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Procurement TermsBill of quantities (BOQ) Bn tin lng An attachment to the bidding documents intended to L ti liu nh km HSMT nhm cung cp y provide sufficient information on the quantities of cc thng tin v khi lng ca cng trnh cn c works to be performed to enable bids to be prepared thc hin nh thu chun b HSDT y v chnh efficiently and accurately xc Schedules of Supplementary Information Bid/proposal evaluation report Model bid evaluation report (mber) Prequalification report Financial Statements Bid security The form under a deposit, a bond or bank guarantee provided by a bidder to ensure responsibility of the bidder within a specified duration according to the bidding document Bid security If at all possible Commencement of services Procuring Entity Offeree A person (a buyer) to whom a supply offer is made Record of Bid Opening Record of bid opening, date sent to Bank Bills of Quantity Priced Bill of Quantities Bng lit k Thng tin B sung Bo co nh gi HSDT Bo co nh gi HSDT Mu Bo co s tuyn Bo co ti chnh Bo m d thu L vic nh thu thc hin mt trong cc bin php nh t cc, k qu hoc np th bo lnh m bo trch nhim d thu ca nh thu vi mt thi gian xc nh theo yu cu ca h s mi thu Bo lnh d thu Bt c khi no c th Bt u Dch v Bn mi thu Bn mi thu (mi cho hng) Bin bn M thu Bin bn m thu, ngy gi ln Ngn hng Biu k Khi lng Biu Khi lng c k gi

Forced to reject the lowest tender on the grounds of Buc phi loi b h s d thu c gi b thu thp incapacity nht v l do nng lc khng Key performance indicators Minor non-conformities Conditions of Contract Qualifications Cc ch s nh gi kt qu thc hin ch yu Cc im khng ph hp nh Cc iu kin ca hp ng Cc iu kin do nh thu t t ra lm cho h s d thu ca mnh tr nn hp l

Alternative technical solutions/proposal Contracts shall be awarded to the qualified bidder offering the lowest evaluated and responsive bid Typical Forms for, e.g., Tender and Advance Payment Securities, Contract Agreement, Performance Guarantees, etc. Foreign bidders Eligible qualified local bidders Minor discrepancies Evaluation and qualification criteria

Cc gii php/ xut k thut thay th Cc hp ng s c trao cho nh thu t cch c h s d thu p ng v cho gi thp nht Cc Mu in hnh, v d nh Bo lnh D thu v Bo lnh Tm ng, Tha thun Hp ng, Bo lnh Thc hin Hp ng, vv Cc nh thu quc t Cc nh thu trong nc nng lc v hp l Cc sai lch nh Cc tiu ch nh gi HSDT v xt tuyn nh thu

Particular prequalifcation criteria for joint ventures Cc tiu ch s tuyn c bit dnh cho nh thu lin doanh Prequalification criteria Cash-flow requirements The factors that will be taken into account in the assessment escalation Factors Cc tiu ch s tuyn nh thu Cc yu cu v vng quay tin mt Cc yu t cn xem xt trong qu trnh nh gi Cc yu t tng gi Cc yu t tng gi c s dng trong hp ng iu chnh gi nh lao ng, vt t, my mc thit b Cn b ph trch u thu ca d n Cn c kim tra trc

Project procurement staff Subject to prior review

Unresolved or pontentially contetious issues should Cn nu ln nhng vn cha c gii quyt hay be highlighted c kh nng gy ra tranh ci Allowance should be made for time to prepare the response to the query International or National Shopping Acceptance of bids Acceptance by the competent person of the evaluated most responsive bid Instructions to Tenderers General Instructions and Particular Instructions Direct contracting Incremental operating costs Cn xem xt n thi gian chun b cu tr li cho cc thc mc Cho hng Cnh tranh Quc t hoc Trong nc Chp thun trng thu Chp thun ca ngi c thm quyn i vi h s d thu c nh gi l p ng cao nht Ch dn cho nh thu Ch dn Chung v Ch dn Ring cho Nh thu Ch nh thu Chi ph iu hnh Vt tri (tng thm)

Lower costs, better quality and higher productivity Chi ph thp hn, cht lng tt hn v hiu qu cao hn

Breakdown of social Charges Breakdown of Proposed Rate of Remuneration Allowing beneficiary representatives to attend bid opening Project Cycle

Chi tit phn b chi ph x hi Chi tit phn b thu nhp ca chuyn gia t vn Cho php i din cng ng (nhng ngi hng li) tham d m thu Chu trnh D n Chu trnh d n bao gm cc ni dung cng vic chnh theo tng chu k l Xc inh; Chun b; Thm nh; Trnh duyt; Thc hin v nh gi Chuyn gia u thu Chuyn gia phn tch u thu C ch khiu ni

Procurement specialist Procurement analyst Complaint mechanism

Contain acute differences from WBs procurement C nhiu im khc bit quan trng so vi th tc u procedures thu ca ngn hng th gii Executing Agency C quan thc hin Trong u thu, c quan thc hin vic u thu l bn mi thu C s loi h s d thu C s D liu Thng tin Nh thu C th dn n s xung t v quyn li m c kh nng dn n s tho hip v cht lng hay s thin v C th c tr vo thu nhp trc khi tnh thu phi ng Cng tc gim st thi cng Cng thc iu chnh gi Cng thc iu chnh gi l cng thc tnh ton theo cc yu t tng gi c nu trong h s mi thu i vi gi thu thc hin theo loi hp ng iu chnh gi (hay hp ng theo n gi) lm cn c cho vic thanh ton i vi nh thu Cng trnh v vt liu bao gm trong n gi thu Cng trnh xy lp u thu theo hnh thc u thu Cng trnh Nh Cung cp thng tin v cng trnh ang thi cng nh gi gi d thu nhm mc ch so snh cc h

