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  • Pump Sales | Pump Repairs | Pump Selection | Mechanical Seals | Laser Alignment

  • General Purpose Industrial

    Major Brands Thompson Kelly & Lewis Flowserve Hydro-Titan Grundfos Weir Regent Indeng KSB Ajax Southern Cross Onga Pacific Applications Industrial waste General process industries Treatment plants Irrigation / Drainage Cooling water Sump applications Brewery & Beverage Features Back pull-out design for

    ease of field maintenance. Available in Bronze, Cast

    Iron, Stainless Steel, and exotic metals

    Self priming (some models) Close coupled options DIN, ANSI, ISO and API Large variety of mechanical

    sealing options

    Self Priming Pumps

    Major Brands Primo-Titan Varisco Gorman Rupp Pegson Ebsray Terada Flowserve Regent Finsbury Sihi Applications Waste treatment Agriculture Mine dewatering Construction industry Abattoirs Automotive manufacture Chemical plant Features Semi-open solids handling

    impellers, single channel impellers.

    Replaceable wear plates Variety of mechanical

    sealing options Low maintenance cost Variety of materials Back pullout ( some models)

    Diaphragm Pumps

    Major Brands Wilden ARO Depa Sandpiper Sludgepiper ASM Versamatic Williams Dorr Oliver Pumper Applications Mining industry Petrochemical Paint & Ink manufacture Adhesives Food processing Toxic liquids Aggressive liquids Features Dry running Self priming Handles abrasive slurries No efficiency loss due to

    wear Vast range of metallic and

    non metallic material options.

    Vast chemical compatibility Air and electric options

  • Rotary Gear / Vane Pumps

    Major Brands Ebsray Micro Liquiflo Procon Eco Bowie KSB Ajax Flowserve Applications Petrochemical Process industries Paint & Ink manufacture Adhesives & glues Syrup / Food industries LPG applications Fuel / Oil loading Features Self priming Suitable for viscous products Low NPSH requirements Pulseless flow characteristics Integral relief vale options Variety of single and double

    seal options Available in a variety of materials options Variety of heating / cooling

    jacketing options available

    Plunger / Piston Pumps

    Major Brands Duraqual Hammelmann Kamat Arimitsu Cat Hypro FMC Flowserve Triplex Applications Refineries Dewatering Mining Chemical & Allied Power Generation Shipping High Pressure Cleaning Features Low and high pressure heads Variety of gland seal options Designed for arduous duty Vertical and horizontal de-

    signs Direct drive or internal gear

    reduction Wide range of materials

    Helical Rotor Pumps Major Brands Nemo Netzsch Roto Mono Bornemann Robbins Meyers Seepex Allweiler Ritz Applications Food industries Brewery & beverage Pharmaceutical Refineries / chemicals Dewatering Slurries Effluents Features Continuous operation High viscosity products Available in variety of materials Pulseless flow characteristics Wide range of wetted materi-

    als available Wide range of shaft sealing


  • Rotary / Lobe Hygienic Pumps

    Major Brands Ibex SSP Alfa Laval Howard Puma Ebsray Fristam Applications Dairy products Beverages Pharmaceutical Bakery Meat processing Cosmetic industry Paper industry General food industry Features Self priming Hygienic CIP designs Superior gearbox design Low noise Variety of sealing options Variety of jacketing / flush

    options Low sheer / low speed 316SS construction

    Peristaltic / Hose Pumps Major Brands Bredel Delasco Depa Masterflex Watson Marlow Condor Applications Mining industry Chemical industry Pharmaceuticals Refineries Food industry Sewage treatment Pulp & paper Features Self priming Suitable for viscous products Very low sheer No mechanical seals Very easy maintenance Can run dry continuously Reversible rotation Variety of hoses available

    Magnetic Drive Sealess Pumps

    Major Brands Nikkiso Texel Iwaki March HMD CDR Flowserve Applications Corrosive chemical transfer Water treatment Toxic & aggressive liquids Plating solutions Demineralised water Petrochemicals Hazardous services Features No mechanical seals Non metallic wetted parts Advanced hydraulic design Superior chemical resistance Variety of materials Suitable for hazardous

    materials Easy maintenance

  • Metering & Dosing Pumps Major Brands Grundfos Acromet Prominent Bran & Luebbe Wallace & Tiernan Williams LMI Pulsafeeder Applications Water treatment Chemical dosing Food / water additives Beverage Power generation Textiles Mining Cooling towers Features Variable flow rate Low power consumption Vast range of materials No seals Self priming Easy maintenance Dry running capability High pressure injection

