Product review phrases

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  • Product Review

    Why should I use that?If you like to ______________, then you should take a look at _________________________________.

    Do you like_______________? Then you might be interested in ___________________.

    If ___________ is something that you are interested in, then you should probably check out ___________________.

    Good points?________________ is a great way to learn about ________________.

    ___________________ is great for ________________________.

    One good feature of ___________________ is _______________________________.

    *Our Describing Things worksheet also has some very good phrases that you can use in your speech too!

  • Final Decision...All said, I think this is a great _____________________.

    All in all, I (highly) recommend this __________________.

    All in all, I recommend this ________________ if ______________________________________. Youll really like it.

    I cant recommend this ____________________ for everyone, but its good if _____________________________.

    Bad points?One bad thing about ________________ is _______________________________.

    _________________________ could be better.

    One complaint about ____________________ is that __________________________