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  • Name: Fady Ibrahim Aziz

    Course: Practical Training(CENG 497)

    Instructor: Dr. Mohamed Salama

    12 September 20161

    Company: Orascom for Construction Industries (OCI)

    Project: Grand Heights

    Department: Quality Control and Technical Office

    Duration: 5 Weeks

  • Presentation Outline:

    -Project Parties

    -Project Information

    -Managerial and Site Terms

    12 September 20162

    -Managerial and Site Terms

    -Tasks Assigned in QC department

    -Tasks Assigned in Technical Office Department

    - Internship Benefits

  • Project Main Parties:

    - Client: KUWADICO ( Kuwait Wadi Al-Nile Development Company)

    - Project Management: EGYCAN (Egyptian Canadian Project Managers)

    - Consultant: IDG (Integrated Development Group)

    12 September 20163

    - Consultant: IDG (Integrated Development Group)

    - Contractor: OCI (Orascom for Construction Industries)

  • Project Information:

    - Location: 6th October City-Giza

    - Scope: Construction of 2-Floor Villas of around 15 Types

    - Handover: Core and Shell

    12 September 20164

    - Handover: Core and Shell

    - Project Capital Cost: +400M L.E

    - Project Phases: 1) Infrastructure2) C1(Yellow)3) C2 (Green)4) C3

  • Managerial and SiteTerms

    - Material Submittal

    - Project Quality Plan (PQP)

    - Material Inspection Request (MIR)

    12 September 20165

    - Internal Inspection Request (IIR)

    - External Inspection Request (EIR)

    - Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP)

    - Method Statement

    - Non-Confirmance Report (NCR)

    - Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

  • Civil Work

    12 September 20166

    Shop Drawing for Slab Reinforcement Slab Reinforcement matching Shop Drawing

  • Civil Work:

    Formwork Structure

    12 September 20167

    Steel Formwork Wooden Formwork

  • Civil Work:

    Foundation Work Inspection

    12 September 20168

    PC Foundations RC Foundations

  • Civil Work:

    Column Work Inspection

    12 September 20169

    Column Formwork Column Reinforcement

  • Civil Work:

    Beam and Slab Work Inspection

    12 September 201610

    Slab and Beam Formwork Slab and Beam Reinforcement

  • Civil Work:

    Stairs Work Inspection

    12 September 201611

    Stairs Formwork Stairs Reinforcement

  • Civil Work:

    Slab On Grade (SOG) Work Inspection

    12 September 201612

    Slab On Grade Reinforcement Pouring Slab On Grade

  • Architectural Work

    12 September 201613

    Concrete Masonary Units (CMU) Silty Clay Bricks

  • Architectural Work:CMU First Course Inspection

    12 September 201614

    First Course on Edges and Door Opening First Course bonded with Mortar

  • Architectural Work:Full Height Inspection

    12 September 201615

    Checking the Height of Window Sill Checking Window Dimensions and Level

  • Architectural Work:Inspection of Verticality and Horizontality of Building Elements

    12 September 201616

    Thread Balance to Check Verticality Water Bubble Balance to Check Horizontality

  • Architectural Work:Galvanized Steel Sheets

    12 September 201617

    Steel Sheets out of Masonry Units for Bond CMU First Course Bonded with Column

  • Architectural Work:Unification of Surface Level Inspection

    12 September 201618

    Metal Bar to Check Equality of Surface Level

  • Architectural Work:

    Inspection of Angle Between Surfaces Edges

    12 September 201619

    Right-Angle Ruler

  • Architectural Work:Botomine Isolation

    12 September 201620

    Isolation under SOG to protect from Humidity during Backfill

  • Technical Office Experience

    12 September 201621

    Structural Shop Drawing Calculation Sheet

  • Miscellaneous Work

    12 September 201622

    Concrete Compressive Strength Test Inspection Chamber and House Connections

  • Miscellaneous Work:

    - Project Planning and Scheduling

    - Project Cost Control and Monitoring

    - Reviewing Shop Drawings and Performing Bar List

    12 September 201623

    - Reviewing Shop Drawings and Performing Bar List

    - Lab Testing Procedures for Concrete and Soil

    - Water and Waste Water Pipes between Villas and Main Network System

  • Internship Benefits:

    - Proper Site Inspection

    - Formwork Design

    - Translating Design Drawings into Shop Drawings.

    12 September 201624

    - Translating Design Drawings into Shop Drawings.

    - Identifying the importance of Coordination between Architect, Structural Engineer and MEP Engineer.

    - Identifying some constructability problems that might arise from design.

    - Having Brief ideas about Quality Assurance, Planning and Cost Control.