Grounds for disqualifying the bid Government Database on Bidder Information Can lead to conflicts-of-interest, potentially resulting in compromises on quality and fairness Tax-deductible Construction supervision works Escalation Formula (price adjustment Formula)

Work and material included in the contract price Civil Works procured through the Small Works procedure Provide information on works in progress In evaluating bid prices for comparison purposes

To be of particular value to do sth/or in case of sth c bit c gi tr

s d thu Evaluation of Bids (Bid Evaluation) nh gi h s d thu nh gi h s d thu l qu trnh bn mi thu xem xt, phn tch, nh gi xp hng cc h s d thu la chn nh thu trng thu nh gi Nng lc u thu Danh mc cc cng vic cn hon tt Danh mc nh thu o to cho cn b d n h c th pht hin v ngn chn trng hp thng ng trong u thu

Procurement capacity assessment (pca) Punch- list Tender list Training project staff on identifying and tackling collusion

Meets the requirements of the Bidding Documents p ng cc yu cu ca HSDT m khng c sai lch without material deviation, reservation, or omission ng k, nh thu khng t ra cc iu kin, hay b st ni dung Procurement National Competitive Bidding (NCB) Two-stage bidding/tendering u thu u thu cnh tranh trong nc u thu hai giai on

Procurement of office equipment directly related to u thu mua sm cc thit b vn phng c lin quan operations of RT3 trc tip n cc hot ng ca RT3 Procurement of Consulting Services, Works and Goods Procurement of Goods and Works u thu mua sm Dch v T vn, Cng trnh v Hng ha u thu mua sm Hng ho v Cng trnh

Open tender u thu rng ri An invitation to bid open to all suppliers willing to submit offers International competitive bidding (icb) National competitive bidding (ncb) Procurement of civil works u thu Rng ri Quc t u thu Rng ri Trong nc u thu xy lp

To ensure economy, efficiency, transperency and m bo tnh tit kim, hiu qu, minh bch v broad consistency with the provision of Section I of thng nht rng ri vi quy nh ca Phn I ca the Guidelines Hng dn For clarification purposes To remove any possibility of accusations of collusion against the assessor(s) For prior review and approval Technical proposal lm r hn loi b bt k kh nng ngi nh gi b t co l thng ng hay cu kt xem xt trc v ph duyt xut k thut

Technical alternatives Financial proposal Merit points Price adjustments

xut k thut thay th xut ti chnh im thng iu chnh gi

Price Revision Clause iu khon iu chnh gi A clause in contract allowing for adjustment in price Special Conditions, Particular Conditions, Conditions of Particular Application Legally and financially autonomous iu kin c bit (iu kin ring) c lp v php l v ti chnh

With respect to each contract for the employment of i vi hp ng tuyn t vn l cc c nhn c gi individual consultants estimated to cost tr c tnh l On large and complicated contracts i vi nhng hp ng ln v phc tp For NCB procedures, agreement was reached with i vi th tc u thu theo hnh thc NCB, t gov c tho thun vi Chnh ph Vit Nam Letter of Bid n d thu Bid closing ng thu The deadline to finish the submission of bids which L thi im kt thc vic np h s d thu c is specified in the bidding documents quy nh trong h s mi thu Bid currency ng tin d thu The currency or currencies in which the bidder has L ng tin m nh thu s dng trong HSDT ca dominated the bid price. mnh Currencies of the bid ng tin d thu The currency or currencies specified in the bidding L ng tin quy nh trong HSMT m nh thu s documents in which the bid price may be stated cho trong HSDT ca mnh Currencies of payment The currency or currencies in which the price is quoted by the successful bidder or specified in the bidding documents in which the contractor will be paid Multi-contract project Prequalification data sheet Be provided with extensive procurement training Be provided with basic procurement training Subject to post review Price Leadership ng tin thanh ton L ng tin do nh thu trng thu cho trong gi d thu hoc ng tin c quy nh trong HSMT thanh ton cho nh thu D n c nhiu hp ng D liu S tuyn c o to chuyn su v u thu c o to c bn v u thu c kim tra sau Gi dn u

The lead taken by a company in setting a new price level. In a market with few sellers usually the market leader takes the lead in establishing such a price level Nominal Prices or Current prices Gi danh ngha Mc gi khng c iu chnh bi tc ng ca yu t lm pht Gi d thu nh thng bo ti l M thu Gi hp ng L gi c bn mi thu v nh thu trng thu tha thun sau khi thng tho hon thin hp ng v ph hp vi kt qu trng thu Giai on s tuyn Giai on thng bo Giai on trao thu

Bid prices as read out at the Bid Opening Contract price The price agreed by procuring entity and the successful bidder after contract finalization in accordance with award result Prequalification phase Notification phase Contract award phase

Discount may be offered as a lump-sum deduction Gim gi c th c cho theo mt khon khu tr trn gi Bid discounts