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Text of Project Giving an oral report Project Giving an oral report unit1

  • Project Giving an oral reportunit1

  • Sometimes we need to give an oral report about a certain topic. To make the report convincing(), we should base it on facts. So it is necessary for us to design a survey(). And a questionnaire() is a good form of a survey.

  • Teenagers friendships

  • Tick the answer which most applies to you.1. How many best friends do you have? A lot A few NoneLead-inFinish a questionnaire:Are you a boy or a girl? Boy Girl

  • 2. How often do you have a long conversation with your friends? More than three times a week Once a week Seldom Never

  • 3. What topics do you mostly talk about with your friends? Hobbies and interests Families and friends School and study Emotions and feelings Future planes and dreams

  • 4. Do you share your secrets with your best friends? Always Sometimes Never 5. Do you think boys and girls have the same attitudes towards friendship? Yes No

  • Girls seem to have a lot to talk about with their best friends than boys.Friendships between girls are usually based on shared emotions and support. However Friendships between boys are usually based on shared activities or interests.Girls have more friendships than boys.If you choose No to Question 5, what different attitudes do they have?

  • Reading

    1. What puzzles Robert?He cant understand how girls can talk for so long.skimmingRead the passage fast, and find the answers to these questions:

  • Scanning T or F questions:Both boys and girls have a lot to talk about with their best friends.Girls have more friends than boys, according to studies.Boys can easily name a best friend when asked.FTF

  • If a boy is said to have a best friend, it seems that they share little about their feelings.A girls best friend might be the first to tell her about something good or bad that has happened in her life.TT

  • Reading in detail:Read the passage and answer the following questions:1. What did Amanda reply when asked what she and her friend talked about? They talked about everything: film stars, pop songs, horoscopes, everything.

  • 2. Why cant boys name a single best friend? Because they are busy with homework and have so many friends that it is hard for them to choose.3. Can girls name their best friend? Yes, they can answer without hesitation.

  • 4. What are friendships between girls based on? They are based on shared feelings and support.5. What are friendships between boys based on? They are based on shared activities or interests.

  • Further Thinking Actually you are reading an oral Report about the differences between the teenage boys and teenage girls. What is presented in the first paragraph? And what is discussed in the body of the passage? Also what is included in the concluding paragraph?

  • Structure of an oral report The leading para: put forward the topic of the report.The body: state the details of a discussion or a debate. For instance, 30% of the students, 50% of the students,the rest of the students

  • 3. The ending para(s): voice the writers opinions or present the writers summary.

  • 1. People cannot but feel ___, for they simply cannot understand how he could have made such a stupid mistake. A. puzzled B. delighted C. induced D. inspiredLanguage points

  • a puzzled expressionHe was quite puzzled about what to do next. I was puzzled to see her behaving like that.puzzled adj. , (about, as, to)

  • This mystery puzzles me. I am puzzled by the difficult questions.puzzle out ; puzzle over puzzle about puzzle Vt.

  • absorb vt. Water can absorb absorbed in , 2. Theyre still sitting on the sofa, absorbed in conversation! (Line, 6)This little baby is absorbed in reading.

  • 3. What in the world do they have to talk about? (Line, 6) on earth

  • What is your attitude towards this question?we must maintain a firm attitude. attitude n. C 4. When I asked him his a_______ towards school, he did not say anything.ttitudes

  • What you say now is not consistent with what you said last week.5. consistent (with) .,

  • He is been a consistent friend to me.The idea in his various speeches are not consistent. consistent adj. , , consistently adv.

  • 6. Andrew h_______ before he took the last cake. esitatedhesitate 1) Vi. to stop and consider before an action ; He hesitates at nothing.

  • I always hesitate to advise my friends on what to read. 2) Vt. ; ( hesitate to do) feel that perhaps one should not do; not wish to do; be unwilling to do

  • 3) Vt. be unwilling (to trouble somebody) If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask me., hesitation n. , an act of hesitating He accepted the invitation without hesitation.

  • base Vt. base sth. on \upon , 7. Their relationship _____________ mutual respect. was based upon

  • I base my hopes on the news we had yesterday.

  • 8. On the other hand, a girls closest friend might be the first to tell her about something good or bad that has happened in her life. (Line 24), On one hand I want to rent the house, but on the other hand I am not willing to move.

  • The law requires equal treatment for all, regardless of race, religion or sex.Regardless of the objection from his family, he quitted his job.regardless of the expense/ consequences. /9. regardless of : , paying no attention to ,

  • 1. For example, sometimes when he leaves the apartment to play football, Amanda and her friend, Sharon, will be sitting on the sofa, talking. (P18)1) Amanda and her friend will be sitting on the sofa

  • when he leaves the apartment to play footballwhenSharonher friendtalkingV-ingsit

  • 2) will be doing ... At this time tomorrow, I will be walking in the street of Hong Kong. Its no use trying to see him at six this evening, because he will be giving a lesson then.

  • 2. Regardless of what these friendships are based upon, shared feelings or activities, the important thing to remember is that both of them are friendships.(P18)1) the important thing to remember is that both of them are friendships

  • that both of them are friendshipsregardless of what ... uponregardless of what these friendships are based uponwhatregardless ofshared feelings and activitieswhatwhat

  • 2) regardless ofThis book is designed to help you make maximum progress regardless of your present level / regardless of what your present level is.

  • He always says and does what he thinks, regardless of other peoples feelings.

  • Fill in the blanks using the words from the box below. Change the form where necessary.get along worldwide support quality in the world base on suppose share replyHelen is my best friend. She always ______ her secrets with me.shares

  • 2. This evidence ________ my belief that he is guilty.3. The company has become very successful in China because its products are of a high ______.supportsquality

  • 4. I asked my father if I could watch TV after finishing my homework, and he ______ with a nod.5. No one knows how ___________ the Great Wall was built without the use of modern machinery.6. Our conclusion should __________ careful research.replied in the world be based on

  • 7. Kate is very friendly, so it is easy __________ with her.8. IBM is known _________ for its advanced technology.9. Sometimes he can be quite mean, but I _______ in general, he is a nice man. to get alongworldwidesuppose

  • Project

  • form a group of 4choose your topic get the topic approved by your teacherPlanning

  • discuss the purpose and design of the surveyclear assignments design the survey ______conduct the survey ______calculate the result ______write the report ______ present the oral report ______Preparing

  • make a questionnairegive out and collect the questionnairesrecord and analyze the statisticswrite the reportProducing

  • Presentingpresent your findings to the class in an oral reportanswer any questions raised by your classmates

  • Finish the project!Homework