

    Chesha HayterBiomedical @ Southern OregonUniversityChesha is a non-traditional studentand a mother, who after starting hereducation later in life has learnedmany things.

    Hillary LeeNeural Science @ New York UniversityHillary will start on the pre-medtract in Fall 2012. She says her tran-sition from Missouri is an experi-ence she can share to help otherslike herself.

    Alexandra MassaNeuroscience @ Stonehill CollegeAlexandra is currently a volunteer ather local hospitals emergency depart-ment. She is interested in providingcare to third-world countries whereaccess to medical supplies are limited.

    Linda MukumbutaBiology & Public Health @ Universityof Texas, San AntonioLinda is a 19-year-old junior who iscurrently affiliated with 4 pre-medorganizations. She says a career inmedicine is truly her calling in life.

    Touria RguigBiochemistry @ University ofTexas, AustinTouria is a honors student whospeaks 6 languages. Shes also anauthor on a research paper publishedin Synthetic Metals Journal.

    Will SmithPost Baccalaureate @ California StateUniversity, SacramentoWill is a non-traditional pre-medstudent with a degree in compara-tive religion. He has worked as anER tech.

    Chandler StisherBiology @ University of Texas, AustinChandler is the first in his family toattend a 4-year university and hashad aspirations of becoming a doc-tor since he was 11 years old.

    Marina ZeledonBiology @ Potsdam State UniversityMarina likes to read, research, andtalk about medical school journeyswith current doctors. She is on herschools equestrian team and has astrong passion to become a doctor.

    THE PREMEDLIFE MAGAZINE STUDENT ADVISORYBOARD IS AN EXEMPLARY GROUP OF PREMED STU-DENTS from a variety of backgrounds who have a widerange of accomplishments. They will help keep usinformed about what we need to know to makePreMedLife magazine the go-to resource for aspiringdoctors. If you have any questions for any of our board mem-bers email us at >>>


    Tiffany Que-SmithArt & Design @ San Jose State UniversityTiffany is a non-traditional studentwho translates her thoughts into artwhich luckily for her, is extremelyhelpful when studying.



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