    Drum Pumps

    Major Brands Lutz ARO Graco Lincoln Larius Alemite McNaught Flux Applications Paint & Ink industries Paint spraying Adhesives and glues Chemical transfer Food transfer Oil transfer Grease transfer Refuelling Features Variety of materials Suitable for viscous media Air or electric options Flameproof models available Self priming High pressure injection Easy maintenance Variety of sealing options

    Process Pumps

    Major Brands Durco CPX Ingersoll Rand Allis Chalmers Worthington United Goulds Wernert Flowserve Applications Chemical transfer Power generation Refinery and chemical General process industries Mining Industrial waste Treatment plants Pulp and paper Features Exotic alloys available Back pullout designs Variety of sealing options Variety of materials options Standardised designs Standardised dimensions Very heavy duty construction Multiple options

  • Axial Flow / Vertical Sump

    Major Brands Thompson Kelly & Lewis Flowserve ASM Regent KSB Ajax Reeves Southern Cross Ornell Ritz Wernert Applications Dewatering Industrial process Industrial sump drainage Power plants Mine dewatering Effluent transfer Sump collection Petrochemical Features Self priming Cantilever design Simple mountings External impeller adjustment Wide variety of alloys No stuffing box leakage Heavy duty one piece shaft

    Submersible Pumps

    Major Brands Grundfos Flowserve Sakuragawa Ebara ITT Flygt Tsurumi ABS EIM Pleuger Zenit Applications Effluents Dewatering Industrial waste Corrosive liquids Slurries Civil engineering Metral plating plants Sump dewatering Borehole water extraction Features Robust and compact design Manual or automatic starting Able to pass solids / Vortex Motor protection Mechanical sealing options High efficiency Variety of materials available

    Vacuum Pumps

    Major Brands Nash Elmo Siemens Dynavac Reitschle Thomas Gardner Denver Allflex Hydrive Busch Applications Power generation Bottling operations Meat processing Sewage / Water industries Mining Pulp and paper Hospitals Extrusion moulding Features Options of shaft sealing Robust design Inspection plates Compact options available Able to be used as blower Design options available Variety of materials available

  • Assett are proud to be the Australian Mid Continent distributors for SMI Evaporators.

    SMI Evaporators manage water in industrial environments and produce water evaporation rates beyond traditional approaches such as misting heads and irrigation systems. They are used to expand the capacity or extend the life of current water treatment facilities (such as tailing dams, evaporation and cooling ponds or irrigation fields). Other times, new facilities are designed to maximize the accelerated evaporation rates achieved using our systems. They remove significant amounts of excess and un-wanted water economically yet environmentally friendly way. From providing one evaporator to full systems solutions, SMI has the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

    SMI has two main categories of products for evaporation:

    WATER FRACTURING - water is fractured through a high speed fan and propelled into the air WATER ATOMIZATION - air is compressed via a fan through a tapered barrel and propels controlled-size water droplets

    created via nozzles WATER FRACTURING PRODUCTS This family of products is best used for the following conditions:

    Smaller area required for evaporation and wet/dry drift containment Neutral, Low (13) pH water can be evaporated with the appropriate model High solids or large particulate Lower water pressure systems (4 and

  • Assett Mechanical Engineering Pty Ltd Company Profile Assett Mechanical Engineering Pty Ltd is a company with over 30 years involvement in the representation, distribution, integration, installation, repair and service of pumping equipment, systems and associated equipment for customers within Australia and overseas markets.

    Assett Mechanical Engineering Pty Ltd provides selection, sales, repairs, fabrication, installation and assembly of standard product or customized systems utilising components drawn from Assetts access to a vast number of product lines.

    Vision Statement We aim to be the customers' first choice when they are considering Pumping Equipment Solutions.

    Geographical Location

    Assett Mechanical Engineering Pty Ltd operates on the central Australian southern coast, ideally situated approximately 15 minutes from the city of A