  • Thanks OCI & AUC

    12 September 201625

  • SalamaStructural Engineers

    12 September 201626

    Engineers (SSE)

    Duration: 4 -5 Weeks

    Al Jawharah Tower

  • Presentation Outline:

    - Scope of Work

    - Projects I have worked on

    - Tasks Assigned

    12 September 201627

    - Tasks Assigned

    - Internship Benefits

  • Scope of Work:

    - Assigning Structural Systems for Different Projects.

    - Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structures using Structural Softwares1- ETABS for 3D Model to study lateral loads2- SAFE and S-Concrete for 2D Model to analyze Slabs and Rafts

    12 September 201628

    2- SAFE and S-Concrete for 2D Model to analyze Slabs and Rafts3- CSICOL to design Columns and Walls4- SAP2000 to model Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures

    - Structural Design of Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structures.

    - Producing Framing Plans and Structural Detailing Drawings.

  • Projects I have Worked on:

    - Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Center Tower (QIMC Tower)

    - Gemstone Tower (UAE)

    - Al Khail Cooling Building (UAE)

    12 September 201629

    - Al Khail Cooling Building (UAE)

    - Mirdif Cooling Building (UAE)

    - Saudi-German Hospital (UAE)

  • Projects I have Worked on:

    12 September 201630QIMC Tower Gemstone Tower

  • Tasks Assigned:

    Selection of Structure System

    - Coordination with the Architect to Identify Slab Edge and Newly Proposed Columns.

    - Identifying Wall Patricians of different Thicknesses.

    12 September 201631

    Saudi-German Hospital


    - Using Steel Sections for Large Spans.

    - Reasonable Balance between Design Safety, Functionality and Most Economic Solutions.

  • Tasks Assigned:

    Slabs Analysis and Design

    - Serviceability Short-term deflection.

    - Serviceability Long-term deflection.

    - Punching Shear Analysis.

    12 September 201632

    QIMC Slab

    - Punching Shear Analysis.

    - Thermal Contraction and Expansion Analysis.

    - Eccentric Section Analysis for the combination between Thermal Axial Loads and Moments.

  • Tasks Assigned:Raft Analysis and Design

    - Check Pile Capacity (End Bearing and Friction) against Compression.

    - Check Pile Capacity (Friction) against Tension taking into consideration Uplift Forces.

    12 September 201633

    QIMC Raft

    Tension taking into consideration Uplift Forces.

    - Check Raft Capacity for Columns Punching Shear.

    - Check Raft Settlement and Differential Settlement.

    - Raft Structural Design

  • Tasks Assigned:3D Model and Design

    - Assigning RC Structural Members

    - Assigning Gravity and Lateral Loads

    - Serviceability Check for Inter-story Drift

    12 September 201634

    GEMSTONE Tower

    - Serviceability Check for Inter-story Drift

    - Performing Modal Analysis

    - Checking the Performance of Outrigger Belts in MEP Floors.

  • Tasks Assigned:Structure Design of RC & Composite


    - Analyzing Composite Sections for P-M2-M3.

    - Submitting Reports if Safe Sections.

    12 September 201635

    Composite Wall

    - Initiating Engineering Solutions in case it is unsafe.

    - Structure Design of RC Structure Walls.

    - Structure Design of RC Columns

  • Tasks Assigned:Producing AutoCAD Drawings

    - Framing Plans.

    - Loading Plans.

    12 September 201636

    Gemstone 10th Floor Framing Plan

    - Columns, Walls and Beam Schedules.

    - Slabs and Beams Reinforcement Detailing.

    - Vertical Elements Reinforcement Detailing.

  • Internship Benefits:

    - Using Modern Structural Softwares.

    - Being Able to Read Wind Tunnel Test Report and Understand it.

    - Deal with ACI 318-14, UBC 97 and AISC 360-10.

    12 September 201637

    - Deal with ACI 318-14, UBC 97 and AISC 360-10.

    - Being Able to Model and Design High-Rise Buildings.

    - Being Able to Produce Construction Design Drawings.

    - Being Able to Select Optimum Basement Construction Method.

  • Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

    Consultant (GSEC)

    12 September 201638

    Duration: 8 Weeks

    Telecom Tower Profile

  • Presentation Outline:

    - Scope of Work

    - Tasks Assigned

    - Internship Benefits

    12 September 201639

    - Internship Benefits

  • Scope of Work:

    - Structural Analysis and Design of Green Field and Roof Top Telecom Towers using RISAtower and tnxtower.

    - Structural Analysis and Design of Steel Grillage and Steel Masts using SAP2000.

    12 September 201640


    - Structural and Geotechnical Analysis and Design of RC Buildings using ETABS.

  • Tasks As